Through quite a bit of Broadway spectacle, Samsung finally did it. They unleashed the next big thing. Maybe unleash is too dramatic of a word. Let’s just go with announced, I guess. That about sums it up. They took the stage in New York City, and officially unveiled the much-anticipated Galaxy S 4. I think we can all admit that Samsung followed in Apple’s footsteps in one big way: Keeping the overall design aesthetic of the device, while packing it the gills with features.

Did Samsung make a mistake by keeping the physical design style of the Galaxy S III? I don’t think so. There’s absolutely no denying that the Galaxy S III is one of the most popular Android devices on the planet, and some of that (most?) has to do with the design of the phone itself. Samsung bumped up the display size, but kept the phone’s overall design because they know it worked. Why would it stop working? With the new features that Samsung is shoving into the device, I can’t help but imagine that Samsung will have another ridiculously popular phone on their hands when it launches. I have no doubt it’s going to climb our Official Smartphone Rankings pretty quickly after it launches.

Don’t fix what isn’t broken, right?

I think one of the more interesting moves is the lack of changes in the software aesthetic. I know that there are people out there who like TouchWiz, and especially the version that launched with the Galaxy S III last year, but I know an equal amount of people who really dislike it. Both parties have their reasons, and there’s nothing wrong with that. I just think it’s interesting because I figured –maybe hoped—Samsung would take some time to redesign their software. Not start all the way over, but just something different.

But here we are, with the Galaxy S 4 right around the corner hopefully, and with the same design as its predecessor in both hardware and software. We’ve reached the point where you can look around on the Internet, and see that many people believe Samsung copied Apple, and copying themselves all the while. It is certainly an interesting time to be a fan of the mobile industry.

If I had to point out something that I think Samsung made a mistake on, it’s the processor choices. The company copied themselves in another area, too: different processors in different versions of the same phone. Samsung announced that one version of the Galaxy S 4 will have their own octa-core Exynos 5 processor; while in other markets, there’d be a quad-core processor inside the device running the show. Again, just like with the Galaxy S III, we’re left to look at one phone that’s landing across the pond with a different processor.

There are reasons for this, and Samsung isn’t making this decision just to be cruel to some markets. They’ve got their reasons. We may not be a fan of the move, but it is what it is.

For me, though, it just gives me one more reason to skip the Galaxy S 4 altogether, and just wait. Wait for another Samsung-branded device, which will probably be running the same software as the Galaxy S 4, but with a few extras thrown in for good measure. That’s right, I’m going to wait for the Galaxy Note III, and be perfectly happy with that decision.

I’ve had a torrid history with the Galaxy S III, but it’s the Galaxy Note II that’s made me a fan of Samsung Android-based devices. No, I’m not a huge fan of TouchWiz, and I can’t stand it on the Galaxy S III at all. But on the Galaxy Note II I can deal with it simply because of the S Pen and its functionality. It’s a trade-off, and one that I’m very willing to make because of the added features that Samsung’s stylus provides.

This is where you’d probably ask me, “But what about the features that Samsung added to the Galaxy S 4, which emulate some of the S Pen features?” Those are cool, yes, and it’s awesome that Samsung has added that functionality with just your finger, and not necessarily needing the S Pen. I’m sure that will make a lot of people happy, especially those who don’t want to use a huge phone.

But for me, I’d prefer to use those features with the S Pen, because it’s just icing on the cake. And, more than anything else, I think it means that the Galaxy Note III is going to have even more features tucked inside its thin frame, all added and built upon what’s running on the Galaxy S 4. Oh, and I have no doubt that it will launch here in the United States with Samsung’s octa-core chipset. There’s that, too.

So what about you? Are you going to buy the Galaxy S 4 as soon as it becomes available for your carrier? Or are you going to wait out for the Galaxy Note III? Or, just maybe, did you already choose to spend your money on another phone entirely? Let me know!

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"Now that the Galaxy S 4 is official, are you going to wait for the Galaxy Note III?"

