I find my ways to different phones all the time. It’s usually spurred on by pieces of news that I hear about a particular handset, or just seeing it in a store. I’ll get this notion in the back of my head that I should try it out, see if it’s any good at all. I’ll have already read the reviews, of course, and I’ll probably already have a pretty good idea of what to expect. But my curiosity always gets the better of me. The moment my mind gets focused on one particular handset, is the moment I start figuring out a way to get it.

It usually entails getting rid of the phone I currently have, and then getting my hands on the new thing.

I really like the new phone smell, I guess.

I used to think the Android Army was too generous with its enlistment options. Pretty much any device could make the grade, just as long as it ran Google’s mobile operating system. It can weigh down the market, and the options, while many, are all still sort of representing the same thing: Android. If you look at devices running Android, the only differentiator is the proprietary software that the manufacturer tacks onto it.

I used to think that it wasn’t good enough to have custom software be the only thing making all of those handsets, and there really are a lot of them, all that different. And then when you’ve got companies like HTC releasing a ridiculous number of devices all on its own, their Sense UI is just as saturated and common place as anything else.

Obviously having that proprietary software is necessary, though, because Android is already the instigator for the hardware race we find ourselves in, even when it’s coupled with companies putting a large focus on the next best version of their own software. If manufacturers were just using stock Android for everything, that particular race would have been boring a long time ago.

A lot of the different devices that I switch to are Android, and more often than not I’m switching from an iOS-based handset. I get a lot of grief from my colleagues because I keep going back to an iPhone, no matter which device I left it for. I switched from an Android handset to another Android handset this time, though, and I’m now realizing why I like Android.

Why, even if I may switch away from it, I realize that I refuse to stop giving Android a try.

I went from the Galaxy Note II to Sony’s Xperia TL. I know, I know – that switch doesn’t make any sense. There’s a reason why the Galaxy Note II is still sitting at the top of the expert’s side of our Official Smartphone Rankings, and why the device remains so high in the people’s choice. The Galaxy Note II is an amazing device, and I was having all sorts of fun with it again. So why did I switch to the Xperia TL? I liked the phone’s smaller size (for some reason) mostly, but it really came down to the device’s update to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

News broke that the update was being pushed to the device through the PC software, so I pulled the trigger on picking one up. And while I know that I shouldn’t be enjoying my time with the phone at all, especially not coming from a handset like the Galaxy Note II, the Xperia TL is reminding me all over again why Android is such a great platform.

I love the changes from one device to another. I love that when I pick up the Xperia TL, there isn’t anything similar on it compared to the Galaxy Note II. The software is a whole new experience. The way that you input text is even different! The animations for moving application icons on the home pages is different, or even removing those same icons from the screen. The proprietary weather widget is different. The lock screen is different. I was pleased as anyone can get the moment I saw my lock screen do a quick sliding animation to another panel for lock screen music controls while listening to Spotify. That literally made my day when that happened. (Manufacturers: Lock screen music controls for music playing on your phone is an absolute necessity.)

iOS has looked essentially the same from the get-go. Windows Phone? Same deal. If BlackBerry 10 takes off, then it’s safe to assume that their mobile OS will look the same moving forward for quite some time. Android allows for a ridiculous amount of variation and difference to permeate the mobile industry, and that really is fantastic.

But now I want to hear from you, and I want to know why you refuse to stop using Android. Is it the features? The differentiation from different handsets on the market? The hardware? Let me know why you keep Google’s mobile operating system versus the competition.

