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Google's Nexus line of smartphones are attractive to many consumers because they run a vanilla flavor of Android and, since Google sells them itself, the handsets receive the newest versions of Android faster than any other phones. Nexus phones may be known for something in addition to quick updates in the future, though, as Google's own Vic Gundotra has teased that his company is "committed to making Nexus phones insanely great cameras." Gundotra, who serves as Google's SVP of Engineering, was responding to a Google+ user that wanted to know when he might be able to ditch his heavy dedicated camera and use just his Nexus phone for taking photos.

Nexus phones have never been known for the quality of their cameras, although the new Nexus 4 is an improvement over the Galaxy Nexus that came before it. Still, a smartphone's camera is becoming an increasingly important feature as more and more consumers decide to shed dedicated gadgets for smartphones that can do many different things. While Gundotra's comment doesn't exactly have much in the way of real information, it is good to hear that Google wants its Nexus line to be able to take great photos. If the company succeeds, future Nexus phones could become even more attractive to consumers in the hunt for a new Android smartphone, especially if they can give those cameras a shot at a Google retail store.

Via Android Central, Vic Gundotra on Google+

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"Vic Gundotra has said that Google is working to make Nexus phones that are "insanely great cameras." Do you use your smartphone as your primary camera?"

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Herbert Salamánca Ramos Yeah my 920 does the job like a Boss :)
John C. Cole If smartphones had a built-in tripod mount, then perhaps. My everyday shooter is typically my phone, but I use it for mundane stuff like taking a picture of my work schedule, photographing bargains at the store to doublecheck later on Amazon, and for quick poignant snapshots to MMS to friends.
John Huff Yes... it's always with me and it takes excellent photos.
Dalton Aeschlimann I do right now yes, the GS3 camera is pretty awesome, even better for videos. However I want an actual DSLR type camera one day.. but they are.. well $$$!
Corey Stock I hope this trend starts with the X Phone.
Marti Ruiz please make 360 degre pic better
Tobias Svärdh Yes I do use my phone as my primary camera :)
Jae Streets I do use it as primary cam. I find that n4 camera is better than the Gnex camera
Michael Shiver Sorry..forgot to mention lack of enough storage and lack of SD slot. .
Anthony Bailey Yes. The Note 2 is one of the few phones with zero shutter lag, so it makes taking photos really effortless. Not to mention how good the camera is and how many features there are. I don't even tough my regular cameras, anymore.
Mark Valdez Sure do
Jordan Williams Yeah, the nexus 4 camera requires a bit of forethought and isn't the best I've used. What Google needs to do is bum whatever lens Nokia used in the 920 and call it a day. HTC does pretty good stuff with their ImageSense stuff too, but I would like to keep my stock android and more than one software update.
Michael Shiver Camera on nexus is subpar...if they are trying to put good camera's they didnt do a good job...The note 2.S3 and iphone 5 all have better cameras....the one x is also better.....the phone needs to be better if it going to be a google flagship device...the S4 will be miles ahead of nexus when it comes out.....#justsayin#...lol
Roger Schubert DeOliveira Yes that would be nice
Alan Holmes I have to take photos for work at times and I get great reviews from my co-workers since I've had my S3. I've actually had calls asking me what I took the photo with!
Jason Vargas Yes but i don't think they should Focus on that. I still think battery life is more important
Carl Dale noi..
Dee Nazario Its good enough.
Douglas J Kmiotek We need these thing to be great as cameras, but stellar battery life (ala' Motorola Droid RAZR MAXX) & enough capacity to enjoy the darn thing and it's a win-win!!!
Siddharth Krishna Dwivedi Yes, a phone is thata camera I keep 24x7 with me. Its hard if not impossible to find a camera when a picturesque thing comesby, phone is handy
Dayan Inclán Yes, pretty much
Rawlston Shamik Nokia N95 was my first digital camera :D
Lowell Orlando Richmond LOL you can't beat the 808s 41mp over sampling XD
Sameer Biala Depends on how we define 'primary' - -while I have a couple of decent cameras that I carry while travelling, I do end up clicking more than 95% of my overall pictures from my Note 2 since it's the only thing that's always handy. :)
Tim Moore For a compact one yeah but I want to get a big fancy one and no smart phone will ever be able to do all of that. But a high quality camera is part of the deciding factor for me in purchasing a smartphone.
Joernie Berrios Hell yess....
Peter Powers Yes, and it does a good job too.

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