Samsung Galaxy S 4 official Black Mist White Frost

Here it is, folks. The Samsung Galaxy S 4 is now officially official after being announced in New York City. The Galaxy S 4 is the latest device in Samsung's flagship Galaxy S lineup, and because it's such a major product for the company, it's been packed with some pretty high-end features. On the face of the Galaxy S 4 is a 5-inch 1920x1080 Super AMOLED display with Gorilla Glass 3, which was recently announced by Corning and features improved scratch resistance over its predecessors. Also on the Galaxy S 4's face is a 2-megapixel camera and a physical home button. Samsung has also placed a 13-megapixel camera with flash on the Galaxy S 4's backside.

Stuffed inside the Galaxy S 4 is either a 1.9GHz quad-core processor or 1.6GHz octa-core processor. The processor that's included will vary by market. Samsung has also included 2GB RAM, 16GB/32GB/64GB of internal storage, microSD card slot and 2,600mAh battery, all of which fits inside a body that measures 7.9mm thick and weighs 130g. As far as radio support goes, the Galaxy S 4 includes 850/900/1900/2100 MHz 3G support, including 42Mbps HSPA+ connectivity. There's also up to 6 different 4G LTE band sets for the Galaxy S 4, which will once again vary by market.

On the software side of things, the Galaxy S 4 will come to market with Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean running beneath Samsung's TouchWiz UI. Unsurprisingly, Samsung will also be including several new features with its TouchWiz overlay. The Dual Camera functionality will allow users to capture images using the front and rear cameras simultaneously, and the Dual Video Call feature will allow use of both the front and rear cameras during video chats as well. Galaxy S 4 users will also have 12 different shooting modes to choose from when capturing photos with the device's cameras, and the Story Album can collect images and sort them into albums using certain criteria. Users can even have a physical photo album with their images created thanks to Samsung's partnership with Blurb.

Samsung has also expanded its "Smart" set of features that debuted last year with Smart Stay on the Galaxy S III. The Galaxy S 4 will come to market with Smart Pause, which will pause a video when the phone detects that the user is no longer looking at the screen. Smart Scroll will scroll the content of the browser or emails by monitoring a user's face looking at the screen as well as his or her wrist movement. Samsung has also ported its Air View feature from the Galaxy Note series to the Galaxy S 4, allowing users to preview the content of emails, photos and videos by hovering their finger over the display. Along with Air View, the Air Gesture functionality allows users to change a music track, scroll around a page or accept a call by waving their hands in front of the device's display.

Also a part of tonight's announcement is Samsung's new WatchON feature, which can turn the Galaxy S 4 into an IR remote to control home entertainment equipment. The list of new functionality doesn't stop there, though, as Samsung also introduced a slate of S-branded features like S Voice Drive for voice control functionality while behind the wheel of a car, S Translator for translating either a voice or text and S Health, which utilizes the Galaxy S 4's sensors to monitor a user's health. Rounding out the list of features is Samsung Optical Reader for scanning text and business cards and Group Play, which can beam content like music, photos/videos and games to others without needing a Wi-Fi or cellular signal.

Got all that? Alright. Now it's time for the most important piece of information, which is when you'll actually be able to buy a Galaxy S 4 of your very own. The Galaxy S 4 will be rolling out to a number of carriers around the globe starting in Q2 2013. Here in the U.S., the device will be available on AT&T, Cricket, Sprint, T-Mobile, U.S. Cellular and Verizon. Samsung will be offering the Galaxy S 4 in either Black Mist or White Frost at launch, but the company promises that more color options will be coming later this year.

After months of leaks, rumors and speculation, it's nice to finally have Samsung officially introduce us to the Galaxy S 4 and reveal exactly what makes the thing tick. While the design of the new phone is somewhat similar to the look of the Galaxy S III, that's not entirely a surprise since Samsung has said that it put a lot of work into creating the Galaxy S III. Considering that and the fact that the sales of the Galaxy S III are over 30 million units, the company likely didn't feel an overwhelming urge to completely redesign the Galaxy S 4. The good news is that the Galaxy S 4 has a spec sheet that's improved over the Galaxy S III and instantly makes the S 4 one of the best-specced Android handsets around. 

