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There's been quite a bit of talk about Windows Phone updates as of late, including a rumor about some upcoming minor "GDR" maintenance releases that are expected to be pushed out throughout 2013. Now we've got an idea of when the Windows Phone crowd can expect what will likely be a more substantial update. Microsoft has posted a job listing for a Software Development Engineer in Test for Windows Phone, describing the platform as "one of the most exciting challenges in Microsoft" and explaining that the Redmond firm that can help to identify customer issues, lead them to a resolution and help to work on major bug fixes.

Near the bottom of the listing, Microsoft says that now is a great time to join its Windows Phone team because it's currently wrapping up the current version of its mobile operating system and "getting ready for our next release targeting the holiday of this year." No real details of the upcoming release are mentioned, but Microsoft does say that it intends to continue to build momentum for Windows Phone in the market by introducing new hardware and "delightful user experiences." A screenshot of the job listing is available below in case Microsoft decides to yank it.

Microsoft has targeted the holiday season for its past two Windows Phone releases, pushing out Windows Phone 7 in time for the holidays in 2010 and launching the initial batch of Windows Phone 8 hardware in the final months of 2012. The company has been fairly quiet about its Windows Phone update plans for 2013, which we recently learned is intentional and attributable to Microsoft's new "shut up and ship" mentality, so it's nice to get a bit of information from this job listing about the next release of Windows Phone, even if the expected release timeframe isn't a total surprise.

In other Windows Phone update news, several Windows Phone 7.8 users have been reporting issues with their Live Tiles either not updating or consuming too much data after the 7.8 upgrade. Joe Belfiore, manager for the whole Windows Phone team at Microsoft, recently confirmed on Twitter that Microsoft has identified an issue with Live Tiles that don't update in Windows Phone 7.8. Belfiore went on to promise that Microsoft is working on a solution for the issue, but stopped short of offering up any other information, such as an ETA for the fix. Considering that Live Tiles are a major part of Microsoft's mobile platform, though, I'm sure that many Windows Phone 7.8 folk at glad to hear that the Redmond company is working to get those tiles flipping once again. We'll give you a shout once we've got more details on the fix.

Microsoft next release Windows Phone job listing

Via WMPowerUser, Microsoft-Careers, WPCentral, @joebelfiore

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"What tweaks could Microsoft implement in the next release of Windows Phone that would convince you non-WP users to check the platform out?"

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Jaasiel Torres Better solfware. And full hd
Lenn Liggins They've got to get their app market in the 200,000 by the end of 2013. Also, get Instagram.
Kenneth Maneeley More apps. Portrait to landscape and file manager would be good. Hey it is a phone either you like it or you don't! You can please some of the people some of the time but you can't please all the people all the time.
Kenneth Li give me JAVA APPLET! I need it to stream live stock quotes like the desktop version!
Rob Pate Phone's aren't bad but the app market is straight ass
Vikas Nanda Better hardware and more apps!
Chris Kang i might pull a closed-minded move and ask for another OS, but no. - improve multitasking UI - webOS got it right, Android has the right idea, iOS is dismal, so at least youre a step up above someone - make the battery meter persistent (minor preference of mine) - im a bit iffy on the notification center concept, give it some more thought for starters.
Edwin Cruz The ONLY reason I wouldn't consider WP8 for full time use is the lack of apps (such as the Mint.com app, Instagram, etc).
Omoniyi Michael Slim FILE MANAGER what the heck ? They should make windows 8 to run across all form size.phone ,tablet, laptop N PC. And windows 8 full OS not RT to be able to use INVIdIA tegra IV, intel Atom does not have a lot of games(No power) I hope that's what they are doing with WINDOWS BLUE cos if they don't , I will be dual booting ubuntu on my GSIV. future talk
Jeffrey Pueblos have more available apps that people are familiar with? (i.e. Instagram, Tumblr, etc.)
Chris Luddeni I recall waiting for worthwhile apps with my apple iPhone 3g. The windows apps will come and be better with each incarnation.
Christopher Williams Metro UI just isn't appealing to me. Plus the lack of apps doesn't help either.
Matthew LaFave Next os I'll probably go to from android will probably be ubuntu touch. Not windows.
Geraldy Reyes LMAO, Android w a stylus, the IOS version of windows mobile.
Dave Bourque @Allen android is on par to windows 95 in security... keep laughing
Jared Jones More apps
Teejay Crooks Not buying another nokia untill it runs android OS
Allen Poe BB10? aaaaaaahahahahahhaa
Dave Bourque honestly BB10 is the best OS out there now.
Brandon Riesenbeck More apps and more carriers. AT&T sucks.
Ken Reil Switch the OS to Android.
Gordon Christie I think they are ok but it's a new OS and it wasn't that long ago that Android wasn't that good
Muhammad Ali Khan ummm more apps basically...
Allen Poe The one tweak they could implement would be to make it run Android instead. THEN I'd check it out.
Dan Min A phone that works. Had to get my HTC 8x replaces 3 times in one week! Went back and exchanged for DNA

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