Android has come a long way. There isn't a person on this planet that could sit across from you and, with a straight face and in a serious tone, tell you that Android 4.2 isn't drastically different compared to Android 1.0. Those changes have been sweeping, and over the years even more welcomed. We have watched as Android not only caught up to Apple's iOS, but in some people's eyes actually surpassed it in a lot of ways. Android isn't the underdog anymore.

But the software is only part of the story. One of the biggest differences between Android and iOS, other than the software, is the stark difference in hardware. Android has caused a literal arm's race for hardware manufacturers. They all tried to outpace and out maneuver their competitors to the "best of" in practically every single hardware category there is. Displays. Processors. Available RAM. Cameras.

Thanks to Android, we have the hardware we do today. We have devices like the HTC One, and we get excited about the potential awesomeness that Samsung's Galaxy S IV will bring to the table.

If I asked my mom, my uncle, or just a random stranger on the street if they cared which version of Android they are on, I think the answer would be pretty straightforward: no. As long as it does what it is supposed to do, why should they? More to the point, if they are not made aware that another version exists, or that it has a legitimate number of new features, how would they ever know they should care?

I think this state of mind has a lot to do with the hardware. Unlike Apple, Google's army of hardware partners makes the story of Android just a deeply embedded chapter. It isn't the leading, bold text. For Apple, the version of iOS you are running is one of the most important parts of your phone. iOS is the foreward by the author, the first chapter, and maybe even the epilogue.

All wrapped up in a nice, yearly-refreshed piece of hardware.

With a device like the HTC One, and its plethora of hardware features, just knowing it is launching with expectations of being upgraded to Android 4.2 should be good enough. Actually, the device launching with Google Now on board should be the only thing you really care about. Why would the general owner need to worry about updates that aren't meant to fix bugs, or seal security issues?

Unfortunately, I've learned to not care about which version of Android I'm running on a device for far worse reasons. It doesn't seem to matter which version my phone is using. I'll always see the same thing:

An unknown error has occurred.

I saw it multiple times with the last Galaxy S III I was using. I saw it a couple times with the Galaxy Note II. I've even seen it once or twice on the Nexus 4. It doesn't matter what I do, that warning will eventually pop-up.

And, worse, sometimes I'm informed that an application has Force Closed. Or, has failed to respond and I'm given options, like to wait and see what happens.

These things are annoying. They are more annoying to me because I've seen them in every single iteration of Android. It doesn't even matter how great I think Android is now, or how much I love Google Now. If certain areas of my phone just refuse to work, then my happiness gets a bit deflated.

I know that I'm not the only one this happens to, but at the same time I know I'm a rarity. The majority doesn't seem to have these issues. Or, maybe it's just the fact that when these things do happen, it isn't a big deal. Easily overlooked, even. And that's understandable. As long as it doesn't break the phone, or lock everything up permanently, maybe it is worth ignoring.

But I know I can't. I try, but then it happens again and I can't help but ask myself, Why did I switch?

But the truth is, I won't stop trying. Yeah, I will gladly fill the description box for insanity, because I have blind hope that a phone I fall in love with won't commit apparent seppuku at random moments in a day. Because I do love the new Android. The changes are amazing. And, yes, a lot of that love focuses on Google Now. But I'm okay with that.

So tell me if you've had these same issues. Have you left Android because they were too common? Or have you never seen any of those warnings before? If you do, do you just ignore them? Let me know!

image via ExtremeTech

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"If you're using an Android device, do you still see the "Force Close" warning, or suffer from unknown errors?"

