LG says it's now sold over 10 million 4G LTE smartphones

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| March 2, 2013

LG 10 million 4G LTE smartphones

LG's been pretty busy making announcements over the past month and a half, revealing several new handsets and some sales milestones as well. Now the Korean device maker's got one more tidbit of news to add to the list, as LG says that it's officially sold over 10 million 4G LTE smartphones worldwide. That's double the figure that LG announced in mid-August 2012. LG says that it intends to push LTE even harder in 2013, with plans to double its LTE smartphone penetration with an expanded range of products like the Optimus G Pro and Optimus F Series that'll be offered in both emerging and established areas around the globe.

LG has released a number of 4G LTE handsets in the past couple of years that've helped it to sell 10 million LTE handsets, including the Revolution, Optimus Vu and Optimus G, the last of which recently launched in 50 more countries. LG will to continue to introduce new LTE handsets to help reach its goal of doubled LTE smartphone penetration, but the Life's Good crew is also seeing increased LTE competition from other firms, and we'll likely see LTE support continue to grow as more device makers adopt it and increasingly use it in entry-level hardware.

While we'll just have to wait to find out if LG can indeed double its LTE smartphone penetration in 2013 like it hopes to, one thing we do know is that LTE is transforming from the bleeding edge feature that it once was to a normal ol' bullet point on a spec sheet. How many of you have a mobile device with 4G LTE connectivity?

Via Engadget, LG Newsroom