So now that it's officially official, what do you all think of the Samsung Galaxy S 4? Are you happy that the design is Galaxy S III-like? For those of you that are still on the fence or just want to know more about the Galaxy S 4, our fearless leader Aaron Baker has put together some photos and video of the device in action. Be sure to check 'em out and then share your thoughts on Samsung newest flagship!

Samsung Galaxy S 4 rear Black Mist White Frost

Samsung Introduces the GALAXY S 4 -

A Life Companion for a richer, simpler and fuller life

GALAXY S 4 gets you closer to what matters in life, bringing your world together

New York, USA, March 14, 2013 — Samsung Electronics announced today the fourth generation GALAXY S, the GALAXY S 4, designed to get you closer to what matters in life and bring your world together.

Understanding what matters most to us in our lives, the Samsung GALAXY S 4 was developed to redefine the way we live and to maximize our fulfillment of life. This sleek and innovative smartphone makes every moment of life very meaningful; it understands the value of relationships, enabling true connections with friends and family.  It believes in the importance of an effortless user experience, making your life easy and hassle-free; and, it empowers your life, helping take care of your well-being.

The beauty of the phone is the highly crafted design encompassing a larger screen size and battery, minimized bezel; all housed in a light (130g) and slim (7.9mm) shape. The Samsung GALAXY S 4 is slimmer yet stronger, with less to hold yet more to see. It has come up with simply unreal beauty. At launch, two color options will be available - Black Mist and White Frost; with a variety of additional color options to follow later this year.

“With the GALAXY S 4, Samsung is again going to enhance the way we live,” said JK Shin, President and Head of IT & Mobile Communications Division at Samsung. “All the innovative features of GALAXY S 4 were developed based on the insights and needs we found from our consumers all around the world. Following the successful GALAXY S series, this phone is yet another great proof point of people-inspired innovation. At Samsung we’ll never stop pursuing innovation conceived by people, so we can inspire them in return.”

Meaningful Moments - Gives Greater Enjoyment

A rich life is one that’s filled with meaningful moments and the GALAXY S 4 captures and shares those special moments. The GALAXY S 4 has the world’s first Full HD Super AMOLED display to showcase images at their very best. Its 5-inch large screen has 441ppi for stunning viewing quality. The Samsung GALAXY S 4 also utilizes Corning’s new Gorilla® Glass 3*, making it a durable travel companion for all of life’s adventures.

Equipped with a 13 megapixel rear camera, the GALAXY S 4 also boasts a ‘Dual Camera’ function that allows simultaneous use of both front and rear cameras. When capturing moments, users can choose from a variety of frame effects which blend the two pictures naturally and also adjust the size of the small picture inside the big one. Users can select 8 different ways to combine the two photos taken by the front camera and the rear camera. At the same time, the ‘Dual Video Call’ function enables you to make and receive a video call with friends and family while showing what you are looking at during the call.

The camera functionality extends beyond Dual Camera, as the device is also equipped with 12 outstanding shooting modes including ‘Drama Shot’, which allows you to see all the action in one continuous time-lapse, and‘Sound & Shot’, which uniquely stores sound and voice together as the picture is taken so those special moments are captured in the truest form imaginable, exactly as they happened.

These meaningful moments can also now automatically be stored in a photo album, with the new ‘Story Album’ function. Photos taken by the GALAXY S 4 are automatically gathered and sorted out according to your timeline, geo-tagging information, or a specific event to create a photo album. These unique story albums can be ordered and delivered as an offline photo album through a new partnership with Blurb*, so you can keep those precious moments safe to look at and share time and time again.

True Connections – Brings People Together

Samsung GALAXY S 4 enables true connections with the people in our lives.  It is more than a personal device that can be enjoyed by one user - it makes the most of our relationships allowing us to easily share and experience many of life’s pleasures together with family and friends, wherever you are.

With its ‘Group Play’ function, users can enjoy music, photos, documents and games with those around them without even requiring a Wi-Fi AP or cellular signal. This innovative feature enables users to connect directly with others to share, play and co-create content and entertainment instantly. Its ‘Share Music’ option allows users to have the same song playing on multiple phones in sync to create the best party atmosphere.