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Ryan Anton I haven't seen one since I got my HTC One S in June of last year. The worst error I've ever had was my own fault when I was flashing a ROM.
Konahamarue Well... that is Android for you. It happens on my Galaxy Note 2, but not on my iPhone 4
rvp10sucks The developers have a lot to do as it is writing apps for multiple screens etc. A few exceptions were not handled by them... I can forgive them for that. Not technically Android 's fault.
Fuzzylobes Terrence Benjamin on my Galaxy SII (SGH-T989) i had that and then some. afraid of android for the moment.
Christopher Shepard Not once on my droid DNA. Had since first day it was sold too. Great phone. My old Verizon galaxy nexus had many problems.
Bryan T Miller i did on my galaxy s2 skyrocket but don't get it on my lg optimus g, loving the quad core goodness
Raul Lopez I'm sure am tired of errors and force to close crap is so annoying :/
Josef Ruiz Nope.. Talent Trust - Offshore with a difference
John Smith I get force close messages once in a while. I am running cm10, and so I reboot and all is well again.
Ross Lebo My Razr has only had force close issues on one app, a banking app from my credit union. I think it is more a problem from the app's end than the software since it's the only force close I ever get.
Rashaud Cook It don't matter what phone your using, it's still going to do it because its android. That's why u pay for apps on iOS because it works. Androids sucks no matter how big or POWERful it is, the apps is still going to FC
Flako Ramirez From time to time its better than it was before or a few years ago
Gordon Christie Just on Facebook
BG Michael Optimus F5 Key Specifications: • Operating System: Android Jelly Bean 4.1.2 • Processor: 1.2 GHz Dual-Core • Display: 4.3-inch IPS (256 ppi) • Size: 126.0 x 64.5 x 9.3mm • Memory: 8 GB / 1 GB RAM / microSD (up to 32GB) • Camera: 5.0 MP AF / 1.3 MP • Battery: 2,150mAh Optimus F7 Key Specifications: • Operating System: Android Jelly Bean 4.1.2 • Processor: 1.5 GHz Dual-Core • Display: 4.7-inch True HD IPS (312 ppi) • Size: 131.7 x 68.2 x 9.6mm • Memory: 8 GB / 2 GB RAM / microSD (up to 32GB) • Camera: 8.0 MP AF / 1.3 MP • Battery: 2,540mAh
Ernie Manning Yes, probably because I'm stuck on gingerbread with my moto dx2 which is not getting any more updates
Ibnul Sharar I use nexus one. It's an old device so it is acceptable. But not in Note 2! It's unbearable.
Carlos Flores Acosta Every now and then while using facebook app . HTC One S
Clive Stiglitz Not ever since I upgraded from a mytouch 3g (pre headphone port) to a galaxy S2
Skylor Mitchell I get them all the time, especially ever since I got the Epic Touch with ICS. Apps will just freeze up and my phone won't do anything and I have to wait like 2min for it to finally decide that it wants to pop up "x app is no responding". Kinda cannot wait for JB, but at the same time I don't want JB because I might get even more problems.
Howie Eastin Yes I did in the end...which is why I went back iOS
Frank Porter Yes, I'm on Jellybean and still get force close errors. Quite often actually.
Jessi Taylor i get unknown errors since upgrading to jelly bean
Kimmy Bobbett The biggest issues I've had have been with hardware. Each galaxy note and s3 has had a faulty charging port that destroys chargers and eventually won't charge at all. I'm beginning to regret moving to at&t, as Verizon would have offered me and different phone for free or an early upgrade. Anyway, this newest galaxy note has issues with the launcher force closing from time to time, and no I don't want a replacement launcher.
Flash Quiñones Not on my nexus 4
Kimmy Bobbett Ziggy, that's not true at all. Sometimes the higher end the device the more buggy it is. I've never had a cheap phone and force closes just happen.
Arnaldo Gomez Give you *(autocorrect)
Arnaldo Gomez It just won't five you *
Terence Gentry iOS force closes all the time. The only difference is that iOS usually does it silently and without the glaring prompt that Android flashes. I'm running CM10.1 now but I had next to no force closes when I was running stock.
