HTC isn’t a stranger to Windows Phone. Despite the fact that the company has put a lot of its effort into Google’s Android mobile operating system, their Windows Phone-based handsets are some of the most recognizable handsets running Microsoft’s platform. Then again, here in the United States, that’s about as far as the “diversity” goes: HTC or Nokia. (Sure, Samsung’s got their own device, but we know their attention is squarely set on Android.) It’s this simple fact that has me wondering why we’re not seeing better handsets from HTC running Windows Phone. Specifically, why aren’t we seeing a One device?

Last year, HTC debuted their brand new effort in making a splash in the smartphone industry. They had a plan. They were going to focus more on quality over quantity. They were going to put all of their muscle behind this new brand of devices, the One series, and make sure that they were the high-end handsets everyone wanted to get their hands on. Of course, their plan didn’t really work out, and they seemed to actually do quite the opposite out in the real world.

Instead of quality over quantity, we still got a ridiculous number of handsets, and even the HTC One X, the flagship of the One series, saw a refresh only six months after its launch. (Hey, HTC, where’s the Android 4.1 update for the One X, anyway?) Basically, not everything went according to plan for HTC.

But it turned around a little bit when they unveiled the Windows Phone 8X. HTC, with this brand new device, had managed to steal some of the attention away from Nokia, and even raise questions regarding Nokia’s partnership with Microsoft. It wasn’t too long ago that Nokia’s Lumia series of Windows Phone devices were the colorful, go-to option for Microsoft. That changed with the multi-colored launch of the Windows Phone 8X. HTC seemed to be the premiere hardware partner for Microsoft with Windows Phone 8.

Here’s the thing, though. Yes, the Windows Phone 8X is a great phone. Yes, if you don’t want a huge or heavy display, it is exactly what you’re looking for instead of the Lumia 920. The WP8X is a great phone. But you know which device is better? The One X+. That particular device doesn’t have a huge display, and it feels just as good in the hand. It has a great camera. It’s fast. Has plenty of storage. Overall, the One X+ is what the One X should be, and it’s the perfect device to show off the One brand.

So where’s the Windows Phone equivalent?

I started contemplating this topic a few days ago, and right after I started putting words down, I saw that Tai Ito –HTC VP for Global Product Planning—told CNET that his company is “fully committed” to Windows Phone. I immediately wanted to put that into question, based solely on handset releases, but I don’t think that statement can be argued. HTC is obviously putting quite a bit of attention in Microsoft’s direction.

I just don’t think they’re providing the best hardware HTC is capable of making. I say this admitting to you right now that I like the Windows Phone 8X. (I do think it’s a little uncomfortable to type on in portrait mode, though.) I’m saying this because HTC’s high-end Windows Phone option is the WP8X, and their high-end Android option here in the United States is the One X+, or the DROID DNA. I mean, these aren’t even close!

And now we’ve got the One coming down the pipe, and HTC saying that they’re fully committed to Windows Phone. However, in that same article at CNET, it’s pointed out that a device HTC is currently working on in conjunction with Microsoft will probably not share any resemblance to the One. So, just another HTC-branded Windows Phone device, right?

Oh, hey, look at that, there’s a rumor about a device codenamed “Tiara.” According to the rumors, this device will be the first handset to be running the newest version of Windows Phone 8, when it gets updated later this year. As far as hardware goes, it supposedly features a 4.3-inch WVGA Super LCD 2 display, with a 1.2GHz dual-core processor under the hood. There will be an 8MP camera on the back, and a 1.2MP front-facing shooter on the other side. You’ll have 8GB of built-in storage to have your way with, and 1GB of RAM. The battery is said to measure in at 1,800mAh.

I really hope that device, if it is real, doesn’t come to market. I’m not sure there’s any device I’ve been less excited about, based entirely on rumors. I bet it’ll have a cheap price tag, if it does land here. So, that’s something. But here’s my question: Are people supposed to get excited about this device? I mean, does HTC or Microsoft think this handset, with its small display, small battery, and small storage space (no expandable memory?), is going to suddenly make a wave of people jump on board with Windows Phone?

This isn’t a one-sided fight from Microsoft. At least, it shouldn’t be. HTC needs Windows Phone to be successful, too. Why? Because HTC is still trying to gain traction with the Android Army. HTC used to be the most popular Android manufacturer in the world, but that title’s been easily handed over to Samsung. Unless the One can somehow wrangle up all those Samsung fans, and convince plenty of other people to switch, the One may have the same fate as the One X, or even the One X+.

So why isn’t HTC using their One brand for Windows Phone? Or, just beyond that, why aren’t they making phones with as much attention to detail as their One series, without the One branding? They’re already putting Beats Audio into their Windows Phone-based devices, after all. That’s just a step in the right direction, right?

