Samsung Galaxy S 4 Black Mist

When Samsung officially took the wraps off of the Galaxy S 4 last night, it revealed that some models of its new flagship will come to market with either a 1.6GHz octa-core processor made by Samsung or an unspecified 1.9GHz quad-core processor, depending on the market. Now a Qualcomm spokesperson has shed a bit of light on the matter, telling Android Central that the U.S. versions of the Galaxy S 4 will ship with the quad-core Snapdragon 600 chip that the company first revealed at CES in January.

Samsung followed a similar path with the launch of the Galaxy S III last year, offering a quad-core Exynos-powered S III to several international markets while selling a dual-core Snapdragon S4 version here in the States. The Snapdragon 600 chip that's inside the U.S. flavor of the Galaxy S 4 is also found inside the HTC One and LG Optimus G Pro, and the good news for those customers that are interested in snagging an S 4 once it lands stateside is that the Snapdragon 600 has shown itself to be a capable performer.

Now we just need to find out exactly when the Galaxy S 4 will be launching here. Samsung said last night that the S 4 will begin rolling out globally in the second quarter and that it'll be released on AT&T, Cricket, Sprint, T-Mobile, U.S. Cellular and Verizon here in the U.S., but no specific release dates or pricing have been revealed yet. Expect those to be announced by the individual carriers as we get closer to launch. Until we hear more, you can check out Aaron's hands-on with the Galaxy S 4 below.

Via Android Central

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"Are you content with a Galaxy S 4 that features a quad-core Snapdragon 600 processor? Or would you rather try out the version with Samsung's octa-core chip?"

