The fine folks at BlackBerry would like us to believe that their new mobile operating system, BlackBerry 10, supported by the equally brand-spanking-new BlackBerry Z10, are doing quite well. Selling better than expected, even! The device is only available across the pond and Canada right now, but so far it seems pretty promising for the company that everyone agreed was down-and-out not too long ago.

Of course, we’re still waiting to see the launch here in the United States. We are a handful of days into March, and for anyone who’s been marking down their calendar in anticipation of “sometime in March,” the days are getting harder to handle. Early rumors suggested that BlackBerry could launch their new handset and OS in late March, perhaps around March 27, but since then we’ve heard that it could be sooner. Two weeks sooner, in fact.

We first heard it from T-Mobile. The Magenta carrier came out and said that they’d like to be the first US-based carrier to carry the new handset from BlackBerry. According to the carrier, the BlackBerry Z10 turned out to be more stable than they imagined, so testing on the network was going faster than expected. The result? T-Mobile believes they could launch the Z10 up to two weeks early. Which means, as of the time of this writing, T-Mobile could let loose the dogs of BlackBerry by the end of next week, if everything is still going according to plan.

That’s exciting news – if you’re a subscriber on T-Mobile. For the rest of the population not under the Magenta umbrella, it means more waiting. Watching another carrier launch the handset you so desperately want to get your hands on.

Though, it could be worse. You could be on a carrier that’s just up and choosing which device you want, long before you’re able to even think about buying it. We’re speaking of Sprint, now. The Now Network, back at the beginning of March (as if that were so long ago, right?), went on the record –thanks to spokesman Mark Elliott—and confirmed that the Z10 wouldn’t be launching on Sprint at all. Instead, they’d be focusing on the QWERTY-packing Q10.

“We aren’t saying there’s anything different about our customers. We think our customers will be happy with the qwerty keyboard and touch screen on the Q10,” Mark Elliott said.

I don’t think there’s anything different about Sprint customers, either. I would imagine that many of them would like to have a choice, just like any other person on any other carrier. Even if all of them went for the Q10 over the Z10, at least they had a chance to get the other handset. Then again, Sprint may have only wanted to carry one new BlackBerry 10-based device, and considering the past and BlackBerry’s track record with physical keyboards (and all touchscreen devices, for that matter), they went for what would be considered “the safe bet.”

Besides, the Q10 is a pretty awesome device. So, there’s that.

Interestingly enough, it isn’t just T-Mobile that seems excited to get BlackBerry 10 on their roster. A recent report suggested that AT&T could actually be racing to beat T-Mobile to the first place spot, pointing to a March 15 release date of their own. (I’m suggesting AT&T could be first, but it’s not impossible that BlackBerry would love to see the device launched at the same time on both carriers. Win-win.) If T-Mobile isn’t able to get their testing finalized in time for their own early release, or even just a week later, it would mean AT&T was able to swoop in and run with the momentum carried over from Europe and Canada.

I’m pretty optimistic that BlackBerry 10 will make a pretty sizable splash here in our neck of the woods. Sure, I think the platform needs to focus on quality apps, but that’s just something that will take time. It will come, but we need to have patience. And, if I’m looking at our Official Smartphone Rankings correctly, it looks like the BlackBerry Z10 has caught plenty of your attention as it sits all high and mighty at the top of the list. It looks to me like all of you are ready to be patient, and willing to wait for more apps just so you can get your fingers on some awesome gestures.

So here’s my question to you, especially if T-Mobile or AT&T are able to get their branded devices out in the market before the other: Would you be willing to switch carriers to get your hands on the device as soon as possible? Or, if you’re on Sprint, just to get your mitts on the Z10 at all? Are you cosnidering the Z10 over Samsung's Galaxy S IV, or HTC's One? Let me know if you’d be willing to jump carriers to support BlackBerry’s newest mobile OS.

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"Would you be willing to switch carriers to get your hands on the BlackBerry Z10?"

