AT&T Plus trial program coming to a close on March 31

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| Published: March 8, 2013

AT&T Plus trial program ending

It was around a year ago that we first got wind of AT&T Plus, a perks program for subscribers of the big blue carrier that entitled select customers to goodies like waived upgrade and activation fees, a 25 percent discount on accessories and a special customer service phone number. AT&T confirmed that it was trialling the program at the time to gauge consumer interest and that it might be rolled out further in the future. According to a new letter sent to an AT&T user and posted by Engadget, though, it doesn't look like the AT&T Plus club will be growing any time soon.

The letter explains that the AT&T Plus program will be coming to a close on March 31, just a hair over a year after it kicked off. However, members of the program will continue to get the benefits of AT&T Plus through May 31, and AT&T will also be handing out $25 Visa prepaid cards as a way of saying thanks to those that participated in the trial. An AT&T spokesperson confirmed to Engadget that it has no plans to expand the Plus program past this trial right now.

It's certainly kind of a bummer to see that AT&T Plus is coming to an end, especially considering that only a handful of users got to experience it since it was only open to users in a small number of locales. We've seen other carriers give its customer benefit programs the axe in recent years, though, like when Sprint killed off its Premier program and when Verizon ended New Every Two. Now we can add AT&T Plus to that list. The good news here is that the lucky ducks that were able to gain admittance into AT&T Plus still have two and a half months to use their perks, giving them plenty of time to grab some cheap accessories and maybe get in an fee-free upgrade as well.

Via Engadget