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AT&T customers in several U.S. cities are now able to add a serving of 4G LTE service to their well-balanced breakfast, as the big blue operator announced this morning that its LTE network is now live in several more locales. So far today there have been four new LTE cities announced along with one area that gained some expanded service, and those all join two other areas that gained access to AT&T's LTE network earlier this week. Here's the full rundown of markets with new and expanded AT&T LTE coverage so far this week:

New markets

  • Brunswick, Ga.
  • Evansville, Ind. (also includes Henderson, Ky.)
  • Juneau, Alaska
  • Madison, Wis.
  • Monroe, La.
  • Savannah, Ga.

Expanded markets

  • Hampton Roads, Va. (now includes portions of Newport News, Ft. Eustis, Poquoson and Hampton)

Looks like another expansion with new service that's peppered throughout the Midwestern and Eastern parts of the U.S. There's also one Alaskan market thrown in for good measure, and it's good to one of the non-contiguous states getting some AT&T 4G LTE love as well. Expect AT&T to continue to spread its LTE service throughout 2013, as the operator plans to expand its LTE network to cover 250 million people by the end of this year, with 300 million people expected to be covered by the end of 2014. Are any of you living in an area with recently-activated AT&T LTE service?

Via AT&T (1), (2), (3), (4), (5), (6), (7)

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"Do you have access to AT&T's 4G LTE network yet? If so, how is it working for you?"

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Charlie Ebner I have it. I've gotten up to 49mbps on my iPhone 5. Much faster than the 4S I previously had. LTE is much faster than my wifi.
Steve Swiger I don't get it where I live. But I was in Vegas I pulled 4 to 5 MB on speed test. Where I live i'm lucky to get a half a meg and usually less.
Vicente Reyes My speeds in my area is 38mb down 18mb up.
Vicente Reyes Its fast, but its stupid to have the speed without having unlimited data, and its also stupid to have to pay an arm or a leg for just 10gb when I'm used to using 20+ gigs
Bryan T Miller Consistant 16Mbps to 21Mbps down in minneapolis mn, beats out most wifi anywhere around
Reese Woodson I live in Los Angeles, and I've gotten up to 30 Mbps down and 8 Mbps up on AT&T's LTE........
Stephen Crighton Hall's ass in Detroit metropolitan area.
Justin Edelman Tampa fl. Pure awesomeness
Josh Doncevic Loving here in Harrisburg! 3G is a tortoise by comparison.
Charles W. Y. Wong Works super fast. California
Dee Ross rockin in tulsa.
George Cruz It works good and fast 4G LTE. And it's unlimited! <3!!
George Cruz It works good and it's fast.
David Garcia I've gotten 75mpbs up and 24 down on lte very good!
August V. Brown I love it. I live out in the sticks have AT&T LTE average about 18-29 down. Can't complain.
Jahid Roni Bhuiyan How mauch this?
Abram Wenevermet Dennis I sure do on my iPad.. blazing fast but it really eats up data fast.
Brian Dominguez Round Rock,Texas. Blazing fast although I hate how when I'm on the Phone and get off I only pick up HSPA+. My LTE won't come back for 2 mins.___.
Christopher Williams I've pulled as high as 62mbps down on my iPad. Needless to say AT&Ts LTE is solid in Houston!
Wayde Philpot Im getting 15mbps+ consistently on tmobile's hspa+ network... Wait til they drop LTE!
Ronald Johnson I'm in the middle of suburban Detroit, speed varies on where you are. For example if I use LTE near the house it's congested and slow 10/2 up/down. Drive a couple miles and things change immensely.
Dominic McFadin I live in Austin, Texas. We've had LTE for almost a year and it has worked great. Every once in a while you can tell the towers are overloaded but the data speeds are FAST! I had 4 app updates this morning, it took about 30 seconds to download and install.
Steven Saltzman Nothing in the Hudson Valley NY (40 miles north of the city) yet it's done in Alaska? Long Island is not even done..
Corey Weidman Very fast. Better than 3G
Douglas Prevo @Alexander Mostly because the cost of covering a greater percentage of the population in Alaska is cheaper than most other places. Alaska may be sparse but where the population is at its most dense is where you really need to cover with LTE to satisfy a plurality of the customers. While, let's say Vermont, has too many physical barriers such as hills and mountains that make a roll out too expensive on a per person basis and too low a population on a per mile basis to invest in before any other location. These pro/con are probably measured for each market, and prioritized. Ease/cost of upgrade and number of customers covered are probably the highest concern. And if they aren't... then its because AT&T are just the trolls of the telecomm biz.
Cyrus Taylor In Pensacola, FL I'm impressed by it actually, around 10 Mbps depending on the network congestion, but at my house in Brewton, AL I still go between 3G and E lol
Dinael Valdivia Im in mexico mexicali city Iusacell got no 4G just 3G 1.5 and Telcel have a fake 4G just 2mbps I hear something about in some mexico citys telcel have LTE but I dont know how fast it is and I dont know where
Anthony Evans Jr woot next time I am in the haptoms I will have 4g lte
Mauro dAngelo I live in Italy, we will get access to 4G networks in 2144
Sven Os Im in Croatia... No 4G for 1 year more... :(
Alexander Dewitt Why is it they can put LTE in Alaska but not anywhere else?

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