Samsung Galaxy S IV GT-I9205 front leak

The Samsung Galaxy S IV countdown is now under the 24-hour mark, but that doesn't mean that we can't squeeze in one last leak before Sammy's big unveiling in New York City. The same purported Galaxy S IV that popped up in a set of images three days ago and then a video one day later is back again, but these latest photos are of a much higher quality than the previous shots. The phone itself looks just like it has in the past two leaks, sporting a Galaxy S III-like design, physical home button and center-mounted rear camera with a flash beneath it. Underneath the battery cover is a pair of SIM card slots.

According to the report from Chinese site it168, the Galaxy S IV will feature a 4.99-inch 1080p display and 1.8GHz Exynos 5410 octa-core processor, which lines up with previous leaks. The site also claims that this GT-I9502 unit packs in a 13-megapixel camera, 2GB RAM, 16GB of built-in storage, a microSD card slot and a 2,600mAh battery, all packed into a body that measures 7.7mm thick and weighs in at 138g. To compare, the international GT-I9300 Galaxy S III is 8.6mm thick and weighs 133g. 

The images also show a couple of software features that Samsung has built into TouchWiz on the Galaxy S IV. One photo shows the Smart Stay functionality that Samsung introduced with the Galaxy S III, which detects if a user's eyes are looking at the screen and prevents the display from turning off if they are. One new feature that's said to be coming with the S IV will allow users to hover their finger over the display to preview content without actually opening it. That feature is similar to the Air View functionality that's already included with the Galaxy Note II and Galaxy Note 8.0, but since there's no stylus built into the S IV, Samsung has enabled the feature to work with the natural stylus that's included with a user's hand.

This latest leak, so long as it's the real deal, further affirms that the Galaxy S IV will feature a design that's similar to the Galaxy S III, but has likely been tweaked and refined a bit. Samsung was pretty happy with the design of the Galaxy S III, and it's managed to sell quite a few units of that handset since its debut, so the company doesn't exactly need to give the Galaxy S IV a completely new look. While we'll have to wait to judge the look and feel of the Galaxy S IV until we actually get one in our hands, the phone in these newly-leaked shots doesn't look too shabby. Samsung will officially take the wraps off of the Galaxy S IV tonight at 7 p.m. ET, and you can bet that we'll be bringing you all of the news as it happens. Until then, why not give us your thoughts on these photos in the comments section below?

