Google demos Glass apps at SXSW, including Gmail and New York Times

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| March 11, 2013


Google Glass New York Times app demo

Google recently showed off the UI for its Glass headwear with a video titled "How It Feels," demonstrating how users can take photos, get directions and search for information using the headwear. Today we got another look at Glass during a panel at the South By Southwest Interactive conference, but as noted by Engadget, this time Google gave us a peek at some third-party apps for the device. Google revealed that it's been working with the New York Times on a Glass app that can give users a headline, byline and image when they ask to be presented with some news, and Glass can even read an article aloud. Another feature that's being tested that will push breaking news alerts to Glass as the stories are sent out by the NYT

Evernote is another company that's working on an app for Google Glass. The firm's app allow users will be able to send Skitch images thanks to the Share functionality that'll be built into Google's headwear. The Path app that was demonstrated will send a user updates from his or her network of friends, and once a post appears on Glass, the wearer can then comment on it or select an emoticon.

Google also demoed an app of its own at the event, showing us what it'll be like to use Gmail on Glass. The subject line and photo of the sender will appear on Glass's screen, and when it comes time to answer an email, users only need to dictate their response to Glass and then send it away. 

While Google only showed off a few Glass apps that are likely still being worked on, these demos are notable because it's the first time that we've heard about third-party apps for the upcoming piece of head gear. The apps sound pretty interesting so far, and while much of the functionality demoed today can also just be carried out on a smartphone, I'm sure that many of the people that will buy Glass will prefer performing tasks on their headset as they're walking around rather than having to whip out their phone all the time. Google has said that Glass will launch to the public by the end of 2013, and while there's no definite price tag for the unit quite yet, it's expected that the cost will be below $1,500. Which apps would you like to see on Google Glass?

Google Glass Gmail app demo

Via Engadget