Leaked T-Mobile documents reveal new Classic plans for national retailers and new prepaid plans

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| Published: March 15, 2013

T-Mobile UNcarrier Classic plan leak

T-Mobile will soon be making a full-on switch to Value plans, but some newly-leaked documents indicate that national retailers that sell T-Mobile service will be sticking to Classic plans. Our friends at TmoNews have gotten hold of some internal T-Mobile documents that outline some new Classic offerings that will be coming to shops like Walmart and Best Buy as well as some new prepaid plans. The retailers will be sticking to Classic offerings is that they own their own inventory, there's no system set up to allow customers to make the down payments on a device that are part of T-Mo's Value plans, meaning that the subscribers would be forced to pay the full price of the unit upfront.

According to the leaked documents, T-Mobile's UNcarrier switch will mean that all of its Classic plans include unlimited talk, text and web with 500MB of high-speed data. The base plan costs $60 per month for individuals and $100 for a two-line family plan, with an add-a-line price of $20 each. From there, customers can pay to add more high-speed data in 2GB increments. Each plan also includes mobile hotspot support for free save for the unlimited high-speed data option, which requires an add-on that ranges from 500MB for $0 to 4.5GB for $20.

On the prepaid side of things, T-Mobile again plans to offer unlimited talk, text and web with 500MB of data as it's base offering. That plan will include mobile hotspot and will cost $50 per month. Customers can step up to plans with 2.5GB of high-speed data for $60 per month or another option with unlimited high-speed data for $70 per month, but as before, the unlimited high-speed data option doesn't seem to include mobile hotspot. The leaked document also mentions that T-Mobile will continue to offer a $35 1500 Talk & Text plan, but that that offering won't officially be promoted.

It's a bit strange to hear about new Classic plans when T-Mobile has said that it intends to move to a Value-only structure. However, since T-Mobile's national retailers aren't properly equipped to handle the Value plans, Magenta apparently at least intends to launch some new Classic plans that are in line with its UNcarrier approach. That could be good news for customers that aren't interested in a Value plan for whatever reason. T-Mobile is rumored to be making its UNcarrier Value plan switch on March 24, so we could see these new plans hit retailers around the same time. What kind of plan (Classic, Value, prepaid, etc.) are you T-Mobile customers currently signed up for?

T-Mobile UNcarrier prepaid plan leak

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