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Google earlier this week kicked off a contest to open up its Glass Explorer program to more people, encouraging regular folks to tell the company what they'd do with the headwear using the hashtag "#ifihadglass" on Google+ or Twitter. There's some good news today for anyone that doesn't make the cut, though, as El Goog has shed a bit more light on when Glass will be made available to the public. Google tells The Verge that it's aiming to release a "fully-polished" version of Glass by the end of 2013 and that the device will feature a price tag that's under $1,500.

While the release and pricing information shared by Google today isn't exactly what most people would call specific, it's certainly the most detailed info we've received about the consumer launch of Glass so far. We'll have to wait until we get closer to launch before Google nails down the exact price of Glass, and while we know it'll be less than $1,500, the cost of the first publicly-available Glass unit likely won't be cheap. Considering the tech involved with Glass, though, that's kind of expected. No one ever said that being an early adopter is cheap, right?

Along with today's vague availability information, Google allowed The Verge to spend some hands-on (head-on?) time with Glass, and a bit more information about the unit itself was revealed in the process. Google says that it's planning to offer the first version in black, white, gray, orange and blue, giving buyers a handful of different ways to make Glass a bit more personal. To gather data, Glass can either connect itself to Wi-Fi or tether to an Android or iPhone device over Bluetooth. Compatibility with Android isn't a surprise, but it's good to hear that Google is also planning to support iPhone with Glass, which is a move that'll open up the group of potential buyers quite a bit more. Now that some more information about Google Glass is trickling out, what do you think of it? Do you think that you might splurge on a unit later this year?

Via The Verge (1), (2)

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"Google has said that it expects its Glass headwear to be released by the end of 2013 with a price tag that's under $1,500. Are you thinking about snagging one for yourself?"

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Kim E. Salinas wow expensive than iphone 5. i hope its worth it
Ryan G. Bordner Meh, Ill wait till Microsoft comes out with theirs.
Teddy Perez Is it a phone too?
Teddy Perez Me want. Me want.
Mike Cooper Hell yes
Rodger Samiie Myers Ill wait for black friday..lol
Tony Abiama Ridiculous price... I guess the early adapters are just the lab rats
Luis Robles Figueroa No thanks I can do better with my money. Plus is too expensive change the price then I might have a change of heart.
Sheck Welle I don't want to get hurt by cars in the street unless they give it to me for Free.
Paul David Panganiban wtf. More than the price of a macbook pro. hell naw
CalvEen Yaam For $1,499.99, why the eff not?
Anton Miskulin This is where true early adopters are separated from poor skeptics and little kids. I am in.
Cyndi Rose I'll wait for the $49.95 model.
Juan Visperas Time to save...
Terry Tan Rx glasses??!?
Shawn Norris HAHAHAHAHA!
Sheeraz Sarwar Yess absolutly yess waiting for this. ..now will start to save money for this
Huey Liggins Lmao. Oh wait they are serious? Hell no. But they said "under" so let's see
John Eli Rutledge Not for anything near that price....
Zachary Gearwar Just under $1,500 = $1,499.99
Akash Malhotra Definitely, if the price point is good enough.
Dee Ross Lol, Better have one hell of a replacement warranty!
Carl Dale yes if was cheap :)
Hendrick Equis M if they can sell a nexus 7 for $200 i think they can manage to drop this low
Justin A Malakhow There's no way this thing costs anywhere near 1,500 dollars to make. That's just ridiculous.
Joe Yarger I have enough distractions in my life.
Amr Marzooq Never.
Tim Moore Um no. That's a lot of money for something that doesn't seem overly practical. It's cool but that's it for me.

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