I'm worried for HTC

Chase Bonar
 from  Winter Springs, FL
| March 8, 2013

If speculation were a sport, HTC would be winning. The past two months have amassed a tidal wave of doubt for the Taiwanese company. To think they were once riding high on huge profits and revenues is a distant oasis. But now they're bordering disbelief and uncertainty in the mobile space.

So, a lot is riding with the HTC One. Top-notch specifications and premium build quality are HTC's tokens for the year, but will it be enough? We have a long way until we find out, but we are about to get a good gauge of how much interest HTC has managed to grab with Samsung's unveiling of the Galaxy S IV this Thursday, March 14th. And I'm more eager to see how HTC reacts, than what people think of the next Galaxy S.

For the sake of this editorial, let's try and imagine the following: the HTC one is already on sale. Yes, the HTC One is going on sale soon, but it hasn't yet. This is what I'm asking you to imagine, please.

HTC is selling handsets and along comes the sequel to the best selling Android device ever. Oh, man.

The Taiwanese company's entire future is riding on a single device. Can HTC make it with just one device like Apple has for years? The two companies couldn't be any different from one another, yet HTC is taking an iPhone-approach to 2013 with a single device. Bold? Yes. Stupid. Maybe.

And if Samsung launches a budget device alongside the Galaxy S IV, like a Galaxy S IV Mini. What, then, do we think of the expensive HTC One? It only corners one sector of the market: the high-end flagship line.

So, what sort of defense does HTC really have against the Samsung Galaxy S IV?

Premium build? Sense 5? UltraPixel camera? An aluminum unibody that sends quivers down the spines of the competition?

It's not that simple, really. It would be unwise to guess how the HTC One will compare to the Galaxy S IV. It's an unknown. With that said, it's not out of the question to wonder what's next for HTC if the One is a flop. If the One isn't enough. If it's the HTC One-and-done.

And let's be honest, they're wearing floaties in the pool. They're benched for the season. The HTC One is the Special Teams counterattack to the impenetrable defense of Samsung.

I see HTC as the Waterboy. It's high quality. It's the best damn quality you ever seen. Attention to detail. Fantastic innards. You won't want anything else after you've tried it.

After you've tried it. There's the problem. And a recent report from Digitimes says that no one is betting on HTC.

26.8%. That's the percentage HTC's reported revenues went down for February as compared to January of this year.

44%. That's the total percentage HTC's reported revenues have dropped as compared to February of last year.

In total, the first two months of revenue for the Taiwanese company is down 27.1% from a year earlier.

Their share prices have been dropping as well due to speculation of supply shortages of some key components in their new flagship device, the HTC One.

Now, if this were anything other company, I'd say they deserve it. You don't sell millions of smartphones because they're smack-in-the-face great. There's a few marketing components that help usher sales along. Along with marketing are supply chain strategies to cope with the demand of a device, too. Look no further than the mysterious sales figures surrounding Google and LG's partnership in delivering the Nexus 4 to consumers. For the sake of all hero devices, do not let this happen to you, HTC.

However, we are talking about HTC, the company that has completely written off last year as an "Oops, we'll make it up to you in 2013" event.

My point is this: HTC has no back-up plan as of this moment. They're facing the largest Android handset launch of the year. Apple is watching Samsung. Google is, too. LG? Probably. Motorola, maybe.

But HTC shouldn't let this be a distraction to them. Marketing tactics need to be in full force, and for the sake of the company, need to be happening right now, but they're not. And I'm worried and confused and borderline hormonal.

Your sales are slipping. Your market share is shrinking. Share prices are dropping. And revenue completely drowned. What are you waiting for?

HTC! You are a fantastic company capable of creativity and bold marketing tactics that can surprise Samsung! So, let's get going!

I've been longing for a new HTC handset not unlike the Nexus One. Though it was far from a hit at the time, it was a great Nexus device. Google aside, HTC nailed the build quality of the device, and the internal specs synced it all into perfect harmony. The new HTC One looks like the best device since the Nexus One and they need to start marketing it.

What do you think of HTC's current situation in mobile, reader? Do you think they've amassed any attention with the HTC One? Or are you completely focused on Samsung's Galaxy S IV? Let me know down below, yo!