I want to see an HTC One with Windows Phone. BlinkFeed is already close enough. Just give me a One with Windows Phone 8, and you’ve got a sale. I’m sure I wouldn’t be the only one, either. In fact, HTC should have used any time at Mobile World Congress to show off something like a One running Windows Phone 8. That would have been amazing.

Would you buy an HTC One with Windows Phone 8 on it? Do you think HTC should try to create a handset of similar stature for Microsoft’s mobile operating system? Or does it just not matter anymore? Let me know!

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Ed Seitzinger
Ed Seitzinger HTC yes, windows 8 oh hell no
Jose Luis Mendoza
Jose Luis Mendoza Unless it is free
Jose Luis Mendoza
Jose Luis Mendoza Nah
Bo Abe Vorachack
Bo Abe Vorachack Yes
Oran Donay
Oran Donay hell no
Malissa Allison
Malissa Allison I do believe my answer would be, hell no!
Jillxz No way
Ray Sital
Ray Sital From these comments you can tell, most have never really used a windows phone, have a massive amount of unused apps on their Android/IOS devices, and really aren't tech fans. Use wp8 for a week and you'll see it has everything you need.
Ray Sital
Ray Sital Yes
Kevin Joel
Kevin Joel If it were a 5" WP, YES!
Pete Kowalchyk
Pete Kowalchyk No Thanks. I'll stick with my IPhone.
Tautvydas Lagunavicius
Tautvydas Lagunavicius Android with sense 5 PLZ. i love Blink Feed :)
Peter M McDaniel
Peter M McDaniel Yes if WP8 had changeable wallpapers.
Marlon Milligan
Marlon Milligan Nope just Android with Sense 5 for me.
Carl Dale
Carl Dale NO!
Kristoff Lewandowski
Kristoff Lewandowski That's Americans proved here. Take that OS out from States, you don't need.
Cool'n HotAnd Juice
Cool'n HotAnd Juice Yes I would!
Joe Noyola
Joe Noyola I would buy a HTC one if it was running stock Android.
Tor Morgan Bårdsen
Tor Morgan Bårdsen WP8 is great. I doubt all of you have tested one.
Gene Folkes
Gene Folkes Yup. Windows Phone is an excellent balance os. Although, blinkfeed is live tiles rebranded. As far as apps, im deketing them like crazy. Too many and theres only so much storage space. Windows phone has the apps that make being productive easier!
Ryan G. Bordner
Ryan G. Bordner Yes id take one along side my beautiful Lumia 920!
Mujtaba Ali Ahmad
Mujtaba Ali Ahmad YES
Charles ThreePercenter Berg
Charles ThreePercenter Berg If you say yes your gay. Lol
Sean Gibson
Sean Gibson Yes I would
Mario Torres
Mario Torres Welcome surface super smartphone
Ty Johnson
Ty Johnson "whaat!! bro what you talking about man? im out man Y'all niggas trippin"
Dionne Walton
Dionne Walton Windows & HTC......2 things that suck.....I'll pass.
Randy Walker Sr.
Randy Walker Sr. No I wouldn't buy an HTC period. Go Samsung.
Eridon Stay Bossing Gottlieb
Eridon Stay Bossing Gottlieb I here what your saying, but I prefer a Android HTC One, makes another series of phones that are strictly for Windows (Like how they have the HTC One Series) then that will be a great move for them.
Reese Woodson
Reese Woodson I would........
Eric Magana
Eric Magana Windows is awesome but the app market sucks.
Arturo Atherly
Arturo Atherly WP8 is like tht ex that looks good but has FUKKKN HERPES...HELL THE FUKK NO!!!!! Leave the ONE as its meant to be....ANDROID!!!!!! Stop asking dumbass questions
Ricardo Alexandre
Ricardo Alexandre No -_- wtf
Jeff Seaver
Jeff Seaver No Way
Miles Justin McNairy
Miles Justin McNairy @Rani Hinnawi not 4mp 4 ultrapixel which is more high quality than 8mp
Jordan Williams
Jordan Williams I'd get the red one with stock Jellybean, but because HTC doesn't want to make another Nexus, I'll be having to pass on them.
Rani Hinnawi
Rani Hinnawi The 4mp camera and lack of microSD were what made me keep my distance from such a gorgeous device
Nadia Merhai
Nadia Merhai no
Fabian Toti
Fabian Toti no
Saurabh Bisht
Saurabh Bisht htc is a full bunch of crap.. No Way..
Anthony Gonzalez
Anthony Gonzalez no
Andrei Jelin
Andrei Jelin No way!
CeeGii Borels
CeeGii Borels it already is, HTC One STOLE LIVE TILES andjust rebranded it
Norm Dunham
Norm Dunham Yes, yes, yes and yes!
Michael Scott H
Michael Scott H Stick with my Samsung Galaxy Note 2