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Dave Bourque If you need to run a quadcore and still lag go ahead rofl...
John Huff I'll never give up my Droids.
Rich Field Nope Blackberry Z10 screw the ton of malware on Android.
Jose Rodrigues BlackBerry 10 rocks
Jason Bryan Nope, leaving in april. Phones are great the first few months, but they just get bogged and firmware gets left behind when newer phones come out.
Douglas Russell Never leaving android may try ubuntu but will always stick with Google
Christian Raborar Realubit If iOS or WP gives me more freedom, I'll glad to use them alternately
Michael Chapman Nope went with AT&T and got a 4s.
Joel Diaz This is an easy one. Yes.
Orion Pax It's all about Google.
Yumi Faeldo No compelling reason to leave Android. iOS, boring. WP8 and BB10, still waiting for their final "Fresh Start" (every version is a "new beginning") not yet ready.
Yumi Faeldo Yes! 4.2.2
Julian Scott Love my android Ics love it
Charlie Ebner Nope, tried it once when it was running 2.2 Froyo and didn't like it. I used my GFs android the other day running ICS, and I still don't like it.
Lewis Hachmeister Patiently awaiting 4.2!!
Kristoff Lewandowski After having too many Android devices recently, back to Windows Phone.
Brandon Little-spoon Levesque Im due for an upgrade in June iPhone 5 here I come.:)
Christopher Williams The hardware is just too hard to beat. I love iOS, but my GS3 is top notch.
John Resch Android..
Mark J F Makinika im using a S3 and its 8 months old and it always freeze/locked up :(( even my old Tab is the same.. I love IOS stability...
Vladimir Conrado Apple is boring as hell and don't seem to be changing much. Android all day
Gordon Christie No gonna get Ubuntu when it's ready
Mark Belkowski for a smartphone, yes ill stick to android. that's unless apple redoes the ios UI and releases a 4.7' phone. for tablets i still say the ipad is the best. also planning on getting the s4 on launch day.
Kevin Post I was a android 2.3 user but, since i use an windows phone i will never choose an other;)
Jakarri Jacobs Yep, next device will be a nexus
Joernie Berrios No Question.....but stop locking the Bootloaders!
Shawn Gergler Agree, Android and Note 2. Great combo
Cezzar Micu People who keep saying android lags must have not tried the Note 2 yet. Note 2 + Android is such a killer combination...
Shan Dissanayake hell yeah!!
Edward Gonse I took a brief hiatus from Android to go to iOS but I won't be here very long.
Kyle Cordiano Nexus devices all the way,
Michael Kergosien Jr Yeah. Might try Ubuntu though.
Vicki Figueroa Yep it's better than iPhone
David Kimberlin Now they just need 2 fix the apps2sd on jelly bean without hacks and scripts and I would be happy
David Kimberlin I've never even thought of going with anything else... I've always liked 2 customize my stuff... Be it windows, Linux, car, just about everything... Iphone I cannot do any of that... And wp8 I can change the color of tiles... :O... Nty found my home long ago with DROID
Eric J. Powers Of course....when apple impresses I will consider one.
Eko Budi Prasetio Android is the best mobile OS Today......!!!! Innovation is always growing, lets see if this OS quite capable to handle more complexity in peoples life...
Josh Doncevic I'm never going back to the iPhone. It's the little nuances that Droid provides that will have me staying with it for a long time. So many customising options, and the ability to boot load. I'm sticking with Android.
Frank Enstein Let's see here, other options are Apple & BB's latest concoction. I'll be sticking with droid.
Dee Moe Droid
Camar Green Going back to android. iOS just didn't do it for me lol
Ronnae Dominique You can't fault android if you have one of those cheap, android phones, from some prepaid company, haha. You still need to get a good phone, from a good manufacturer. To me, it's about customization, you can do way more stuff with Android. I have an S3, rooted, and don't have any lag problems. An android phone with the right specs, doesn't lag, haha
Ronnae Dominique Yep, no turning back. It's the best. Don't want an iPhone, have never wanted an iPhone. I find Windows Phone interesting, though. Android all the way
Daniel Valdez Hell no! Am going back to Apple.
Leo July Wp8 for me.
Mike Hale You bet'cha!
Fabian Toti yes for now
Tym O Tee Ola-tuneday Android for my phone, iOS for my tablet, macbook with parallels for my computer, ipod for my car. I'm an open minded guy.
Sam Rick Hell ya..it only gets better. Android ftw!
Mark Greentree God yes!
Ron McKenna Of course