Arnaldo Gomez Face it there is no perfect phone, iPhone force closes apps too it just give you a pop up notification windows won't because there isn't much to it and android phones now are way better than a year or two ago, iPhone fans are just in denial
Scott Braunworth Nope never do for awhile though. Definitely not with my galaxy s3
Tre Goolsby I haven't had a force close since the MyTouch 4G days... I've had 3 android phones since then.
Gerald Knapp Get a Windows Phone 8 and you won't have that problem...oh and most of you are probably running some Mod software.
David Tambascio Using CyanogenMod 10.1 so still a few bugs being worked out. Not a lot of support out there for a Snapdragon S3 anymore..
Paul Armendarez Hardly a problem now days . running an cm nightly on gs3 and apps run smooth as heck
David Hilgendorf Only on my Verizon galaxy nexus in settings, but that's only cause Verizon has not updated it for a VERY LONG time. Google fixed the issues after 4.1.1 My other nexus devices nex7 and nex10 has NOT experienced one sense I've had them. I think the force closes are really only bad on carrier branded devices.
Yan Zhenghao Happens all the time on Android,
Daniel Narvaez It does it on IOS also. I have screen shots to prove it.
Michael Gavina my phone is fine. no force closes at all...knock on wood.
Jacob Grumbles Nope not since I had the nexus s running gingerbread.
Arcy Valdez Wall Force close but why am i seeing this ? its happening more than ever
Scott Ritchey Mostly when an app updates, but not to much. I'll see on the 4.1 jb update on my sg2 soon
Jaime Espinoza Never had android freeze or force close on me since froyo.
Jose Angel Santiago Facebook app does that from time to time
Devin Tolliver not nearly as much
Veronica Thibodeau Tomlinson I'm using iPhone and that thing force closes all the time. Can't stand it
Nadeem Ansari yes....lagdroid I am leaving you....lumia 920 here I come
Darrel Blandin i agree with Abram Android should not even be around its way to expansive and has more problem then a pc put together android is pethedic mac iphone ipod touch ipad mini and ipad all the way
Filip Witkowski I've got Note 2 for 3 months and so far Facebook app crashed 2 maybe 3 times.
Ziggy Torres I think a lot of the people that have problems with there phones get the low budget phones. I haven't had a problem with my GS2 or GS3. The Evo LTE n One X shut down apps on there own. The Note n Note 2 are solid. Most HTC phones have problems because of HTC sense. Not Android.
Randy B Hoopes Yep that's why android sucks. Get maybe one a month of those on iPhone.
Darrell Wax Engadget, br,Facebook and chrome.and flipboard nexus7
Nick Kathrein PS.. I'm running alpha cm 10.1 on my HTC evo 4g lte and I don't even get force closes on facebook but I do have a weird issue with my home button over many days somehow switching to the running apps multitasking key. In cm 10.1 you can reassign the keys and I have but it losses that setting. I love android and I think the iPhone is great but after a few years there's nothing you can learn and Apple hasn't done anything in many years so my friends got board and are looking at my phone enviously. Up to you man but Google now is slowly going to turn into a game changer.
Abram Wenevermet Dennis Face it Androids are buggy trash.. it will never compare 2 IOS.. all my apps were created specifically for my phone & tablet unlike Androids where most apps aren't compatible with the millions of phones they release every month.
Brandon Worley Not since jb
Cameron Walton Yes LG Optimus G will close if almost ANY app is open too long, while in use.
Nick Kathrein Geff.. A few of my friend have Iphones and they wish they didn't. They are board and don't see the iphone as the best phone any more. You have an old phone. The next nexus phone or Motorola will be a huge improvement from your model.
Audrey O'Donnell Hardly any issues! My iPad closes down more apps than my Droid on any given day.
Jerimiah Reece Only Facebook causes me problems on Android.
Nicholas Broun Its happening all the time on my Nexus 7
Max Powers My Android is worthless and has no use to me so I threw it in the garbage.
Geffá Oliveira And still lack the option that Google should force manufactures to put an option to use stock Android, and push them to update their phones with the maximum 6 months after an official release of the latest verson
