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Today we've got two new entrants into the squared circle of the Patent Palace, as THX has sued Apple for allegedly infringing upon a patent with various models of the iPhone, iPad and iMac. AppleInsider notes that the lawsuit was filed on Thursday in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California, and in it THX claims that Apple violated U.S. Patent No. 7,433,483 for "narrow profile speaker configurations and systems," which relates to improving the sound quality of compact speakers in products like computers. The products being targeted by THX include the iPhone 4, 4S and 5 as well as unspecified iPad and iMac models.

In its complaint, THX claims that Apple's infringement has caused it monetary damages and irreparable harm, and as a result it's seeking damages to compensate for THX's lost profits or a reasonable royalty. The two companies have until May 14 to meet to discuss initial disclosure and an early settlement, so it's possible that this may not even escalate into an actual court battle. Whether or not that'll actually happen is a mystery, especially since both companies have declined to comment on the matter so far, but I'm sure that many fans of the mobile industry wouldn't mind if THX and Apple settled rather than adding to the list of ongoing patent suits. Stay tuned and we'll let you know what ends up going down.

Via AppleInsider, Bloomberg, THX Complaint on Scribd

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"How often do you use the speakers on your mobile devices for things like listening to music or watching video?"

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Chris Kang what if apple used the THX sound when their devices boot up
Frank Rivera Apple... JUST DIE!!!
Curtis Owens all the time.
Waii Hui Patent lawsuits are going crazy, it's getting ridiculous. BUT it is sensible because businesses need to protect their properties and ideas.
Brandon Edward Glenn Netflix, Music (mp3+radio), video games, speaker phone.
Tariq Suharto Everyday, at least 30 mins a day. I'm a youtubeholic :)
Paul Battle ALL THE TIME! I'm a serious media consumer, in fact I'm thinking of buying a Jawbone Jambox considering the amount of music and videos I stream it would be an ideal investment.
Miguel Placencia Hahaha where are all the apple assholes. Who say they never steal ideas
Angad Singh often!
Warren Saunders HTC one!!!
Camar Green Hmm funny funny.
Charlie Ebner Quite often.
Jacob Bessey Most of the time i try to use headphones
Lucas Crutchfield Watch, apple is going to try to find some bullshit counter attack on THX
Eric Magana I love when androids user love when apple gets sued, but apple won the biggest battle haha
Tiger Panomthonichakul Some of the time, and about sue to Apple, it is Khammar to them.
Teejay Crooks Everyday
Cody Nathaniel Arrington Hahaha yes Go Android Beats Audio!
Shawn Edwards I use my headphones or a bluetooth speaker.
Jason Angeles all these suing is retarded.. An excuse to make money
Ryan Matthew Wilkerson I use my speakers ALL THE TIME. I listen to music with my friends when we are in aftercare and we aren’t aloud to have our fucking phones out… AND WE’RE IN 8TH GRADE! I can’t wait tip next year when I’m in high school and get out of that prison!
Dalton Davis Love when apple gets sued!
Rob Melone That's awesome...all these tech companies keep suing each other for patent infringement. Only people making money off these are the
Damon Michener Music on my phone and music/gaming/movies on my laptop? Headphones. Gaming on my phone or YouTube on either platform? Speakers.
Jeremey Brown So Apple,how does it feel??...i use my speakers about 27.67% of the time!!
Lanh Nguyen hell yea!
Brandon Vaughn I hope apple loses. Even tho I have an iPhone 4S.
Tyler Frodl 45% of the time I use my speaker
Alex Villalpando i use my speakers all the time rarely headphones
Aaron Couts makes my day when I hear apple getting sued
Enes Nadir Çomoglu Very rarely. I mostly use earphones.
Christopher Williams It sounds like THX must be hurting financially. Patent troll at its finest!
Jose Daniel Lara Perez I use it everyday for youtube
CeeGii Borels its "SOUNDS GOOD" and yes PUN INTENDED
Guillermo De León not too much, but their speaker/s are loud compared to others.
Kyle Cordiano a good amount. I really don't need headphones for watching a video on youtube. Music is another story.

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