Samsung Galaxy S IV GT-I9205 rear leak

Samsung Galaxy S IV GT-I9205 Air View leak

Via Engadget, it168

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Peter Hwang I wouldn't mind it if it was real because I personally love the design of the S III. The only bad side of keeping a plastic design is that when it gets compared with another devise, the haters always says that Samsung suck because it's plastic... Terrible reason if you ask me, especially when there are people that like the designs of the S III and Note II.
Peter Blanco READ (EVEN JUST THE TITLE OF) THIS ARTCILE!! Go to the link! It's just a prototype! There's still hope :) http://www.sammobile.com/2013/03/14/breaking-more-images-galaxy-s-iv-duos-showed-up/
Anthony Bailey In terms of the phone design... is that just a slightly bigger S III. I'm not seeing a difference and I'm a bit disappointed. I was really hoping for a new design theme for Samsung with these new generations of high end Galaxy phones, not pulling a page out of CrApple's playbook. History has been more than clear on what can happen to a company that finally lands on top, and then they become complacent. Look to Apple, the Detroit automakers, Toyota, HTC, BlackBerry, HP, Dell, and dozens of others. Now, to address the countless babies whining about the same ignorant "pocktability" bullshit... I am by no means a "large" man in terms of being someone who's 6'3" or taller with huge man hands. I am relatively short and my hands are relatively small for a man (at least IMO). I have owned both generations of the Note, and I have had NO issues pocketing either device. Why do turds who have no experience with something, always want to be the most vocal about them??? I have managed to quite comfortably pocket my Note I and II in skinny jeans, dress slacks, shorts, and everything in-between. So what is all of this ignorant crap I keep hearing about not being able to pocket them??? According to what verified source? According to what real world experience??? Should I wait for a valid answer or are we about done here??
Robert Smith pass just give me a huge battery and im good because in reality wtf do you really need all those specs for its a goodamn phone not a tablet people
Marcus Cadwell Agreed with eldon. Stop making phones bigger. At some point it's blurring the lines between phone and tablet and those that like to brag about how android has "so many options" is leaving people wanting a more pocketable phone in the dust. I've had big android phones. Now I have an iPhone. I wouldn't even think about trying another android unless it was in the 4-4.3 inch range and a flagship
Lanh Nguyen All this reminds me of what people said of the s3 and we all know how that turned out
Eldon Ong nah its ok for me but srsly dont make it anymore bigger...phones are beginning to be tablets
Haldi Kuniqi its beautiful
Sam Seavey Personally I don't care what it looks like, I'm going to put it in a case anyway. I'm more interested in the specs. It sounds amazing on the inside and that's all that matters to me. I'm not crazy about the HTC One, the specs aren't anything amazing and the camera is horrible.
Alexander Wright Apple would die :D
Jay Lazz I've had the HTC Amaze and HTC One S. I know enough Mr. Al Mulla
Darren Penix If it is then Samsung is starting to follow Apple's approach of making all devices look the same
Christopher Williams Everyone always wants a refresh but the S3 design was solid. This looks to be solid too.
Jerry Gu Ahoura Mortazavithis
Rob Raphael I'm not doing it....I'm waiting for the Note 3 this time.
Muayyad Zohair Al Mulla Jay lazz, what do you know about htc? Nothing
Humza Ahmed 2600Mah battery with those specs? Good luck Samsung.
Erdem Cubukcu Htc oneeee number one..!
Juwon Donte Regardless of what people think about the phone I'm getting it..once the phone is released and people see what the phone can really do they will be on the Samsung bandwagon as usual..if you don't want the phone just shut up in don't buy it
Jay Lazz HTC ONE might look better, but lets not forget how buggy everything HTC is. At least the phone is reliable when its Samsung.
Muayyad Zohair Al Mulla It is probably fake, I don't see samsung make a dual sim phone. There is simply no need for this at all.
Huey Liggins Ass backwards *
Huey Liggins You people are associated backwards!! So much that it's ridiculous. First you say the iphone is bad because their upgrades are very minor. Stating that they only upgrade the camera and add a feature or two. Now your telling me that Samsung is bad because they didn't change the look but gave you upgrades to the camera, the screen(hopefully), the battery life, the OS, the touchwiz, and new software features that's ahead of the competition. And your saying it's a minor upgrade?
Mark Belkowski I'm hearing the photo is the updated s3 with LTE.
Eric Quach ehh... I feel like HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4 should give better battery life instead of faster processors, almost all apps don't take advantage of the hardware anyways.
Orion Pax http://www.concept-phones.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/02/galaxy-S4-altius-concept.png
Eric Magana Then ill criticize Samsung fans so much, like they did when the i5 came out haha
Michael Croft Georgiadis the same ugly thing again
Chris Culp I don't get it.....everyone keeps saying how ugly it is.....What exactly should it look like then?
Jens Garcia If you like the phone then go for it, if you don't then don't buy. Problem fixed.
Sambo Chao Motorola X for me.
Mark E Lynch Dam it I just got the s3 ...
Sam Rick Plastic fantastic!
Scott Ritchey Spec and screen wise yes. But please put more resources on the look of this. It looks like a bigger version of my s2. The HTC one x looks better...
