Google Play celebrating its first birthday with several special offers

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| Published: March 5, 2013

Google Play store Samsung Galaxy Note II

The Android Market originally rolled out along with the T-Mobile G1, which first brought Android to the U.S. back in late 2008, giving users a storefront to download applications for the shiny new platform. The Android Market name lived on for several years, but Google opted to rebrand it to Google Play in March 2012 to better reflect the fact that the store is home to much more than just Android apps. Now Google Play is celebrating its first birthday, and Google has chosen to celebrate by offering several different deals.

The first batch of deals are on a pretty wide range of content. There are some free songs from The Velvet Underground and LCD Soundsystem, a free pilot episode of Breaking Bad, a discount on Kung Fu Panda, a free copy of the book A Quest Of Heroes, some free game content and some gift cards for Fancy and Gyft. Google also promises that the sales will continue on all week with more discounts on music, movies, books, magazines, TV shows and "exclusive gaming gifts."

While these initial offers may not be terribly exciting for folks that are hoping for some cheap apps like previous Google Play sales, the free/discounted media and gift cards are at least worth checking out. It's also worth the time to keep checking back with Google Play in the coming days to see what else El Goog has up its sleeve. All of the current deals can be found right here, and below is a video that goes over some of the content that's currently on offer. Be sure to let us know if you snag anything from the sale!


Via Android Police, Google Play