Samsung Galaxy S IV teaser image

Samsung's already teased the Galaxy S IV in a couple of videos ahead of its big March 14 event, and now the device maker has decided to start doing its teasing in still image form as well. The official Samsung Mobile U.S. Twitter account just shared the image you see above, which shows a device with rounded corners, an edge that looks to be a different color than the front of the phone and what's likely a volume rocker on the side. There's also some Samsung branding above the device's display.

There's not a lot that we can glean from this teaser image, but the device pictured in it does appear to be somewhat similar to the device that leaked out earlier today and actually looks a bit like the Galaxy S III, suggesting that Samsung may not stray far from the look of the S III for its new flagship Android smartphone. We know that Samsung is pretty proud of the design of the Galaxy S III, and so it wouldn't be a total shock to see Samsung carry that look over to its new Galaxy S model with some slight tweaks. Good thing we only have to wait until Thursday before all is finally revealed. Would you be happy if the Galaxy S IV featured a design similar to the Galaxy S III? Or are you hoping for a totally new look?

Via @SamsungMobileUS

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"Would you be happy if the Samsung Galaxy S IV featured a design similar to the Galaxy S III?"

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Jeffrey Octubre Andrada No! I've waited for a new design Samsung... Gees... If I wanted S3's design I could have just bought one and waited for a firmware update... Duh Samsung!
Nikolas Manuelides crap, looks the same as the S3, seems that Samsung is seriously copying Apple's way of working, first a lot of hype and marketing, then release the same thing over and over....
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Jake Patterson No, that defeats the purpose of a "next gen/next iteration" smartphone.
Arturo Atherly Ya bunch a babies......if it functions the way its suppose to then whats the stinking problem if it looks a little like the old device.....bunch'a materialistic females...get over urselves.....so stuck on what something "looks" like that u all have forgotten about how it should function.....
Kim E. Salinas Hahaha ofcourse no.
Jervis Dsilva surprise
Louis Agresti Come on people who cares if it is a cheap dime store plastic toy with a terrible amlod display,you can remove the battery,that alone should be the selling point.
Sambo Chao mission aborted
Tiger Panomthonichakul hell no,i go for htc one, even gs4 give 3,000mah but still plastic-ky, coz' i also carry sgn2 ;p
Bandar Fakeeha Not a chance! I'm switching to Sony, if that's the case!!
Jeffrey Brito HTC will be king if the xphone do not come out
Jeffrey Brito Not gs2 is the best galaxy
Tim Terbay Yes I would.
William Tang No , HTC all the way
Haroon Azeem and 1 more ..... OOOOOOOOOOOOO
Martyono Sembodo So this year Samsung is still inspired by nature?
Luis Robles Figueroa No cause was the point of buying GS4. Just if specs body... features similar. Waste of money.
Chris Taylor I still dont see what the problem is with the plastic.
Mark Belkowski If I dont like what I see Friday ill be getting the htc one once it hits AT&T this month.
Sam Rick Plasticky crap
Christopher Keeley I think samsung has peaked and will start to do what Apple does now(sound familiar). I believe the gs4 will sell but as far as innovation, they've peaked and now they're becoming a gimmick company. That being said, my note 2 is a great device! To answer the question, I could care less because I'm not buying it!
Jose Pablo Islas They need to ditch the physical button
Sohraab Kahlon if this is the actual design, i'm all for the htc one
Andrew Bissel Kind of hoping for front facing speakers and a design similar to the note 10.1 oh well. Maybe on note 3
Howie Eastin No i want it similar to the note 2....the 3 needed to be a little wider to me
Marshal Brown I love my note 2 but Samsung please. . Get. Rid. Of. The. Plastic.
Tyler Jourden I prefer the note 2 look
Anthony Tat lol more of those "cheap plastic" comments. ok have fun with your shattered glass iphone backs. it really would be a shame for the s4 to look like the s3, but it would still have the top specs of any phone released so far, and no amount of "cheap plastic" can take that away. if the look of your phone is what takes first priority, then you dont really care about technology.
Huey Liggins That's the problem with the iphone. Every year that it came out people would say "well... It still looks the same." and when you check the specs they only slightly improved. Samsung came along with a similar design and truly improved specs. The specs is what got our attention and now we are going for looks? If Samsung pulls an apple its your fault people. I don't want an ugly phone either but then again the phone in the pic isn't that bad
