Google Now for iOS leak

Android fans have been enjoying Google Now and its various information cards ever since Jelly Bean first made its debut at Google I/O in 2012. So far they've been the only ones, as Google Now is currently only available to Android devices running version 4.1 or higher. That could be changing soon, though, as Engadget has posted an alleged promotional video for an iOS version of Google Now. The clip is said to have appeared on YouTube and then quickly pulled down.

The video features a female narrator that sounds similar to the one in the official Google Now for Android promo video, and in it, she describes the various features that we've come to expect from Google Now, like sports scores and traffic information. The video says that Google Now for iOS would work on both iPhone and iPad, and could be accessed by launching the Google Search app and swiping up from the bottom of the display.

Google Now has been pretty well-received by users since its debut, and I'm sure that there are many iOS users that'd like to give the app a go without having to abandon Apple's mobile platform. While Google has never made any mention about bringing Google Now to other platforms, we've already seen it release several other apps on iOS, and a recent Google Search iOS app update even brought with it a Google Now-look and feel. Obviously there's no guarantee that Google Now will ultimately make the trip over to iOS, but with this fairly legit-looking promo video and all of the other iOS apps that Google offers, such a move wouldn't be the biggest surprise in the world. Would you iOS users like to see Google Now brought over to your iPhones and iPads?

Via Engadget

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"Would you iOS users like to see Google Now brought over to your platform?"

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Jose Calderon No thanks, google services are overrated. They invade your privacy anyway.
Eric J. Powers Google should have nothing to do with apple, they are competitors and should do their own thing....the android platform is better though and offers more to its customers
Michal Polak That's not a logical comparison. Maps are always used in the same manner, no matter who developed them. There's no harm in choosing the superior solution. A virtual assistant requires to be integrated, though; there will never be the same experience from a 3rd-party solution.
Teron Facey So much close minded iPhone Users just by looking at all of the comments. If you don't want Google Now but yet iOS users use Google Maps..Oh this thing called "Irony"
Camar Green Siri sucks sometimes to be honest
Marc Williams Hi there, I created a page about data recovery for iPhone: https://www.facebook.com/DataRecoveryiPhone You may be intested in. Check it out!
Luis Robles Figueroa No IOS has SIRI... they complain about Google and they had every Google service. So why complain?
Jerry Goldbaum No thanks. I don't use Google services nor do I want to have to open an app to use GN. I use Siri and love the integration with the OS and being able to activate it via a single button click, or a BT headset or car stereo control.
Tony Abiama Anyone who wouldn't want Google Now on iOS is a racist... there, I said it.
Ronnie Hill Jr Ios users are so closed minded, if they would research Google Now they would see its a pretty cool program. It keeps up with sports teams i have asked it about and traffic to and from home and work, it does all tht and much more without asking it the same things over and over.
Bryan Winters @Vincente Reyes. Google Search and Google Now are two separate but yet intergrated things. Google Search for IOS just brought over voice search features. Google Now works with search or independently without it. Google Now is the Silent Assistant, it brings you what you need, when you need it: and you don't have to ask it, to get it for you.
Hrvoje Bubalo Google dose not make money selling hardware but they do make big bucks when somebody is using they software. So there for is in they best interest to have the best selling phone to use google apps as much is possible . And way not ? It is win win situation for apple and google and if they are smart they will continue to work together .
Vicente Reyes There's already an app for that on ios, its called Google search, face palm for PhoneDog.com sorry lol
Jason Vargas I have Siri. It's ok but Google Now is WAY Better. This would be awesome
John Leasure Google Now may be fine in a metro area but in a small town just annoying. I turned it off on my HTC One X +
Jason Vargas Idk what y'all are talking about. This is a win/win. Apple lovers get the best of google products and keep their iPhones but Google gets paid for all the iPhones that have their software. I think Google Now should've been the ONLY thing they should've left Exclusively for Android.
Glenn Rubio Urrea It's in Google's interest to have everyone use Google Search.
Milo Waldren No its exclusive for android. That's like us wanting siri. That's stupid.
Juwon Donte Grown men fighting over which cell phone is the best that's sad lol
Eric Quach people who want google now, just go and buy a nexus
Jason Jewell Google is #1...The Best
Nick Chimento Google is too good for Apple. Just get an android. Haha
Brandon Johnson Nothing says intelligent smartphone users like a good "my os is better than your os" comment.
Lanh Nguyen Didn't they already basically do this with the Google search app on iOS?
Jamille Browne Buy a Goophone i5s instead
Timus Maximus Google now doesn't suck you retard
Javier Segura Google now sucks, especially as universal search for in phone searches. At least spotlight on ios gives me what I'm looking for and Siri just compliments it.
Abram Wenevermet Dennis d Google to pay Texas, 37 other states, $7 million for violation your privacy By Marshall Stephens Texas, along with 37 other states and the District of Columbia, resolved a lengthy investigation into Google's collection of personal information from unsecured wireless routers at private residences and businesses. Under the agreement, Google must pay $7 million to the states involved in the investigation. They are also required to destroy all the data that was collected. According to Greg Abbott, the Attorney General of Texas, the information included e-mail and search histories. "For two years, Google violated Texans' privacy rights and secretly collected personal information from their wireless routers," said Abbott. "Today's agreement requires Google to destroy any personal data that was improperly collected and imposes important new privacy protections that govern the Street View program going forward." Google initially denied that its Street View vehicles were retrieving the information, but later admitted that it had "mistakenly" engaged in the practice. The data collection was tied to the Street View project, which seeks to enhance the Google Maps platform by sending out vehicles across the nation to photograph residences, businesses and other improvements in neighborhoods. According to the investigation, while the properties were being photographed, the Street View vehicles were also outfitted with special devices to scan and store data from wireless networks that were not password protected. Google initially maintained that no emails, web search histories or other personal information was collected by the vehicles, and that the collected information was limited to data that identified the existence and location of a wireless network. However, the State's investigation showed that Google also collected data that was transmitted by these wireless networks from 2010 to 2012. In addition to the $7 million fine and destruction of data, Google must also notify users and obtain consent before collecting additional data, implement an employee training program highlighting network users' privacy and develop a public service campaign to educate network users about how to better secure their personal information while using wireless networks. If you have a wireless network in your home, the attorney general recommends you secure the network with a password and activate encryption features.
Eskias McDaniels iPhone users don't deserve Google now
Tyler Frodl I wouldn't mind it. But I like google and iOS
Jekemian Wykle At that point you should just buy an android
Brian Dominguez I hate Google
Romi Max No. Don't use either. And wonder what would convince me to use it
Michal Polak I think I can live without it. It'll still only be a 3rd-party app, meaning you'll have to get to the home screen and tap the icon to launch it, whereas Siri is already integrated in the iOS. And once I've got to launch something from the home screen, I'm also able to google it the traditional way.
Sean Zahrae I'd use Google Now all the time if it came out on iOs
Charlie Ebner I barely even use Siri. But I think if iPhone users had the option to use Google Now, most probably wouldn't.
Cody Nathaniel Arrington No because its made for android!
Maria Izabela That would be too cool: Siri and Google now on one awesome device!
Brian Muenter its apple... shouldn't want to or be able to in the first place! Jobs wanted siri... he got it!... and he can f*&%ing have it!!!!!
Reese Woodson I would because Siri can be frustrating at times. I own a iPhone 5 and Nexus 4. I like Google Now better........
Keith Windiddy Google is everywhere!
Ian Baylon I see a lawsuit coming soon.
Jason Geiger Seriously hope Google doesn't do that.

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