BG Michael L G Pro is better
Enes Nadir Çomoglu Adding better specs but keeping the same design.. They have no right to call it the S4 because it's just an improved version of the S3. Look at Apple, they name their products right; 4S is an improved version of 4, so they called it 4S instead of 5. IMO this new Galaxy should be named Galaxy S3 Plus.
Enes Nadir Çomoglu I must say, I'm disappointed. The S2 was a great update from the original S, and the S3 was a great update from the S2, but this new "S4" looks nothing more than an S3 Plus.
Ran Ugly!
Dwayne Cook Yeah just add more colors available for all carriers not just for specific carriers... that kind of blows sometimes.
Serch Cordero https://www.facebook.com/pages/Samsung-Galaxy-S4/153027271522067?ref=ts&fref=ts
Brian McGuinness I'm pretty sure that's some fake Chinese version but if they keep the design similar it would be alright because they did a great job with the S3! The things that matter most is the very much improved screen, screaming fast processor, and the extended battery life!
Tony DjWiteboy Lopez You guys are very babies, this year ten times better than the current galaxy s3..
Gabriel Ramiris Can't wait n also can't wait for the Galaxy Note 3 looking forward
Alex Diaz I can't wait for the S4 vs HTC one dog fight. The S4 will win every time. Then everyone will disagree because its made of plastic lol
RJ Wahlang Super like it. I would have Super-Duper like it had it come in metal casing like the HTC One. :)
George Millhouse and this phone is far ahead of the S3. nothing like the tiny upgrade that was the 4S over the 4 so get off than bandwagon already. what else do you want the phone to do ? Bring you breakfast in bed?
Shawn Cook They won't make enough ativ s' and put out this pos lol
George Millhouse Monique it doesnt matter when YOU bought your phone and just because a newer one comes out doesnt mean you are supposed to run out and get it. THATS YOUR PROBLEM. The s3 has been out for almost a year already , you are just late to the game
George Millhouse yet some of these same people who hate this fucking love their repetitive fallen behind the times iPhone
Anonymous But you don't have to look at your face all that often, or pay for your face, José. I would much rather spend my money on something attractive and useful than an ugly hunk of plastic with overcharged specs to compensate.
Alex Villalpando Idk what everyone is so mad about its clean and simple and looks good and no one sees the phones back anyway since the hand is back there or a case is on it or you could just keep it in your pocket and get google glass later :p
Kenny Wenger I hope this is the design so I can just keep my Note 2.
Bonnie Roth This will be my next phone :)
Jose Calderon Why is everyone so superficial? Does a phone's recycled design really make it a bad phone? I mean, look at you, your face is the same as it was six months ago, you must be tired of that fugly thing too.
Justin White i think it's back home to the iphone for me this year.
Zia A. Wahab It's the Galaxy S 3S.
Cameron WeathermanCam Terrell Looks like a mixture between the S3 and Note 2.
Brian Dominguez Unoriginal >.> Yawn Samsung doesn't amuse me anymore.-.
Monique Angel The bastards at Samsung think I'm rich I just got the s3 and now they come out with the s4 bloody bastards.
Cezzar Micu Since I always use case on my phone, the design wouldn't bother me that much. Features and durability matters more. Say what you want about plastic but it's actually more durable than glass or aluminum finished phones
Alex Diaz Hell yea! By far better than the Xperia Z and HTC One. It may be plastic and it may not be as sexy as the HTC one but it will have better batery life and support. I'm calling it now, the HTC one will not sell well. I wouldn't be surprised if they come out with an HTC one+ in like 6 months. Have fun with that
David DiPilla Ahh sort of I hope the design is different
Nicholas RedWolfe Wolfe Looks too much like the GS3, Note and Note 2.
Paul Johnson The processor is the only thing that seems to be kicking the HTC one's butt(maybe the camera)
Yaasiin Oozeer the design is definitely disappointing, but we need to see what kind of features this phone packs now
Marti Ruiz Noooooooooo. I will be angry. will get htc one
Jordan Acosta Ugly nasty.
Justin Michael Duncan Idc what it looks like I want updated specs
Fernando Leo Pina No way! I'll be getting the HTC one if this is the s4
Harold Hidalgo I don't mind the design, ive held the s3 and i think it feels good. much more durable than glass or aluminum because it plastic. If the battery is 2600, then im fine with it because its bigger than the htc one 2300. And it packs more features and a stronger processor so Im done =)
Ramon Watson If this is what they come with for their new device, Samsung wouldn't be innovative whatsoever. I really hope that's not what they've done.
Jp Garmay REPEATING DESIGN NOTHING NEW! oh... samsung.... :3
Dale Daniels James Douglas
Hector Mojica Jr I'm sure it will sell regardless. Design wise not impressed. But I'm sure it will be a great phone
Matt Penner Nope. C'mon Samsung, don't make me get a nexus 4 after waiting so long
Chee Ren BIG NO. I will rather go for the Xperia Z
Tarek Halaby now lets see what the 5s or iphone 6 has in stock when it is announced later this year
Qi Ren O. M. G!!!!! no...
Ademir Carrizales Mesías It is the actual device (I'm really sure), and NO, I won't be happy 'cause it sucks.
Abram Wenevermet Dennis No.. just call it the GS3s.. the same cheap plastic with added gimmicky features.
Vicente Trevino No. HTC One is way better, it's like a GS3s.
Khalid Dris absolutely NO

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