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Russ Hildensperger I can't believe that we're at the point where we're asking if people are content with JUST a quad-core processor in a mobile phone. Oh how times have changed!
Ernest Marvin Esteban Octa core for bragging rights. :)
Cezzar Micu A7 is supposed to be battery friendly so theoretically speaking, the octacore variant would have better battery management. Plus I's really eager how the overclocked GPU partnered with the octacore turns out, performance-wise
Chris Culp Lol at how dumb ppl are. It's a quad core + quad core. Not an 8 core.
Paul Battle I like the Quad-Core chipset. I'm not ready for serious battery drain. 2600 mAh is great but that extra juice is for the pixels pushing. We need battery life test first.
Mike Wadkins 8 core all the way
Kenneth Maneeley I believe if you wait about 6 months that the vs4 will have the octacore here in the state's. This reminds me if the HTC ONE x it was dual core here in the state's ans quad core across the pond. Then about six months or so the HTC one had the quad core. Same things going to problt happen to gs4. 4 core now 8 core to the states in 6 months or less. Curious to see if this thinking of mine comes true.
Sam Rick Gimmicks R US!
Randy Walker Sr. I think Samsung use the octa core processor in all variants. Do not understand why they keep downgrading the U. S. Versions. I'm very disappointed, but figured as much and with the next Note supposedly having a 6.3 inch screen I'm glad I purchased the Note 2 recently and it is the same for all carriers and international.
Joe McDonough octacore
Camar Green You are right 4 core chips that kick in to do different tasks which in the end save battery life. iE power consumption... You jackass. Go educate yourself.
Edgar Rodriguez I think this is garbage I was excited about the octa processor now the us is getting the shaft again starting with the gs3. This is bullshit
Gary Bowling I think 99% of you don't have a clue about processor performance.
Lanh Nguyen You people who think this octa core processor runs eight cores at once need to educate yourself. It's a quad core chip with 8 cores. Only 4 cores are ever used at one time. 4 for high end tasks and 4 for more simple tasks.
Devin Martinez Samsung is just BS & gimmicks
Mark Belkowski I think I may pass up the s4 and the one. I think htc is shooting themselves in the foot not having it on the market yet. Also Samsung is offering nothing but gimmicks.
Phil Ofthefuture The US version is quad core because it has lte capability. The international version has no lte. It's a trade off.
Tom Parkison So really, this idea that it's a Octa-Core CPU is nothing but marketing BS. It's not a true octa-core in any real sense. All eight cores of the CPU can not be used at the same time. So if you really look at the Octa-Core CPU, it's really just a dual-quad core that only one of the quads can be used. Thus really, it's a quad-core CPU.
Joe Parenteau George is correct. Octa-Core has very little to do with speed if anything. It has more to do with power management and consumption than anything else. You can only use 4 at any one time.
Tom Parkison What you may not know is that only one of the ARM CPUs in the Exynos chip can be used at a time. It's either the A7 or the A15, not both of them at the same time.
Tom Parkison The Samsung Exynos Octa-Core CPU really is nothing but a 4 + 4 design; a quad-core ARM Cortex-A7 Class CPU and a quad-core ARM Cortex-A15 Class CPU smashed together onto the same silicon. Whereas the Snapdragon 600 CPU that's going to be featured in the US version of the Samsung Galaxy S4 utilizes a Krait 300 CPU which is an ARM Cortex-A15 Class CPU. By the way, the ARM Cortex-A15 Class CPU is the better of the two being talked about in this comment.
George Millhouse Let's stop with the octo core crap. It's two 4 core chips. Only one can run at a time. Big deal. We are not getting cheated on here. Learn and educate yourselves before looking like a moron
George Millhouse Wow arturo...You are an ass. It has to do with the lte chip. Nothing else.
Krystine OM I wanna see the note 3 already
Derrick Barge Epic fail if your OS needs octa-core to run smoothly (coming from a Note 2 user) :-)
Camar Green I use my phone for games and other work related stuff. I also use my ps vita. I have a desktop I play fps and a ps3 I do the same with. Sometimes if I'm out and I wanna play a game I can do so with my phone. Power is key in tech and people find ways to utilize it. Desktop computers graphic cards ps3 and 4 Ps vita Nintendo 3 ds Xbox 360 and 720.. Developers will find a use for the power.. If its in games or apps they will find a use
Tito Cruz Octa core!!!
Guillermo De León Why does the USA always get the watered down version of some phones?
Micca Koster The galaxy s4 is the same as the s3. Then they are going to port the features to the s3. You don't need to upgrade. I'm perfectly happy with my droid incredible 4g
Jose Rodrigues Exynos 5 octa gonna blowing snapdragon 600 anyway we always get the worst
Daniel Ayala a lot of you guys dont understand the octa core processor. so please stop making comments saying you dont need that kind of power.... 4 core are for heavy intensive apps and the other 4 cores are of light apps, so the phone will consume less battery.. study the facts before you write a comment.. but this is lame... way to let down the us consumers samsung
Lonell Riddick I cant see why someone would buy the HTC one over the S4. S4 has more features, faster phone, removable battery, SD CARD SLOT!!!!! Htc only has the looks and beats buy Dre. I can use my blue tooth to get around that. But overall the Note 2 is still better then both of these phones lol. But if I had to pick between these 2 phones, it would be the S4. The killer for this is that HTC don’t have a SD card slot, smaller battery and battery not removable!! Wow HTC, you really don’t pay attention to what phones should have to be a success.
Jowell Legaspi Bantoto I'd still go for HTC One
Fabian Toti Mehhhh... Not impressed
George Deleija I'm okay with having a quad core variant considering games are barely being able to tap into dual core . There is nothing out there that can utilize octa core anyway. I'm happy with the fact that I can have that processing speed along with a removable storage and battery option with LTE.
Veronica Thibodeau Tomlinson I'd rather have an iPhone 6 LOL
Jason Angeles quad core will get more use outta the phone then an octa core processor.
Sean Bolson I'd rather have an HTC One with the same hardware as the international variant than a US variant of the Galaxy S 4 that's been shorted on an Exynos 5 processor. Shame on you, Samsung.
Isaac Castillo I'm.gonna get the octacore.. I have t mobile.. only company without lte so it doesn't matter anyways
Matt Pankey Octa Core is on the phone just to shut the spec whores up.
Mike De Groat Octa-core is nice but it can only use a max of 4 cores at a time so in the end you're still getting quad core performance with it. It just switches between 2 sets of quad cores depending on the load but will never use 8 cores all at once.. Look it up..
Rogelio Esquivel Battery life is going suck
Rahul Arora Snapdragon 600
Sam Rick Lol...S4 sounds even more pathetic than initially thought.FAIL
Evaristo Rios Octa-core
Jerimiah Reece Would probably be happy with either. However, if the Octa-Core is as rumors suggested (4 high speed cores, 4 low power cores) I'd probably prefer that.
Rene Robledo Octa core
Jason Angeles having too much cores on a phone would be useless. like people stated, only 2 will be in use and the rest will just be asleep or dormant lol.. No app in the world will even make use of all that processing power. The s3 can handle anything running on dual core
Ricky Bonilla With all this, I believe Octa is a thing thats ahead of its time, too soon
Melissa Munoz Octa core!!!!!!
Jae Streets @sri harsha is vright. I have a nexus 4 (quad core) And most of the time I'm only running 2 cores
Jp Garmay Qualcomm S600 is better :D its got a newer (Adreno 320) GPU compared to a 2010 tech "stone-aged" PowerVr SGX-544 :3
Dave Bourque @Camar I rarely use my phone for games i got a laptop,desktop and ps3 for that
Armando Sanchez so now we have to be content with quad-core? so freaking ridiculous.
Gary Bowling @ Dave, research mobile SOC performance with respect to Die size and voltage...
Ricky Bonilla Just wait til most people use their Octa-core phones for things likr facebook and instagram. such a waste
Rory Montañez-González that sucks, they always change the processor when it ships over here, lame lame.
Camar Green New games made by developers will utilize the cores heheh
Dave Bourque @Sri exactly thats why I ask why does one need 4 cores or 8 cores on a cellular device? battery is of huge importance to stay away from plugging in
Jacob B Dupuy Yes! Yes! Yes!
Kyle Cordiano Paul the HTC one has the same 600 processor found in the us version of the S 4. Little lower clock speed tho, but still the same CPU.
Christopher Manic Johnson Of course the octa-core is better, but having lte is a big compromise
Sri Harsha There are hardly any apps which make complete use of 4 cores and very few games make use of 4 cores. Unless the software is completely optimized, it makes no sense to buy 8 cores. Most of the time 6 cores will be idling.
Jonathon Gillis Quad is good enough not sure why a anyone would even need anything more than that on a phone Lol
Kyle Cordiano Jace quad core exynos in the Galaxy S III vs the quad core 600 in the S 4 is by far means less. The 600 series is a beast.
Dave Bourque why would a mobile device need that kind of processing power?
Ryan Berding I would like to have seen better build quality or at least a step forward in quality.
Luka Pruker HTC One! Cao
Jace Bongailas octa for sure.. buy the normal s3 for quad :)
Paul Kirincic The US version is usually the worse of the 2. I'd take the octa-core or better yet a HTC One.

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