Today I was doing some research on the new Sony Xperia Z and ZL that are coming out this year, and I came across one of their advertisements for the devices. The advertisement actually brings some valid points without using many words, but instead images of familiar Sony products throughout time. At the end you hear one phrase:

“Sony has always worked to bring you new experiences and now you can enjoy the best of Sony in a smartphone.”

That’s when I started realizing that I have been completely overlooking Sony and their accomplishments.

I’ve had a Sony Walkman (tape and CD player), a Playstation (1, 2, and 3), and even a Sony camcorder. Yet, how easily some of these things were replaced when something huge like the iPod came along and completely outdated the Walkman, and smartphones were the new camcorders. While Sony didn’t completely drop from the market and they did make mobile devices it was clearly a little too late as Apple had already dominated the market with their high-end products. Now that Apple is without Jobs and their stock prices are beginning to drop I feel like Sony might be able to make a comeback and take the number one spot.

While Samsung is clearly winning the smartphone race right now with their successful sales of the Galaxy Note II and Galaxy S III (and soon the Galaxy S IV) there’s no mistaking that while the product itself is worthy of praise, the materials Samsung has decided to use to make their products are lacking when it comes to a solid, premium feel. The cheap plastic that embellishes the back of Samsung’s devices is one thing that many people wish they could change about the Galaxy products. One of the reasons Apple products fare so well is that they usually feature beautiful housing. With the exception of the iPhone 3G and 3GS, the iPhone has featured either aluminum or glass finishes on the backs. Despite the fact that the glass finish on the back of the iPhone 4 and 4S certainly makes the device more prone to breakage, generally speaking glass is associated with elegance and it does give the phone a more expensive feel to it. From the looks of it, Sony aims to gives users an experience that embraces both premium software and housing so consumers get the best of both worlds.

Features also play a key part in Sony’s hopeful success with their new smartphones. In the same advertisement video towards the end, the scene cuts from showing you previous Sony products to the products they want you to focus on now – the Sony Xperia Z and ZL. The phone is being used in the Indian festival of colors, also known as Holi. The phone is ideal for an event such as this because as it shows, colors made out of dust and water are thrown around freely and definitely puts your phone (which you are likely to use as a camera) at considerable risk for liquid damage. However, as it seems nobody is really worried about how the Xperia Z and ZL will fare as the woman at the end has no problem dumping an entire cup of water right on top of the device and her husband or boyfriend seems to be just peachy with it as they laugh together about the danger they’re potentially putting the device in. Would I suggest doing this just for the heck of it? No way. But it is nice to know that companies like Sony are taking waterproofing more seriously now and you can be a little more hopeful of your smartphone’s survivability during those frightening moments where you get caught outside in a rain storm or your phone runs through the wash once or twice.

I really dig the design of the new Xperia devices from Sony, and the specs are certainly considered competitive with other anticipated devices that are coming out this year. My fear is that Sony will keep being overlooked in favor of companies like Samsung or Apple, but my hope is that these devices will give Sony a fighting chance to emerge from the ashes of their past… kind of like the phoenix of the mobile world. A bit too dramatic? I think so too. Basically I just hope this does something for Sony, because I think they deserve some recognition for it.

What do you think readers? Were you ever a fan of Sony products and then dropped off the wagon for something better? What are your thoughts on the Sony Xperia Z and ZL?


Image via Sony

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Josef Ruiz
Josef Ruiz Personally, im leaning towards Sony lately. Talent Trust - Offshore with a difference
Marshal Brown
Marshal Brown They haven't because no marketing!
Yasir Mahajan
Yasir Mahajan certainly. they have much better camera phones and great sound quality. Time scape is not bad at all
Louis Agresti
Louis Agresti This is a Samsung Apple phone world,which i cannot understand,Apple is overpriced,and Samsung make cheap plastic toys.
William Tang
William Tang A bit , even more ignored than HTC
Jeff Seaver
Jeff Seaver I Owen Xperia Z, The sense not strong plus not enough widget.
Nathan Nesen
Nathan Nesen compaired to some of the bog dogs out there i would say no ey have not been overlooked as far as competition goes. while they do have nice phones, i just dont ever see anyone with them. i was actually thinking about this the other day. sony makes absolute high quality products in just about all catagorys. why not cell phones? first of all i think the whole ericsson name they need to lose. its just not very appealing. stick with just sony. next, take some pointers from htc and make something outtstanding like they do in televisions, game systems, stereos... you name it. then i believe they could be at the top of the food chain when it comes to phones.
Larry Ayonn
Larry Ayonn Sony has made interesting phones for some time! Take a look at the P1i, and the S710. I owned both, and they were really out there, for their time. I was really hoping that the rumor of them making the Nexus 4 was true.
Arturo Atherly
Arturo Atherly I mean after Apple surpassed them with mobile devices.....people just kinda forgot about Sony.....If they get with other carriers....mayb folks would pay attn...I hear theyre big over seas
BG Michael
BG Michael LG!
Paris Coke
Paris Coke They continue to only be on att and their status will be worst than that
Daniel Narvaez
Daniel Narvaez I never really thought about the dust and water resistance on a phone until I read about the Z a few months ago. Now I kind of feel all high end phones should have it. My only real concern with the Z is the camera. I've seen some test shots compared to the S3 and iPhone and they didn't really fare too well. Other then that it seems like a great phone. Waiting to get my hands on the Z, HTC One, and S4 to make my decision.
Kyle Mallory
Kyle Mallory Typically, if you're over looked, there's a reason for that. And there's a reason people got really excited about the fake Sony Nexus. We want good Sony Android phones. They haven't been overlooked. They have ended up where their products put them. Doesn't mean they can't get better.
Lanh Nguyen
Lanh Nguyen they don't have a strong hold in the US market and who knows if the Xperia Z is even going to make it to US shores.
Juan Botello
Juan Botello Sony is competition?
Nicholas Broun
Nicholas Broun i think they have, i have an Xperia U and it is better in build, value, technology and apps then any other android ive ever used :)
Phil Ofthefuture
Phil Ofthefuture Sony makes great TV's, but not cell phones.
Karl Funk
Karl Funk their new Z will stand out.....but it needs time to be out their before most people will know about it
John-Mark Christmas
John-Mark Christmas That's what happens when you continually ignore the U.S. to market your phones
Hans Kwazneski
Hans Kwazneski tl;dr. cool picture of that overlooked soaked phone though.
Sheila Ellis
Sheila Ellis No. They have been ignored. It's what happens when you don't stand out.

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