The GALAXY S 4 brings all people closer together by breaking down language barriers. It makes international travel a joy, with ‘S Translator’ which provides instant translation, using text or voice translation on applications including email, text message and ChatON. This instant translation is possible both from speech to text and text to speech and ensures that you can rely on the correct information whilst abroad.

The GALAXY S 4 supports HSPA+42 Mbps and 4G LTE which means wherever you are in the world, you can rely on perfect connectivity. Especially, the LTE version supports up to 6 different band sets which allows it to function in most LTE coverage areas as well as enabling global LTE roaming. Furthermore, TDD/FDD LTE Dual Mode version will be introduced later this year.

Effortless Experience - Makes Things More Convenient

In today’s world, we are all looking for smart ways to make life easier and less stressful. The GALAXY S 4 ensures that tasks are effortless with innovative features that detect your face, voice and motions to enable screen control with no need for finger touch activation.

‘Samsung Smart Pause’ enables you to control the screen by where you look. When you are watching a video, the video pauses when you look away then it starts right up again when you are back. ‘Samsung Smart Scroll’allows you to scroll the browser or emails up and down without touching the screen. It recognizes your face looking at the screen and movement of your wrist and then scroll the pages up or down accordingly.

‘Air View’ allows users to hover with their fingers to preview the content of an email, S Planner, image gallery or video without having to open it. You can even see a magnified view on the internet browser, or a phone number saved in the speed dial on the keypad. With ‘Air Gesture’, you can change the music track, scroll up and down a web page, or accept a call with a wave of your hand.

With ‘S VoiceTM Drive’ you can activate commands via voice control for optimization when driving. Once connected with a car Bluetooth, the phone automatically turns into driving mode converting text to speech so you can easily and safely check messages with no need to look at the screen.

‘Samsung Optical Reader’ makes life yet more effortless, by automatically recognizing text, a business card or QR code information, and providing useful functions such as translation, call, text message and search.

At home, using ‘Samsung WatchON’, the GALAXY S 4 will transform into an IR remote to control your home entertainment system including TV, set-top box, DVD player and even air conditioner. In addition, you can enjoy various content including live TV, cable TV and VOD based on the rich information provided by EPG (Electronic Program Guide).

Empowered Living - Takes Care Of Your Health and Quality of Life

The GALAXY S 4 empowers your life by keeping you up-to-date with health and wellbeing information using the new ‘S Health’ software. The combination of sensors built within the device systematically and automatically monitors your health, surroundings and so much more to help improve your quality of life. Also, users can easily check their health conditions using food diary, exercise diary and sleep monitor to stay fit and healthy. (Certain functions are enabled by specific accessories.)

To further protect your wellbeing, ‘Samsung Adapt Display’ provides an optimal viewing experience, customized for each type of application, and ‘Samsung Adapt Sound’ offers an optimal level and type of sound, personalized for each user, to make the most out of life.

Samsung GALAXY S 4 will be available from Q2 globally including US, partnering with AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless, as well as US Cellular and Cricket. In Europe, Samsung GALAXY S 4 is partnering with global mobile operators such as Deutsche Telecom, EE, H3G, Orange, Telenor, Telia Sonera, Telefonica, and Vodafone.

