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Time for a rant.

Alright, so I just read a report from The Verge that states next week Google is planning to start selling a premium Chrome OS laptop called the Chromebook Pixel. That’s great news, because I like it when companies keep pushing forward with a product they believe in. The Chromebook is the revolutionary  laptop made by Google that was made to be cheap, functional, and runs primarily on the web and web apps alone. They’re great for schools and businesses that are looking for a cheap alternative laptop for computing. The first Chromebook’s cost is very low, starting at just $249 – it’s what you’d expect for a laptop that has considerably limited functionality. So the Chromebook Pixel, which runs on the same OS but with better specs, should theoretically cost maybe around $500-$700 all things considering, right? Wrong. This premium laptop’s starting cost is a whopping $1,299.

That’s insane. I mean, for Google it is. For this it is.

I guess lately I’m just kind of surprised at what Google is doing. You’ve got Google Glass, which is a cool concept but it’s entirely too expensive in my opinion. Google Glass is an idea I can at least get behind though. It is, for lack of a better cliché term here, extremely innovative and a great idea. First world perspective is always intriguing and seeing the world through the very eyes of those around us is a pretty rockin’ idea. You can put a huge price tag on that because people want to be the first to use it. But a premium Chromebook? At that price? Google better start using that Google Glass of theirs to go find all those marbles they lost somewhere along the way.

I’m only worried because it seems that Google is heading in a somewhat dangerous direction. Google has been so successful thus far because they came in and right-winged the ever expensive Apple product with cheap products - and their devices actually worked well. They are the Robin Hood of our generation, but the strange new direction they’re taking with expensive glasses and fancy internet books is starting to make Apple products look like a bargain. You can get a MacBook Pro that does an entire world more than a Chromebook Pixel can do for a mere $200 more. I will take the slightly lower resolution for better functionality any day.

It’s not that Google has no right to mark their products up if it’s worth it, because they do, but this – this in particular – is just not worth it. Their reasoning for pricing it so high is because they think people will be intrigued by the resolution of the computer. They think the fact that you won’t be able to pick out a single pixel will be the real crowd-bringer. Although it’s nice to keep having displays get clearer and clearer, I stopped caring somewhere around Retina display. Can I see the pixels? Yeah, if I take out my contacts and hold the phone right up to my eye and focus, I might be able to pick out one here and there – but who does that? I’m not sure who uses their computer from that close up, but I guess to each their own. Aside from the display, they made another mistake by completely pulling a random resolution out of their left nostril: 2560 x 1700, so now web developers get to work on making their apps fit their new premium screen resolution. Nice.

As far as I can tell it’s a sleek looking laptop that has decent specs, which will be great at running... Facebook. Maybe I’m the only one that thinks this, but a $1,299 web browser just doesn’t sound that appealing to me.

What do you think, readers? Do you think Google is heading in a definite direction here, or are they just testing the waters a little bit? How do you feel about Chromebook Pixel?

Image via Google

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"What do you think about Google's new (and pricey) Chromebook Pixel?"

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Paul H Dunn It isn't made to sell well, it is made to get developers to make good apps for it. It is to show that Chrombooks can be more than cheap computers.
Jude Fils-Aime phonedog this is BETTER THAN THE MAC less expensive with a touch screen on it
Marlon Milligan I want it
Monee Davis For what it does it simply costs too much especially compared to the other inexpensive chrome books out there...maybe they are trying to compete with the macbook air...it only competes with the resolution not with other capabilities like being able to use Microsoft office iTunes and being able to use windows on it like the macbook can...
Luke Ludington Why would I pay 1300 dollars for something less capable than my phone!
Ryan G. Bordner They literally think "they are" Microsoft now.... Google, please just STOP! lol
Robert Micallef just got a del xps, happy
Chris Grillo It is beautiful, but having such a crippled os ... Well os is being too generous... A bunch of flash software actually.... Nice, but waaay overpriced. Buy a mac or win machine with that price.
Brandon Moran it looks fantastic and beautiful.. but the price is very high considering its still not a full fledge laptop... I was really looking forward to it, but then that price tag...
Reese Woodson Very over priced
Oscar Sanchez Palomino Too expensive. .
Kim Schlesser overpriced
Marti Ruiz muy caro
Freddy Rafael Hernandez overpriced and not that great, google taking the Apple approach
Mark J F Makinika Copycat.. hmmm :D too expensive. ill go to Mac Pro
Sagnik Ghose I want more resolution! More more more! I want to get inside the fucking screen and do all sorts of things to Beyonce. 1200 dollars! Ooh yeah, I would pay a million dollars!
Luis Robles Figueroa Too expensive... for that amount of money I can built pc 10X better.
Regina Sharkey They are going down the Microsoft road of "thinking the people want this"
Sandeep Murali Excellent to install Windows 8 on.
Robert Futty Isn't that all it is? I remember when Google demoed this os but wtf I can get a win8 laptop for less
Rene Saenz Jr. hell no...like Ken Rowe said 1200 for a browser who do they think they are Apple or something cause you know apple fanboys would buy that if apple made it..
Susan Hugus Smartphones will become the new norm for computing. Add a keyboard and a mouse plus voice and notebooks will be a thing of the past.
Ken Rowe 1200 dollar browser? Oh yeah, this has success written all over it. /end sarcasm.
Michael Jacob anyone who will buy it is an idiot and should be hated by society. :v
Damon Lee too expensive will skip this one
Matt Pankey Overpriced and useless.
Mike Miller Get a pc or a mac. Not worth it, doesn't achieve what I need to get done . And I'm a huge Google fan
Pete James Getting a surface pro. I have a note 2 and iPhone 5 so may get a iPad mini for the wife but surface pro fits my needs and can do 10 times what this chrome book can do.
Dounutz Sesar I love Google/android but whit that price range i bought a mac book air 11inch for that price n its better i hate the fact that i bought a apple product but the cromebook was to high
Joseph Tabuteau it seem this gonna be listed 2013 flop tech
William Plotner pointless
Jules Isaac Pillars rather get a MacBook Air 11inch
Steve Bachman Bahahahaha!
Phillip Bernal Useless.
Carter Hooper Really funny. They are waaay too early in the game to think this will be a success...
Jocelyn A. Dorsey I think they need to fix the darn Chromebook first!!
Brian Edwards Too expensive. Period.
Keith Win unnecessarily pricey

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