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Bo Abe Vorachack
Bo Abe Vorachack Bo, phone is too small.
Tyler Kirchman
Tyler Kirchman Nope because it is going to be like the palm pre great OS but no developer support
Danny Wulzen
Danny Wulzen No way!
Andrew Sabelli
Andrew Sabelli YES!!!!!
Aaron Calhoun
Aaron Calhoun I wouldn't cross the street to get a Blackberry
Anthony Evans Jr
Anthony Evans Jr no. I would for a note 3 though
JayR Yambao
JayR Yambao Nope, never liked BlackBerrys can't even pretend to be interested now.
Jimmy Pai
Jimmy Pai no worth
Luis Arturo Batista Aquino
Luis Arturo Batista Aquino no
Reese Woodson
Reese Woodson I have AT&T. Rumor is they will the first carrier to get it. So I wouldn't have to switch. If I wanted one, I could just buy it and put my sim in there. However, the Galaxy S4 is what I'm waiting for........
Thomas Boehnlein
Thomas Boehnlein Nope. Can't switch from Sprint. That's why buying one from T-Mobile is a development phone. Was going to be my primary device but Sprint screwed that one up since it is incredibly clueless when it comes to platforms. Stupid iOS whore of a company. Not my fault they signed a terrible agreement with Apple.
Sky Baun
Sky Baun nope
Ken McDowell
Ken McDowell Not a chance.
Fundador Lopez
Fundador Lopez Hell to the NO
Joshua Bowers
Joshua Bowers Hell no
Brandon Cote
Brandon Cote Yes..... APRIL FOOLS!!!
Joe Czo
Joe Czo Knowing that the gs4 is just around the corner.. NOPE!
Brandon Alexander
Brandon Alexander That awkward moment when everyone says no... lol sorry blackberry, you just don't cut it these days
Duncan Wynn Jr.
Duncan Wynn Jr. Really ? Not from what I've seen , sales r expected to be very good ! Fortunately , no change is necessay to get a Z10 in my case !
Randy Walker Sr.
Randy Walker Sr. Nope I would change carriers or phones.
Ryan G. Bordner
Ryan G. Bordner Hah, Id NEVER switch from my Nokia Lumia920....
David Barton
David Barton the excitement isn't there and in reality, very little care about any of these new BB devices. my thoughts are... BB is banking on the larger sales outside of the US market... cause they already know the sales are going to be underwhelming.
Paul Warner
Paul Warner No
Tony Pari Verastegui
Tony Pari Verastegui Next post ...
Henry Hunter
Henry Hunter I AM switching carriers, from sprint to t-mo.
Jourdan Fletcher
Jourdan Fletcher blackberry's were popular in 2009 now not so much
Derek Lombardi
Derek Lombardi There are other things I'd rather have then the Z10.. Being on fire comes to mind.. Being stabbed repeatedly with a spoon?
Jeff Cross
Jeff Cross Will t be running JB 4.2?? If not then hells no...
Ken Rowe
Ken Rowe I'll stick with my Lumia 920. This doesn't offer anything substantial enough to even consider switching.
Shelley Ferguson
Shelley Ferguson Nope! I love the phone I have now too much!!
William Moore
William Moore No
Jose Be Julme
Jose Be Julme No.
Nathan Sheaffer
Nathan Sheaffer no
Herbert Salamánca Ramos
Herbert Salamánca Ramos N.O. It doesn't hold a candle to my Lumia 920 :p
Dimanche Watson
Dimanche Watson 100% NO
Gary Bowling
Gary Bowling Ummm... No
Branden Mitch
Branden Mitch Really a blackberry that sounds so ancient uhhh uuhhh I'm gonna sneeze NO!!!
Ayoub Hage
Ayoub Hage HA?
Blair Fambro
Blair Fambro #dead
Brian Poli
Brian Poli Hell no!
Hossam Abubakr
Hossam Abubakr Nope
Anthony Ruiz
Anthony Ruiz I'm stuck between Z10 and 8X on T Mobile.
Eric Kroh
Eric Kroh lol..this reminded me of when the first iphone camer out...how many birds "flocked" to the other nest?....
David Tambascio
David Tambascio HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.... good one!!!
Mikey Williamson
Mikey Williamson Hell nah, blackberry's suck!
Dave Yaeck
Dave Yaeck Ummmmmm.... NO
Coman Rollins
Coman Rollins Note 2 all day baby
Tim Vial
Tim Vial I'm happy with my s3
Matt Penner
Matt Penner I wouldn't switch carriers for ANY phone. I'd only switch for better rate plans or coverage. I do hope the Z10 does well though. It's a solid device that just needs a busier apps store and more fine tuning for its UIs unique motion controls, that many are not yet familiar with.
C Bryan Thomas
C Bryan Thomas Absolutely not!!
George Bumgardner
George Bumgardner Wait they already are
Glen Haworth
Glen Haworth I'm on T-Mo, but if they didn't offer the Z10 I would jump to another carrier to get it.
George Bumgardner
George Bumgardner Hell no.. the specs will be outdated in a week
Stephen Nicholas Woodall
Stephen Nicholas Woodall I've got an iphone with all features working including mobile hotspot on net10. And I don't see me changing to the Z10
Thomas A. Kautz
Thomas A. Kautz Yes
Alfonso Manuel Avalos
Alfonso Manuel Avalos nah
Matt Percan
Matt Percan nope
Gregory Antonio Rosario
Gregory Antonio Rosario Ahahahahhahaajjahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahhaahhaahhahahahaahhahahaahhahaaha no
JFella James Stringfellow
JFella James Stringfellow Well let's see....ummmmm....no I'll never leave my note II for a blackberry
Ken Reil
Ken Reil Ummm.....no.
Eskias McDaniels
Eskias McDaniels Yes... Wait no.
Larry Ayonn
Larry Ayonn No.
Ravijot Brar
Ravijot Brar No way sucks
George Rodriguez
George Rodriguez Nope
Jules Isaac Pillars
Jules Isaac Pillars I'd prefer it unlocked
Chris Northcutt
Chris Northcutt No
Aaron Trevor Sentell
Aaron Trevor Sentell HAHHAHAHAH. No.
Dave Morgan
Dave Morgan No. Blackberry still has quite a ways to go to catch up with Android, iOS, and Windows. But I can appreciate their effort.
Silver Ochoa
Silver Ochoa No
Frank Porter
Frank Porter No way! I'm sticking with my Android Jellybean.
Deborah Dillon
Deborah Dillon Nope.
Sandy Bullard Ryczak
Sandy Bullard Ryczak love bb but won't go back until they have apps like the other os's.
Lanh Nguyen
Lanh Nguyen I'll just buy it unlocked.
Pat Rodgers
Pat Rodgers No
Marc Tijohn Cecil Williams
Marc Tijohn Cecil Williams Nope
Mike DeHart
Mike DeHart Hell No never Blackberry sucks
Jacob Chu-Hing
Jacob Chu-Hing nope lol
Jason Bleich
Jason Bleich Nope.

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