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Michele Dena no i avoid carriers forcing ppl to sign another two yr contract and buy unlocked phones when prices go down otherwise i would the industry isnt flexible enough re options for people who trave and need to use other sim cards, stuff like that
Ali Ahmed No one cares about hovering finger over to preview or scroll .. That is not even practical .. HTC one wins this time
Connor Frank Once an HTC, always an HTC
Lopez Joe No i love my iPhone 5 white <3
Alex Darby FLOP. HTC Wins.
Tarequl Islam Chowdhury Galaxy S4 is biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig disappointed..
Jeff Seaver Yes is Best of Android phone
Caleb Villarreal I like my Note 2 and am goin to stick with it until my contract is up in December of 2014!! Then ill get Samsungs flagship smartphone tht is out at the time. Note 4?! Galaxy S5 or 6?!
Jason Sug samsung is still going to be a winner this year in terms of market share. however, htc is going to have a significant increase in sales than last year and going to be a major threat to samsung. htc one is just drop dead gorgeous and there isn't going to be any phone with a better design this year. apple is going down unless they come up with something that looks better than the htc one and faster than the s3
Brandon Edward Glenn Like +1 for all HTC One post. The s4 is not a big deal this year. Maybe Sammy knows that they will not have to compete very much with the iPhone 5S so they didn't have to change the look of the s4. HTC turn to reign again!
Brandon Edward Glenn so they remade the Note1. yayy.
Brandon Edward Glenn htc one. period.
Janet Scott no I love my iphone 5
Aqib Gatoo awesome,even apple uprades themlike this this but not like this upgrade
Christopher Wong Zhi Yi Was going for it before the show.. but now, DAMN its boring.. the exterior design is ok i guess since i'm using iphone, note 2 and the s3.. but other than that? the camera feature is below average, S translator is bit old to phone and what i hate most is the show! Dude ilike the s3 show better than te s4! WTH is that? Its an unpacked event or a circus? So childish and ridiculous..
Huey Liggins Lol you people are looking to out something pretty in your purses?
CJ Dudley Yes! Want one so bad!! Any idea on release dates for AT&T?
Mark Belkowski No, htc just got my $$.
Patrick Scot Gtfoh all phones will be rectangular shaped
Patrick Scot People kill me what are companies suppose to do make circle phones?
Jermonn J-Trillion Richardson I'm good with my nexus 4
Luis Robles Figueroa Just another SG3 over size with bigger screen and better software. In my opinion they fail. This year is going to be HTC One. Atlwast all my friends are agreeing with me.
Christopher Manic Johnson All HTC has to do is unlock their bootloaders without issue, and they got it this year.
Fernando Leo Pina HTC one for me
Marcos Antonio Pina Might pick it up
Mihail Bebrovski I want the note 3, a tablet and a phone with better build quality with the new features of the S4, plus a better design. 6.2 inches+ make it look like droid DNA, or iphone, HTC one X+.. The current design is boring and looks cheap, the rounded corners make it look girly the HTC HD2 looked awesome too.
Jaasiel Torres HTC one BC of beautiful build quality best camera huge memory built it already overall great phone that's my next phone just waiting for it to release in the usa
Jared Dalluhn Nope, sticking with the nexus 4.
Sam Rick Mmm no
Joe McDonough im sticking with my GS3 for now
Ray Kishi I'd rather get the Sony Xperia Z/ZL rather than an S4...
Chris Hanley sticking with my s3, bc honestly who would know the difference.
????? ??????? LG Optimus G Pro.Period
Elizabeth Griffin coming soon, the Note 3! it is a 7 inch cell phone with a medium stylus instead of a SMALL one! Please buy it, as it serves two purposes: 1) it has all the functionalities of a phone and 2) You can use it to cover your face while calling someone in order to preserve your privacy! and with our colorful covers, you can use it as a mask for HALLOWEEN!!!!!!!!!YAY!
Alvaro Sanchez No I'll go for the HTC ONE...
Kev Baldwin Nope. I'll be buying the Sony Z.. That'll be wiping the floor with EVERYTHING FOR QUITE SOME TIME .....
Jeremy Carter The galaxy s4 is a big disappointment. Nothing has changed from the s3 and the note 2. I have the galaxy note 2 and I absolutely hate the new touch wiz. Samsung needs to get a better stock text messaging app. The note 2 texting sucks. I miss touchwiz on the galaxy s2 and the HTC dont come with expandable memory card slots anymore. So they suck now. I hate having to use a computer to get my pics and music on the phone. I hate iphone cause everyone has them and they are too small. I want the Xperia Z
