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Good news for Google+ fans this morning, as Google has announced Google+ Sign-In for apps on Android, iOS and the web. The new feature allows Google+ users to sign into an app using their Google credentials just like when signing into Gmail or YouTube, and Google+ Sign-In also includes account protection like Google's 2-step verification. Logging into an app with Google+ Sign-In will allow users to choose which content and information they share with their Google+ friends. When a Google+ user does share something from an app that utilizes Google+ Sign-In, other users will be able to click on a link to enter that app and buy or listen to whatever the original person shared. Additionally, after signing into a website using Google+ Sign-In, Android users will be given the option of installing the site's mobile app onto their device with one click. 

Facebook has long offered a service similar to Google+ Sign-In, dubbed Facebook Connect, that allows its users to sign in to apps and websites using their FB credentials and then share information on their Timeline. Now Google+ users are getting a similar experience. The good news is that Google says that since users will be selecting what they share to their Google+ circles, apps won't be able to do their best firehose impression and spray out updates onto a user's feed. Overall Google+ Sign-In sounds like a pretty big deal for fans of El Goog's social network, and the fact that users can now selectively share app information with their Google+ circles could convince some folks to use the social network more.

Developers will find Google+ Sign-In included with version 3.0 of Google Play Services, which is rolling out today. Some of the apps and services that are already taking advantage of Google+ Sign-In include Fitbit, Flixster, Shazam and USA Today. How many of you are a regular Google+ user? If so, be sure to hit up the +PhoneDog page!

Via Google+ Developers Blog, Android Developers

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Augustine Anyanwu err I love Google+.... I've been using it since it 1st came out. Really cool that I can now use my account to sign in using it though +1 For Google =T
Jeff Cross Google+ is still open?? Thought they shut that down in late 2011??
Dee Nazario Google+ is like a huge empty theme park. So much things to do but no one to do it with.
John Smith I used it for a week, and it was a ghost town!
Tim Moore I have it but barely use it. but I will start using it for this. To not have spam crap on my facebook wall would be nice.
Abram Wenevermet Dennis I used Google+ one time & haven't returned since.

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