Amer Ahmed The last time I had that problem my phone was running gingerbread
Geffá Oliveira And that is why that even with more beautiful (Lenovo K900) or useful (Samsung Galaxy Note 2) I still looking forward to go back to iPhone. I did the wrong choice when I trade my iPhone 4 for an Nexus S and I'm in deeply regret still.
Paul Stukowski Very good article ! I want new phone with Google Now , S4, Note 2 or 3 , or Htc One..
Kevin Calabrese Only with the Instagram app.
John Resch Not in a long long time..HTC EVO LTE...
Vladimir Conrado Almost never see them. Maybe once every 5 months. On my stock Galaxy s3
Jaden T. Brown Just the Facebook app.
Sean MacNabb no. as stated above, android has come a loooong way. even a year ago, i would have said apple produces the best mobile devices. with the ushering in of jellybean and most of the new high-end android devices, android has far surpassed iOS for mobile phones. for tablets, iPad is king, but i really think android is owning it when it comes to phones. of course, that is just my opinion, and i dont doubt that the iPhone is still the best device for some users.
Brett A Wise Motorola Atrix HD is unstable for me at times.
Marti Ruiz there is no perfet os ios also crash
Rob McGrady Every one on here lies Facebook app does it on all devices lol
Jesse Ling Galaxy SII Epic,so no I dont get that often at all :)
Felix Tran Sometimes. The apps don't force close though, they just black out and I have to wait a while till it goes back to the home screen to use it...
Paul Stukowski FB a lot lately, new update. Sometimes when texting ..on my og original HTC Droid Incredible
Sylbert Joseph Since I've owned a gs3, (july 2012) I haven't had any force close issues.
Marti Ruiz that happen when u load a junkie app
Paul Battle Nope. And I'm rocking the galaxy nexus, smooth. I haven't seen a force close message in a very long time And that was when I had the first galaxy s
Christian Raborar Realubit force close from native app; none. mostly just random crashing of Chrome due to flash... flash ads :>
Marti Ruiz nop in my nexus 4
Luis A Ramos Jr Not a whole lot now that I have Jelly Bean on Galaxy Tab 2 and Nook Tablet .
Lim Xilvre Android is unsecured
Carlos Chee Nope. The only app that was doing that for me was Slacker on Android startup, but they fixed the bug.
Abram Wenevermet Dennis I'm sure they do.. lol I use 2 experience that 50 times a day
Dave Morgan I haven't had any force close issues with my gs3
Brandon Vaughn That's why Im sticking with my 4s. Waiting for the next cool thing from apple. iPhone 5 didn't take my breath away.
Ethan Hallesy nope, just facebook being a POS mostly.
Jennifer Kaploski Lantz Only on Facebook app
Orlando Stagg Used to get a bunch of errors on my Rezound. Haven't had any issues on my DNA though. Most stable and best battery life I've had so far.
Lanh Nguyen Kind of a hard question to answer. I don't ever use the stock rom for more than a few days but I rarely see a force close.
Hooney Heoh About 5 times a day
Shaun Lim not since 4.2.2 on my gnex
Adan James Salinas Yea, iOS doesn't tell you its doing it. It just does it. Android is nice enough to tell you.
Steve Bachman I do but I'm rooted so I expect bugs. Just one of the things we risk takers experience!
Ty Johnson I guess you still running on froyo
LaToya's Page Wow! Haven't seen that in a while GN2
Rustle See FB force closes sometimes.. but that's about it. DRMaxx HD.
Grace Moss Dont like the Android!!!!
Brian Dominguez All the time on my GS2
Oleg Narush every day!
William Burnham Hardly ever see force closes anymore, htc one s and N7 have been treating me well.
Justin Azzarito I get a lot of "Sorry but this app has unexpectedly closed" on my DNA
Grace Moss What about BB10?
Trey Liggins Not nearly as much as in the past.
Rich Wydra One of the main reasons I left & went back to iPhone 5!
Nick White Every day...... Probably because of some of the poorly made apps I have but some are also system errors that I see
Jon Jerico Calanio What errors?
Anthony Evans Jr randomly not like it used to be years ago
Diego Akd Aranda not anymore
Darren Penix I don't think I have that problem with iOS

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