David DiPilla Live video
David DiPilla Leo on the twit is talking about the s4
Nikolas Manuelides it's the same design than the S3, boring!
Jamille Browne Nothing New for S4 because another company already released similar specs? Unless the S3 had it prior then its New for Samsung...
Ray Ziggy Lol wat I said?
Danny Rodriguez Ray Ziggy look!!!!!!! I wish I would have waited!!
Joseph Uy Guzman I'll wait for the Note 3.. Hehe..
David DiPilla Heard the note 3 is going to be to big
Charlie Ebner IMO, I think cell phones have peaked. Like Aaron said its all about ecosystems. For the most part, all cell phones pretty much do the same thing. Some a little better than others. All that matters now is using whatever systems you're used to and more comfortable using.
Yon Weaver I'm happy with my Note 2. Can't wait until the Note 3. This phone should have been called the Galaxy S3-S.
Dayan Inclán Nope, just got an S3 in December
David DiPilla Like the iPhone every new phone that comes out every year is only minor improvements
David DiPilla I won the note 2 I love it but I have an upgrade this year I may get it just to get it see the thing is people. Phones are only going to be upgraded a little each year
Mandi Scott beautiful beautiful beautiful ,was a great unveiling and great show, this phone is a winner! now i just have to wait for it to come to New Zealand!
Cesario Brito Jr. Note 3......that is all.
Jude Fils-Aime I'm deciding between this or the XPERIA Z
Jamille Browne Galaxy Note 6.0 more like it
Sharon Girod Been hanging on to my Samsung Infuse until the 4 was released. The unboxing had made it even harder to wait a few more weeks.
Anthony Byrd That was awesome!
G Marie Larocque The button is annoying and they kept it!!! :/ also need room for fingers at the bottom of the screen because u always end up pushing buttons while holding it...
BG Michael NOTHING NEW for S4. Most of those features were already avialable on LG Optimus G PRO DUAL VIDEO and Q -TRANSLATOR was introduced by LG
Marshal Brown Alot chris
Jacob Grumbles Nope ill wait for the note 3 .
Sky Baun I'm closer to knowing that I want the xphone
Ronald Williams Hell to the YEAH i will get it. I just might stand in line for this one. Well I won't stand in line but its very exciting. Damn you iPhone...
Steve Swiger I'll stick with my HTC One X+. Plus that show was horrible.
Marshal Brown Not much of an upgrade? Are you insane? ? Everything was upgraded except body. 13mp camera, BEST smartphone processor top date, thinner, tons of new software features... for health, s voice drive, can use gloves on screen, air view with finger, sensors for temperature. .. freaking 1080p HD SUPER AMOLED... nobody had done that.
Alberto Garcia Flores I'm a S3 user and I am disappointed. It's like Apple with the iPhone 4 and the iPhone 4S. This should have been Galaxy S III Plus or something... I'm getting the Xperia Z.
Steev Adelesthirdchin Convery Not impressed. No.
Christopher Keeley This is to funny! Samsung has peaked just like I said and the gs3s not gs4 is proof. The presentation was terrible as well!
Alex Villalpando Why is it a let down? What else do you want in a phone?
Derek Lombardi If I didn't already have a Note II I would
Alexander J Wilkas No, I am a Windows phone Guy
Herwin Torres Sure. Once I'm up for an upgrade
Andrew Fleming Same phone slightly bigger . I would go with the note 2 . the pics of the leaked phone was better. But I guess that was to throw people off of the truth that its just the same phone. Im a Nexus dude for life.
Jenn Bowers Okay...question....I had terrible, terrible times with the HTC Evo and went through five of them due to hardware issues...and I've basically sworn off anything HTC, yet I have been hearing alot of hype about the One. has HTC come that far already?
Andrew Wong save the money and get the s3 its the same phone
Lanh Nguyen seriously all this hate reminds me of what happened last year with the GS3 and everyone still bought it. I personally like the device. Is it as premium as the One? Not necessarily but it's nothing to scoff at! Don't judge it until you get to play with it for yourself. I think all the new features are great despite some of them being slightly gimmicky.
John C. Cole I would need to be able to afford one, first. Then I would have to be out of contract to even consider an upgrade.
