White Google Nexus 4 bumper case pops up in store belonging to Canadian carrier Videotron

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| Published: March 10, 2013

White Google Nexus 4 bumper case

When Google introduced us to the Nexus 4 late last year, the company also revealed that it'd be offering a protective bumper case for its new smartphone that would be available in black, the same color as the handset itself. It looks like Google and LG have made another bumper for Nexus 4 owners looking to mix things up a bit, though, as one Android Central reader has spotted what looks to be a white version of the official Nexus 4 bumper at a store belonging to Canadian carrier Videotron. Pricing for the white Nexus 4 is set at $19.95, four cents less than the price of the black bumper on Google's Play Store. The white bumper is also listed on Videotron's website, but there's no image of the case included on the page.

Neither Google nor LG has said anything official about a white Nexus 4 bumper, so it's not clear when or if this case will be offered through the Google Play Store. I'm sure that there are quite a few folks out there that'd be interested in a white Nexus 4 bumper, though. For example, this case could be a good option for a person that wants some white in their Nexus 4 experience but doesn't want to wait to see if that white Nexus 4 smartphone that leaked out recently will ever actually come to market. What do you all think of this white Nexus 4 bumper? Would you Nexus 4 owners like to slap one of these things onto your handset?

Via Android Central, Videotron

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