Jose Sut Nope I want something new.
David John Balbin iPhone is better... NOT!
Eko Budi Prasetio Not at all, I need something different, the new hardware and new software...
Chuk Anyanetu Any clue when this phone drops?
Troy Bauman hey, it works for apple to keep the design the same and sell millions...
Jose Angel Santiago I own the note 2 and its a beast of a phone dont get me wrong. I have to admit though that it does feel cheap in my hand.
Gaz Saint haty!!
Jason Ramos No and ditch the plastic and pentile screen
Jose Angel Santiago If this is true and it looks like the s3, than what Samsung Mobile USA is doing is copying apple. Not changing the design of their devices and more of the same. I have to say although the htc one looks like an iphone, it has premium build written all over it. Stop making cheap plastic feeling phones samsung and start building phones that actually have a feel of a $600.00 device.
Eric Quach Its for sure gonna be Samsung plastic.
Jasé Phillip yeah right Samsung live plastic it's cheap like their phones
Jasé Phillip people bitched n cry Oooo the iphone 5 looks like the 4s and the 4 no sat back n said the s3 looks like the s2 n the note 1n 2 n the Samsung tab etc I can go on
Robert Smith hell no dont start with this apple bullshit of just keeping like the old design and only upgrading the software. come on Samsung
Alfonso Ortiz J Actually i won´t, but we are talking about the greatest smartphone ever so, doesn´t matter :D
Matt Delima time to get innovative samsung...just look at htc.
Tyler Young It's funny that I haven't seen all of these Samsung haters since the Galaxy S III came out....
Lanh Nguyen I can't believe everyone is losing hope over a photo lol. First world problems.
Aaron Bergman One things clear, Samsung just lost a lot of hype... everywhere
Kenneth Maneeley No problem with the same design but if they went with a different material other than plastic it would be interesting phone
Jet Tuñgul The fall of samsung
Anthony Scott Pancurak nope... something new is needed
George Millhouse and if you pick an HTC one because you think its prettier..you are what is wrong with this world
George Millhouse why would they want to drastically change it? why change what they are known for?
George Millhouse some pansies here need to get off the whole design thing. such drama queens
Phil Ofthefuture i hate the oval shape. Needs to be more rectangle like the note and note 2
George Deleija The design works for them and I applaud them. They found their niche and they're running with it. It's one of the few powerhouse phones that still features a removable battery and micro SD expandable storage. I'm excited! Plus the ROM community on XDA for the flagship Samsung devices aye always big and thriving. Def grabbing one asap
Kyle Cordiano It needs to look a little didn't.
Diego Lopez Rodriguez Nope, has to be different!
Steve Hartsock This is nothing more than the S3 being used in the photo...
Yaron Rosen I'm tired of plastic phones, I like metal I want a phone that has timeless design I want to hold a phone that is going to look good many years to come
Dustin T. Robles But I love change
Sameed Qureshi I think Samsung would go for a new design with the S4, this looks like the S3 and they have never used a previous design.
Nick Truskowski Too slow phone dog
Alvin Tran Looks like this might be the year for HTC afterall.
Said Issa NO...we want aluminum and chrome finishes similar to the iPhone and hTC One
Vicente Reyes Don't care, its a piece of garbage
Dwayne Cook I could care less as long as the software and hardware that powers the phone was above par with whats on the market now.
Will Furner I'm waiting for this phone to fail, so i can buy the HTC One!
Lanh Nguyen this would totally turn me away from the S4 if it looks like the S3.
Abram Wenevermet Dennis The same cheap plastics phone..lol
Yaasiin Oozeer definitely no!!
Felix Tran Oh man...don't tell me they pick up this idea from Apple. Don't recycle old design for another year pls =.=!
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Naveen Shan Looks very very much of a S3
Cal Turner New phone same crap as the old phone...
Hazher S Yahya nope my s2 looks way better than the s3
Chris Roberts hell no?
David DiPilla Imm I want it to look different
Christopher Williams I love my S3, but change would be welcome. Otherwise the HTC ONE is looking mighty nice.
Dany Lovegood Never ... I would get an iPhone instead ...
JL Phua NOPE!!
Kevin Hsu n-o NO

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