So here we are, silently and anxiously waiting to see if any of the rumors we've seen floating around this past month are even true. At 7 PM tonight live from New York will be Samsung's UNLOCKED event, which you can view from their YouTube channel or read about in our Live Blog going on here with your dawgs at PhoneDog. Are you excited? Maybe a little nervous?

Or do you think you already know what to expect? I'm afraid I do.

In my opinion, Samsung did a great job with their marketing. They made intriguing commercials that made you wonder what in Sam Hill this company is going on about? Why is that little boy so interested in that box? What’s in the box? I must know what’s in that box! And we will find out on March 14th at 7! It says so on this advertisement from Samsung.



Are you ready for the next GALAXY? Yes! Yes I am! It's like being a little kid who knows he's getting a surprise birthday party, but doesn't know who will be there or what the theme is. Then your big cousin Joey comes along and ruins everything by telling you it's a space-themed party and your mom bought you a rocket ship cake to match the new rocket ship bunk bed your dad made just for you while you've been at school. Joey's the same kid that grows up and has to know everything, and snoops around and finds the "leak" photos and the prototypes and makes sure the world gets a glimpse of them before the company can even show them to you. Thanks Joey.

Do I think that it's all done by accident? No; of course not. I’m 99.7% certain that Samsung leaves these little Easter eggs for us to find a good portion of the time, and that's all fine and dandy whenever you're only releasing bits and pieces of information - but don't show me the entire product before it launches! Hasn't anybody ever heard the phrase "Leave some things to the imagination"? Correct me if I'm wrong, but I always thought launch events were supposed to be exciting and about getting that "wow" reaction from people. If this launch goes as I think it will, and this is me jumping ahead and assuming, nobody is going to say "wow" because we've already seen what's coming.

If you do find yourself saying "wow", you're either really good at avoiding the Internet or you're just so blown away by the specs that you still can't wrap your head around them (okay, fine; if it just so happens to have an 8-core processor I might find myself saying "wow" too - but I won't like it because I already knew about it!)

I've mentioned this before: I was really disappointed by the iPhone 5 event. I can't express that enough. I actually didn't believe most of the leaks I saw from Apple. I kept thinking, "Alright, cool. I like this two-tone back thing, plus it's not made out of glass. LTE? Alright... is that it? That's all we're getting? I bet they'll have more at the release event." Nope. Not really. Oh wait, Passbook. Yeah, that was... cool I guess. But I expected more from that event, and I shouldn't have.

So what do I do? I learn from my mistakes. I got over-excited for the iPhone 5 event, and I won't make that same mistake for this event. It's a win-win situation. If they do announce something cool that I didn't know about, it's a bonus. If they don't, it's exactly what I expected. I don't like it because I like good surprises (not to be confused with all surprises... like spider surprises; I don't like those) but I dislike being disappointed more, so why set myself up for it?

Readers, what do you expect to see from the event? Do you think you';ve seen it all or do you suspect that Samsung has something up their sleeve that we don't know about? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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"Do you think you already know all there is to know about the Galaxy S IV?"

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Marcos Guerrero This live stream presentation is so bad. Phone itself is cool. Too bad I have S3 atm =/
Anonymous 99.7% so you're uncertain
Fabian Toti Ohhh hey well life goes on
Mirza Blade Kudic I think I will still be trading my iPhone 5 for the Note 2.
Daniel Ayala some of you guys are getting ahead of yourselves. wait till the event is over
Luis Robles Figueroa I like the first rumor the phone more square like S2 in the USA.
Mark Belkowski One hour to go folks.
Camar Green iPhone 5s Innovation..we move forward what we brought you that wasn't in the iPhone 5...Upgraded Siri now she can comprehend Ebonics and the biggest of all IT COMES IN DIFFERENT COLORS.....Hush over the crowd...
Mark Belkowski What if I don't wear socks Jesse? These leaks are BS.
Mark Belkowski Yeah Justin because the iPhone 5s will be soooo much better than the one or s4. Good luck with that.
Sänjé Maharjan I bet HTC is having a laugh at this. Its so boring and everything is sort of overshadowed by the brilliance of the new HTC One. Honestly, HTC's ruined the show for them BIG TIME! If the leaks prove to be true and Samsung has nothing more 'exciting' to offer, they won't even stand a chance against 'the one' (how ironic) :D
Jesse Ling mark if this isnt fake how about you post a picture of yourself eating your own sweaty socks? :)
Anthony Evans Jr lol yeah its been ruined lol
Justin White at this point i will be getting an HTC one or iphone 5s
Serban Alexandru Manea UNPACKED event....not Unlocked...
Mark Belkowski Are you kidding me phonedog? How can we know anything based off of rumors and fake leaks? Get back to me after 7pm.
Michele Pavese I hope we don't, the leaked phone isn't that great at all.
Haldi Kuniqi lol i regret watching all the leaks now but its okay
Sky Baun i know the xphone > s4
Christopher Keeley I think this phone is more of a gimmick phone than anything. I believe Samsung has peaked!
Bill Thomas Who cares!!!!!
Steven Basso yup just like the iphone 5 when it was released

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