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Nokia's press conference at Mobile World Congress may have been a disappointment for Windows Phone fans hoping for some new high-end Lumia hardware, but today a new report has emerged with some details that ought to make their week a bit better. An article published by The Verge today makes some quick mentions of upcoming Lumia handsets that've been rumored in recent months, and the good news is that if the information holds true, three of the four major U.S. carriers will soon have a high-end Nokia Lumia to call their own.

According to the report, Nokia's EOS will be exclusive to AT&T. The EOS has been tipped as having a "true" PureView camera, with a sensor similar to the 41-megapixel sensor found in Nokia's 808 PureView. The EOS will also reportedly feature an aluminum construction and squared edges. It was already said that AT&T would be offering the device, but today's leak adds that the EOS will be an AT&T-exclusive device.

Next up is the Nokia Catwalk, which is rumored to be a follow-up to Nokia's Lumia 920. While it's said that the Catwalk will feature internals that are similar to what's found on the 920, the Catwalk will reportedly follow the EOS in ditching the polycarbonate design that Nokia has been known for as of late in favor of a new, aluminum frame. While there was previously no carrier attached to the Catwalk, today's report claims that it'll be headed to T-Mobile sometime this summer.

Finally, we've got the Nokia Laser. This device, which is reportedly a Lumia 920 variant for Verizon, is referred to as the "Lumia 928" in The Verge's post, suggesting that that'll be the model number that the Laser carries once it finally launches. There's no word yet on when the Laser/Lumia 928 will be hitting Verizon's shelves, but it's expected that the unit will receive a big marketing push from Microsoft once it does.

Should all of these rumors hold true, it looks like the Windows Phone folk on AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon have their high-end Lumia models to look forward to. That's especially good news for T-Mobile and Verizon subscribers, as those carriers have only offered mid-range Lumia devices to date.

Obviously the glaring omission here is Sprint, which has yet to launch a single Windows Phone 8 device. That'll be changing this summer when Sprint launches Windows Phone 8 handsets from HTC and Samsung. There's been no word yet on a Nokia-made unit for Sprint, but considering that Sprint has only ever launched a single Windows Phone device (the Windows Phone 7-powered HTC Arrive in March 2011), I'm guessing that Windows Phone crowd on Sprint will take whatever it can get.

Via The Verge

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"Which material (such as polycarbonate or aluminum) do you prefer for the body of a smartphone?"

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Anonymous Graphene... which is the strongest material ever tested (http://www.columbia.edu/cu/news/08/07/graphene.html) Especially now with the grant Nokia got from the EU ($1.35 bilion) for further development of the material.
Jason Klomps Depends on how damage resistant the aluminum is.
Josef Ruiz Polycarbonate.. Talent Trust - Offshore with a difference
Charlie Ebner I would like to see a genuine carbon fiber phone with gorilla 2 glass.
Kizito Nestor After using the Samsung wave back in 2010...I wud say its the best built phone I have ever used. ..that aluminium was terrific
Rea Son polycarbonate
Marwan Ahmed polycarbonate
Adam Scherzer Who cares, it's going to get an otterbox on it anyway.
Brandon Holley Aluminum body with a kevlar coating around it, kind of like how the commando did it with a rubberized body.
Eric Magana What ever is the best looking and has durability.
Márk Domoszlai Polycarbonate.
Jim Sowell Titanium
David Slawter Aluminum, glass, metal. Any of those are great, but they must be designed and made with great quality.
Jason Geiger As long as its not a glass back I don't care.
Brett Day Poly, aluminum to slippery
John Smith Titanium
LaToya's Page Aluminum
Jatinder Mehta Aluminium
Mark Belkowski My note 2 is great quality. I expect the s4 to be much of the same.
Arvind Goerdat aluminum indeed!
Håvard Ulsaker Love the polycarbonate case found on the Lumia 920!
Adrian Salazar Aluminum, I miss the good old days when phone had metal. Just feels more premium as polycarbonate is to light and feels cheap.
Nicholas StylishDemeanor Scafe Once it durable enough! Nokia fan#
Phil Ofthefuture I love Samsung, but i wish they'd use aluminum.
Seokjun Han carbon fiber? HAHA
David Guimond Aluminum just looks and feels better IMO. Down side is it can dent...
Nick Catelli Polycarb is fine as long as it isn't the Samsung plastic that they also make Legos out of. That stuff shouldn't be on a phone that costs more than 99 bucks in my opinion.
Brain Roopull Solid plastic with a tactile rubber coating. "Premium" materials like glass or metals are silly on a device designed to be held in your hand. I don't think I should have to wrap my phone in an expensive, huge and ugly case because of some stupid "premium" materials. I even prefer a plastic display like on my old Windows Mobile phones... those things could take a beating.
Sean Watson Whatever the one x+ is made of
Teejay Crooks Aluminium but polycarbonate is ok
Bradley Warren Hanstad carbon/kevlar twill woven fabric (kevlar dyed red) impregnated with epoxy uv treated resin and coated in layers of polyurethane/uv protection.
Nikola Stankov Aluminium
Sohail Hasham Aluminium.
Kyle Cordiano I like plastic on the back.
Abdullah Qaraeen Polycarbonate

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