Expert Spotlight - Anthony Domanico - 3-1-13

The PhoneDog
Mascot from  Charleston, SC
| March 1, 2013

Only a few days away from us celebrating the one year anniversary of the Official Smartphone Rankings!  The first year was very exciting with highlights that include an Android smartphone ending #1 each month for the People's Choice side of the charts and Apple winning the hearts of the Experts during a couple of those months.  What will happen during the rest of 2013?  We can't wait to see.   

Anthony Domanico - Editor-in-Chief for  Follow him on twitter @ajdomanico.


The iPhone 5 is still the best all around phone on the market, even nearly 6 months after launch. Developers build apps for the iPhone first, and despite the modest screen size on the iPhone 5, the device is simple to use and I never find myself really wishing the screen was bigger.

Speaking of bigger screens, I've had the pleasure of using the Galaxy Note II for the past few weeks, and I enjoy the device much better than the SIII. The larger screen and S-Pen combination make the Note II a productivity powerhouse.

The Nexus 4 moved up a slot in my rankings this week, as I genuinely love what Google is doing with the Nexus program. A stock Android experience without a contract for $300? Sold. That is, if I could actually buy one. Google/LG's supply issues have seriously tainted this device, and we are likely on the eve of the next Nexus, which could be launched at Google I/O. 

The Galaxy S III is still a great phone, though it's showing signs of age. The SIV will launch early next month, and Samsung will likely propel right back to the top of the rankings with their next Android superphone.

Finally, surprising even myself, I've put the BlackBerry Z10 as the number 5 phone this week. I still want to like BlackBerry, and all signs are suggesting the Z10 could be well worth the wait...for people clutching onto their BB7 smartphones. I'm still not convinced non-BB users will switch to the Z10, but Heins and Co. have put out their best effort in the Z10, and it's certainly winning over some fans out there.