Latest leak of alleged Samsung Galaxy S IV shows floating touch, Smart Pause features on video

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| March 14, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S IV video leak

Not getting enough of the alleged Samsung Galaxy S IV that's been leaking lately? I've got some good news for you, friend, because the same device that's already been shown off in two sets of photos and one hands-on video demo is back once again to combat your hunger. The same person that uploaded the first Galaxy S IV video has posted up four more clips of the device, with these meant to show off some of the software features of the still-unannounced device.

The first video demonstrates a "floating touch" functionality that we discussed in the last Galaxy S IV leak. The feature works like Air View on Samsung's Galaxy Note devices, allowing a user to hover his or her finger over content like a photo or message in order to get a preview of that item. In the second clip, we're shown a video of the previously-leaked Smart Pause feature, which can detect when a user is no longer looking at the device's screen and automatically pause the video that is being played, then resume it once the user's eyes are focused on the display again.

Finally, two videos have been posted showing a redesigned lock screen and a browser on this purported Galaxy S IV. The browser itself looks perfectly functional as the user in the video is pinching and scrolling around a web page. The user also scrolls around the page and moves back and forth between pages by waving his hand around in front of the device's display.

The GT-I9502 device shown in these latest videos has become one of the leakiest phones in recent memory, as this newest batch of videos marks the fourth time that we've seen the device this week. It's worth noting that, while all of the features shown in today's leak certainly seem like features that would come from Samsung, it's not yet known for sure whether or not the handset that they're being demonstrated on is actually the final Galaxy S IV. The good news is that we're now less than 12 hours away from Samsung whipping the real deal out on stage in New York City. Until then, we've got all four leaked clips below to help keep you occupied until then. And it's probably a good idea to keep it locked to PhoneDog in the hours leading up to the show tonight, because at the rate that we've been seeing these Galaxy S IV leaks pop up lately, it's certainly possible that more could surface before Samsung's shindig.

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