Buddy Love
Buddy Love Phones running the Windows OS aren't in the same ballpark as droid / ios. Not even the same league or even the same frickin sport!! Limited apps, not as versatile.....smh.
Adam Petramala
Adam Petramala Nope
Collin Hoylman
Collin Hoylman Hell no Windows Phone 8 fucking sucks
Dan McCann
Dan McCann Phone 8....NO WAY !!!!
Teja Pampati
Teja Pampati no way
Roger Schubert DeOliveira
Roger Schubert DeOliveira no but id get that red one running android
Anthony V Cannata
Anthony V Cannata Nope don't like HTC
Javier Guajardo
Javier Guajardo YES
Abram Wenevermet Dennis
Abram Wenevermet Dennis No HTC sucks
Jason Sug
Jason Sug yeees
Jeanne Donnelly
Jeanne Donnelly no....granted my first get go at a windows 8 machine was a laptop....sucks. Had to google where is my start menu....where is my computer. Vista forced me to buy a mac. Thank God for windows 7.
Cesar Yabor
Cesar Yabor No
Jay Ortiz
Jay Ortiz Yeahhhhh!!!!
Eli Leblanc
Eli Leblanc No
Michael Le
Idris Hussain
Idris Hussain No
Allen Poe
Allen Poe HELL no!!!
Sean Reece
Sean Reece Nope
Ryan D. Smith
Ryan D. Smith Eww... gross
Eric Quach
Eric Quach HTC ONE!!
Paulo De Freitas
Paulo De Freitas I wouldn't buy ANYTHING running Windows Phone 8! I would buy an iPhone running Android 4.2.x though...
Dan Bittner
Dan Bittner No windows sucks. I want the android one in red or black
Peter Pain Ferguson
Peter Pain Ferguson I'll take 2
Lanh Nguyen
Lanh Nguyen as fast and fluid as windows phone 8 is it still lacks a lot. The app selection isn't there and if you're a person who likes customization, that also is not there.
Nick Petrizzio
Nick Petrizzio Show me WP8 will work and I may buy a WP8 phone I'm happy with my Optimus G
Ken Tate
Ken Tate When it is on Verizon, lets talk!
Izaya Everage
Izaya Everage Huh...? Interesting. Will it have the same hardware? If so this could possibly be the dawn of Dual booting. And I mean between 2 popular OS's and not different iterations of the same OS. Like Dual Booting JB and Gingerbread.
Charles ThreePercenter Berg
Charles ThreePercenter Berg No way. Windows sucks.
Eric Dodds
Eric Dodds Yep
Carlos R. Rodríguez Vega
Carlos R. Rodríguez Vega Never. HTC + Android + Sense + NVIDIA Tegra = best phone ever. Although Snap Dragon is ok I prefer Nvidia
Barry McMullen
Barry McMullen No way.
Blackapino Williams
Blackapino Williams Windows 8 is nice, But I'll stick with my iPhone but...if it ran with Jellybean..i'd get it.
Heriberto Eddie Mendoza
Heriberto Eddie Mendoza no
David John Balbin
David John Balbin Of course not.
Lanh Nguyen
Lanh Nguyen Ian Baylon...you're missing the point. The question is if you're willing to buy a windows phone version of the HTC One.
Scheheryar Masood
Scheheryar Masood No way, only alongwith JellyBean
Marcos Hidalgo
Marcos Hidalgo yes
George Rudolf Mezzomo
George Rudolf Mezzomo Nope.
Steven Franklin Jr.
Steven Franklin Jr. If it had as many apps as android i would hop on this in a second
Nick Catelli
Nick Catelli I'll take a One on Verizon
Chris Roberts
Chris Roberts NOTE 2 ftw!
Sam Elowitch
Sam Elowitch Not if it was the last paperweight on Earth!
Janelle Jae Hunter
Janelle Jae Hunter no
Peter Nicholas Bravato
Peter Nicholas Bravato Phone itself is nice, but I'm an Android kinda guy.
Teejay Crooks
Teejay Crooks Nope
Mark Joseph Mallabo Gagtan
Mark Joseph Mallabo Gagtan No :P
Jose Alberto Chavez
Jose Alberto Chavez If Windows had better/more apps, yes. I'm not a fan of Google, but I think I'm going to have to go with the S4 until Windows gets their stuff together and brings it to the same level as Android & Apple.
Michael Myers
Michael Myers No.
Aaron Lane
Aaron Lane No
Brandon Le
Brandon Le Sure. It would be a new experience.
Ian Baylon
Ian Baylon Wasn't it originally supposed to run Android?
Rob McGrady
Rob McGrady No but I will take a free one and sell its towards my down payment of HTC one or s4
Luis Robles Figueroa
Luis Robles Figueroa No and no...
Joshua Perkins
Joshua Perkins No.
George Millhouse
George Millhouse would never buy an HTC phone, period.
Tyler Saddington
Tyler Saddington Nope :P

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