Windows Phone 8 is a small but mighty contender in the platform wars, and apparently it’s not doing too terribly when it comes to customer satisfaction of the overall operating system. PCMag recently released their Readers’ Choice Awards for 2013 regarding smartphones, and Windows Phone 8 takes the cake with an overall score of 9.0 satisfaction rating, topping Apple’s iOS satisfaction score of 8.6. The mobile platform has come a long way from its early days using Windows Mobile and consumers are starting to take notice.

In 2012, PCMag reported that Windows Phone 7 shared the top score with Apple’s iOS, which might seem surprising to many as the two top profiting mobile operating systems are iOS and Android – you’d think that would mean they would be most satisfying operating systems overall as well. However, you have to take into consideration that Android is not only big name contenders like Samsung and HTC; there are plenty of manufacturers that make low-end Android phones as well, and since the poll didn’t take what manufacturer was being used into consideration Android did surprisingly well at a score of 8.1.

So what made Windows Phone 8 perform so well?

According to the article, Windows Phone 8’s strong points were the camera, the operating system, 4G capability, and display size. It was mostly lacking in apps and reputation, both of which were won by iOS.

Some would argue that owners of Windows Phone 8 devices went into the device specifically looking for an operating system run by Microsoft and had a biased opinion from the start. While this is a possibility (many people gave up on Windows Phone due to the previous hurdles faced with Windows Mobile) I think the same could be said for iOS as well – are the products innovative anymore? Not really, but people (including myself) are still holding on to the fact that it’s not that bad and still holds relevance compared to more modern devices. Microsoft completely revamped their phone interface and did a pretty decent job of it from the looks of it, and it looks like people are beginning to notice because biased or not, you can’t disregard people’s feelings of being satisfied with a product regardless of the feature that entices them the most.

Although I don’t have personal experience with Windows Phone 8 from an ownership perspective, this definitely helps sway my decision towards a Windows Phone 8 device come upgrade time. Although I was fairly certain of it before, uncertainty of how well the device would tailor to my needs made me wonder if it would be the right choice. My first few smartphones were Androids, but I feel that Androids tailored to my younger self more appropriately than it does now. Looking at the specifics of how this score was broken down it was easy for me to tell what aspects made the best impressions on different platforms. Aside from showing us the overall “People’s Choice” score, this poll did a good job of pointing out each operating system’s strong and weak points from an actual ownership perspective. Even if the scores were biased, most people wouldn't fake satisfaction to that extent, and the overall reception of Windows Phone 8 has been pretty good anyway so I don't find it completely unbelieveable. Ultimately, I’ll only ever be able to judge an OS based on my own perspective – making it even more so of a point that I need first-hand experience with Windows Phone 8 before being able to officially agree with the statement that it’s the “People’s Choice” for 2013.

Readers, what are your thoughts on the reviews? What platform would you have voted for to be the People’s Choice platform? Do you view Windows Phone any differently because of these ratings? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!


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"Is Windows Phone 8 worthy of the people's choice win, or would you consider the win a biased victory? Which platform would you have voted for?"

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Lenn Liggins Damn straight, great platform.
Joshua Sharkbayte Shears I've used iPhone and Android alike. The intuitiveness of WP8 is amazing and I don't ever see myself going back to iOS or Android. I love my 920 and 8x!! Get outta here with 'biased'
Ezekiel Carsella i want one!!
Ryan Rees-Williams I personally love WP and have done since the Lumia 710 came out (my fist WP device), in my oppinion the 'lack of apps' is a non-issue to me as I've never found that WP has not had and app available or even a third party option that I've used in previous mobile operating systems and 130,000 is still many many times more apps than you are ever going to have on your phone. As a developer and a student it comes as a massive oppertunity to me, being a student I can get free individual developer registration and the market is fresh, new people are joining the consumer circle which means that there are new customers rather than customers who bought my app 6 months ago and don't pay a second time for my app (which is why I think that quality apps with advertisments are bigger money makers than paid-for apps) when upgrading their phone, this of course will change in time but a fresh ecosystem is what new developers like me need to get a foothold in the market.
Marwan Ahmed windows phone 8 for sure although some missing apps but still it is one of the best OS in the market :)
James Matthews Its the people's choice. Deal with it.
Anthony T DAquino Thats retarded to use the word "biased" when the award was based on user satisfaction? No crap if you like what your using your gonna vote for it.
Eric Magana Of specs Nd smoothness os in experts choice should win definitely
Matt Nordin No lag, no malware, no self installing apps, no 4 hour max battery life...quality apps, live tiles, sweet fresh OS. WinPhone8 FTW
Anthony Scott Pancurak They dont even have instagram yet... Or okcupid, grindr, scruff, jackd, ect
Quang Nhat Nguyen Nokia symbian ftw
Michael Buchko Jr. Windows Phone 8 is pretty great, the only thing that keeps me from switching to it from Android is that it only has 2 apps.
Kevin Joel WP8 is great. Dell Venue Pro & then Lumia 920.
Virg Prekazis iOS. simple.
Eduardo Ordaz Android. I don't want a jalopy phone. Stock Android rules.
Eric Hook Android but W8 ftw desktop/tablet/surface
Chad Richter Hahahahahahahahahaha. Windows phone is a joke. Even the people who are trying to support it hate it. Don't be in denial. I know android and iOS are getting a little stale but at least choose an os with the apps you need to use. I have used windows phone and I returned it within 2 days. It's just not going to work. No customization and no app market. No thank you
CeeGii Borels what was Engadget's Phone of the 2012? and that Engadget were talking about... you know ApplEngadget
Ken Dono I gotta say I came from android to windows , I miss the app selection but what windows does have is quality and the updates are streamlined far better than most platforms. Really boils down to what the user needs his or her device to do.
CeeGii Borels Some of us arent Fandroids, or iSheep or Crackberry Heads and whatever the hell BaDa fans are
Rolando Delgado Meh I like my windows phone sure the app range is small but hey I dont really need "Angry Birds" or some othe games I mean Microsoft and Nokia pretty much suppply you with what you need when you first set up your phone
Sandeep Murali Why can't some people understand that yes, some of us do like using windows phone? Would you have done a "biased victory" post if it was android or iOS that won?
Justin Plecko Unless you've used Windows Phone 8 for more than 5 minutes in the store, you have no idea what you're talking about.
Anonymous Not a biased victory. If it were, Android should have won by sheer market share alone. Would you hear people carrying on about a "biased victory" if that happened? Probably not.
Connie Chow window 8 sucks

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