Oliver Antonio Fajardo As much as I like android I'm sticking with my iPhone 5 for now. I regret buying the nexus 4 it's good but can't compare to the fluidity and the overall daily performance of my iPhone. It's the little things that count for me. iPhone kills the nexus 4 with fluidity, pinch to zoom, audio, and battery life and many more. I can't go on a web page on a nexus 4 without it stuttering. The nexus 4 gets hot real fast also. iPhone = fluid. My iPhone recharges its battery fast, the nexus 4 takes days because of its larger battery. The iPhone has almost half the battery capacity and lasts longer. Google is getting there, but their software and hardware are fully optimized yet for me to be happy w/ android.
Herwin Torres Android fo life! ;-)
George Millhouse Windows phones...lolz.
Jeb Johnston Until such time as I have been informed of a superior operating system.
Marshal Brown I was considering going to iphone because of how smooth it was and no lags, but since I've had the note 2 I'm thinking about sticking with Android. This phone I think is the new Android standard. My wife has the s3 with jb and it stutters. My note 2 runs two apps simultaneously with split screen, can watch a video AND take notes with s pen with NO LAG. This is truely amazing. No need to go to anything else. Preordered mine and is been 4 months NO ISSUES.
Glenn Rubio Urrea Yes and no. I have a Nexus 4, but I just bought a Lumia 920. Its my 30 day challenge and so far I am really loving this phone.
Abram Wenevermet Dennis Androids are overrated
Adrian Bordoy Everything else is rubbish,
John Smith Sticking with Android. There's more out there for customizations to make it truly yours!
Alex Pierro I just don't like the idea of Android on a phone. I'd rather have it on a tablet.
Jason Wilde Nope left long ago and have no regrets. Love my windows phone!!!
Aaron Couts I am curious to see how Ubuntu is going to work out
Zamir Yusof used android for 2 years but now a proud windows phone user
Itzel Jeronimo I was 100% for android... But most android phones are unreliable. I switched to apple and I've never been so happy w a phone :)
Keith Morgan I will stay with stability of the iPhone. I use both IOS and a Android Razr Maxx for work, and I have weekly freeze/lock up of the Razr. iPhone is a smooth operator!
Ernest Marvin Esteban Me too. I tried quitting Android but I always end up buying one again. Lol
Ariel Mor Yea. You got something better?
Jonathan Coffey Funny how these Apple Fans are so angry all the time. Its nice to see them use Google Maps. Google owns Android so one the most popular apps for IOS is an Android App.
Jim Sowell Android for sure
Magnus Larsson Team Android FOR LIFE! GOOGLE (L)
Linda Beheller Mazziotti Staying with android
Festim Bela Android 4 life
Ismael Hurtado I want that note3!!
Jeffrey Pueblos ANDROID SUCKS. it's all about Windows Phone.
Jeremey Brown apple makes great pies...and juice....thats about all...ANDROID ALL THE WAY!!
Gary Bollinger Never switching <3
Zac Luna Um..... yeah
Rick Wilson Switching back to Android later today when my Nexus 4 gets here. Got an iPhone 4 2-3 months ago and not what I thought it would be. Miss Android.
Josh Reynolds I considered going to Windows Phone 8 and I'm glad I didn't based on what I have seen from my brothers Lumia 920. It's a great phone, but I feel like it is more so held back by app support than anything else.
Luis Reich Since the G1. Heavily invested in the Android system. And if I wasnt, I would still "stick" with Android...
Gerard Anaya I went from an iOS fanboy to an android nerd. Rooted and custom ROM'd Galaxy Note. Never going back to that little toy.
Gabriel Fernandez I'm tired of phones needing super specs to be fluid. Even with "Project Butter" Android lags.
Nole Lazaroff Made the transition from GS3 to iPhone5 and never going back,unless GS4 has some killer features.
Louis Bevans I like to trade my note 2 for the new htc .
Michael Walsh good for you bro
JayR Yambao Team Android since the G1.
Carl Dale Ics is really buggy on sensation xe, I sometimes think of this question...
Amanda Beaver I love ANDROID!!!!!!!!!!
Ajith P George IOS rulzzzzzzzzzzzzz
DeejayNicho Serrano Adroid all day screw apple
Lawrence Lepes Definitely! I have the Infuse 4G, and I'll be upgrading to the Galaxy Note 2.
Joshua Taylor Hell yes I'm sticking with Android, I'm waiting on that galaxy s4 to come out
Mauro dAngelo We choose Android and not iOS not for the price, cause also our top smartphones costed about 600-700€ or $ at the launch
David Ian Bautista Team android
Alexander Rojas Want that HTC one
Tyler Frodl I was done after the s3..
Robert Ortega I've gone from android to iOS and I'm not going back.
Danish Kharuddin Hell yeah I'm sticking with Android
Michael Walsh Android is like overhyped iOS, it sucks. Fullstop
Joey Drew Bucek Ya, I'm a trooper. I'll be with it unless apple makes iOS look wayyyyyyy more interesting
Branden Mitch You know it android owns all.
Hamad Khan until iphone's price drop !

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