Chris Luddeni Wtched the "Un-Boxing."- I'm impressed.
Kenneth Li good to have family plan! i have upgrade available now!
Matt Penner Coming from a 2010 HTC Desire, this phone looks like a great choice for someone who has the extra money to justify it over the Nexus 4. There's little to to dislike about it, past the re-used design and less than premium building materials. It's fast, good camera specs, expandable storage, removable battery and a good screen. People love to toss the word 'fanboy' at any proponent of a popular thing, but that doesn't change the facts. The ONLY ABSOLUTE shitty thing is the price, for those who don't feel comfortable selling their souls for a 3 year contract, or forking out $700 for new tech.
Paul Kirincic Too similar to the S3. Kind of like the difference between the iPhone 4 and 4s. Would rather have a HTC One or wait for the Moto X.
Lanh Nguyen Tyler did you really just hashtag on facebook?
Curtis M. Cook No... I'm sticking with my Nexus 4 and waiting 2C what Google has in store for it's update as well as the Motorola X Phone.
Cristian Tomasito What's the difference between note 2 and galaxy s4??
Jenn Bowers I would LOVE LOVE to have one....but it's always about the price tag. I have an upgrade available in July (Sprint), and was looking at the S3 at Best buy for $100...I seriously doubt I could afford the S4...still hoping the Note 2 drops as well.
Admir Sulejmanovic Iphone makes it longer, Samsung wider? Nexus 4 perfect! :-)
EmzSol Cabanela Software upgrade only, no reason to upgrade currently using S3 :D
Terrance Henderson HTC One it will be for me
Gary Mana Finally HTC gets a chance to get back in the game. Competition might help these giant companies stop with the little safe annual upgrades and start really innovating (like the HTC One's camera)
Lee Bengry Don't like it!
Saul Macias What a letdown this was. Overhyped for a terrible upgrade! Sticking to my iPhone if I don't get the HTC One.
Jason Walker Underwhelmed, still looking more towards the One.
Tyler Walker No android suck #applefan
Phil Ofthefuture No. I'm broke.
Enrique BigPapi Martinez Looks like its the htc one for me
Christopher Flanagan Unfortunately not, I'll be picking up the GS5 next year though when my contract runs up.
Chris J No I like my Nexus 4
Eusebio Perez Only a Samsung fanboy will think this is innovation. This is a S3 with some run up specs and sone tweeks. Samsung bought a page from apples playing book. The HTC one still looks like the best phone this year. Lets wait for Nokia and their WP8/WP9 new device!
Amy Klatch too. big.
Justin Ponder Looks just like an SIII
Robert Salender Ubuntu Phone.
Tim Jarred Witherspoon If you have the Note II or the S III, please don't be dumb and just upgrade right away. That's how I heard most people feel, because the S III just came out last year and it just hasn't been long enough yet. For the people who DON'T have an S III or a Note II, then upgrade to this, you'll have a HUGE advantage!
Andrew Lipps Phone is garbage . Full of bloatware and honestly not much of an upgrade... And why is Samsung soooo cheesy?!?! Horrible reveal.
Shawn Dulin I'll never get another samsung after the s3. The LG g2x feels more solid in my hand and stood up to wear and tear better.
Adam Scherzer 2 yr contact, GS3... That's a big "no" to your question. If like to stay happy with my GS3 for another year
Javier Pineda do we really gonna use all that software stuff? Htc One is the best
Michele Pavese they could've done much better!
Crys Tal Nope. I stick to my simple ass iPhone. Simple is all I need right now.
John Brown im still running on my samsung illusion and it does more now than i could ever possibly need at this point in time. no need to upgrade just yet.
Johnny Tooter Shackelford 2600mAh battery is all they could put in it. WOW! Still to small...not worth upgrading at the moment. Motorola Xphone looks to be the likely winner.
Calvin Phann HTC ONE :3
Robert Olsen OCTA!!!!!
Giovane Rocha Ridiculous! It's just the same thing as S3
Robert Olsen Waiting for my NOTE 3 :)
Mauro dAngelo Crisis, they said.
Kirk Oneil Delgado hell yes...dam cant wait for my upgrade in july dfef. getting this phone
Brian Dominguez Big disappointment
Cristian E Rodriguez hot stuff great phone
Mark J F Makinika No. Htc one is much better!!!!!!
Collin Hoylman Very nice, but I'll stick with my Note 2 :)
Maciej Janik nope, note II all the way
Jace Casiño I love S Translate !! :D
Fuad Hossain god of phones for the next few months
Adrian Tse Sony Xperia Z all the way.

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