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Marvin Williamson I have the Note 2.. will probably pass on note 3... only to get tge Note 4!!!! ;-) love my phone!!!
Erin Davitt Have the note and would love to move up to bigger screen.
Grace Moss No thanks im a BB10 fan!!!!
Shawn Gergler yes, love the Note 2
Leslie Ong yes.... waiting for the note 3...
Travis Oleson yes I am going to looking forward to get an awesome galaxy note 3 6.3"!!!
Cesario Brito Jr. You best believe I'll be waiting for the Note 3.
Arham Abbasi Yeeessss im waiting coz still have note 2
Krystine OM Note 3
Sebastian Gomes Nope, I don't need the S Pen
Anthony Bailey I'm definitely replacing my Note II with the Note III.
Sheeraz Sarwar Samsung is good but for me its time to switch to HTC perhaps...i own note 1 its was fully laminated but still its plasticy sides which initially i thought is stainless steel was plastic coated with paint..and now its paint comes out.....disappointed...SONY XPERIA Z is also good...one thing is s4 international has Octa core with 2600mah battery which is not going to last longer
Joel Garcia Ima wait for the iPhone 6 I heard is going to have a 5 inch display
Camar Green Yep note 3
Lessie Hall I will be waiting on the note 3. I really like the S-Pen.
Tiger Panomthonichakul Let's see the screen size first ,I still love 5.5 screen of the note 2.
Michael Mathis If there's such a thing as the Note 3, I think I'll wait. I have til febuary for my upgrade.
Kevin Joel Waiting here too.
Lawrence Lepes I have the Note 2 right now, and it is the best phone on the market in my opinion! I like the specs of the Galaxy S4, but I like the even larger sized screens with the SPen. So yeah; I'll wait for the Galaxy Note 3 to come out. It is going to have the Samsung Exynos 5 Octa, and 4G LTE Network. I heard you can only have a choice between the 2 with the Galaxy S4.
Jude Fils-Aime NOTE III GOOD CHOICE. as for me I'm waiting for the Xperia Z!
Robert Oortwijn Ill go with the LG Nexus 4
Whispered Wisdom must have Note III
Berley G Dowd Wait....... think ill pass...... nothing to see here jus a mini note without the pen.
Micca Koster The s4 is identical. Not worth the upgrade
Diego L. Rivera Nope! Imma buy the note 2 now cuz the s4 sucks and the note 3 won't come out yet soo it's the note 2 for me!
Nestor Trinidad No, I'll wait for the nexus 5 and KP
Armando Sanchez I'm going to wait for the next nexus.
Kyrie Johnson I love my Samsung Galaxy S III. From what I saw of the S4 plus what I heard that they will ugrade some of the features to the phone. I'm cool with what I have til the note 3 comes out. Can't spend my paycheck on something everytime something new comes out.
Bryan T Miller Waiting for lg cuz now they have the advantage of knowing exactly what to beat
Bryan T Miller I'm sticking with my awesome lg optimus g and waiting to see what lg makes next
Muhammad Marsh I waited for the note 2, and I will wait for the note 3. Once you own a note, everything else seems shallow and pedantic.
Michael Kergosien Jr I'm good with my s3.
Waii Hui The note 3 will be the same exact thing as Galaxy S4 but with a bigger screen and a stylus.
David Piepho Note 3 !
Jason Vargas Any screen bigger than 5.5" is un necessary so GN3 is out of the question
Kenneth Li why wait? i have family plan! my 2nd line is avail for upgrade now!
Jason Vargas Any screen bigger than 5.5" is in
Tony DjWiteboy Lopez I'm getting the s4 and the HTC one plus the note 3. If you can afford it than buy it. Resell is easy if you know what you're doing!
Vicki Figueroa S4 is NOT the same shape as the s3!
Vicki Figueroa No.. going with s4
Oscar Sanchez Palomino Yeah....I didn't like the design of the gs4 looks exactly like the gs3
Brandon Edward Glenn Octacore needs to be the maximum for a while. 4 cores for basic processes and 4 for heavy stuff. Sounds about right. I only know of a few desktop rigs that have 16, let alone 8! Just like dual core was it for a few years, cuz it was optimized perfectly for a phone.
Eskias McDaniels I strictly nexus from here on out
Juwon Donte The s4 is a good phone but not worth the upgrade over my s3 I'll wait to see what they do with the note 3 it better be more impressive than the s4 or I'm done with Samsung phones
Dante Desmond Kusanagi Galaxy note is always better
Jessica Rodriguez I have no idea what to do I have an upgrade on one line in July 2013, the other lines on my plan is in Jan 2014 for two lines llove that I'm paying and is charge of my lines my family doesn't mind and they always get the available phones for hand me downs every other 6 months when I usually upgrade lol
Brandon Edward Glenn They revived to Note1 with the S4, so yeah, just wait for the Note3.
Milton Gfl Williams I'm posting this with my note 2 , the s4 is cool but ill wait on the note 3.
Charles W. Y. Wong No. My Note II is already good enough.. cant always have the best of the best and newest products.. just waste of money, like people buy the same iPhones.. but yet the Galaxy line products are much different in many ways so no doubt Samsung will be the world's leader in mobile devices.
Mark Belkowski The note 3 won't be out until late fall so no. It will be the n5, htc one or the s4.
Richelle Alsoknownas Rachel Marley Probably won't upgrade soon from my amazing Note II.
Aaron Lane Either the next iPhone or the Nexus device will be my choice over my One X I have now.
Mathew Duhamel I just got the s3 from verizon I'm more than happy with it
Justin Plecko You mean that wasn't the Note 3 they just introduced? Its not a phone anymore when the average person can't put it in their pocket or looks like a bafoon holding it up to their head. :-P I can't wait to see the size of the next phablet introduced by Samsung! ;-)
Chris Roberts lmao@ Steve Bachman: Your comment about HTC's marketing sounds like something I hear on every Tech site. You get 0 points for originality...
Susan Hugus Yup! Love the larger screen of the Note II.
Kadeem Tyrell Robley Have s3 would very much like the s4 but 5 inches is the biggest I'd go
Marshal Brown My note 2 is flawless. .. I won't need to get another phone till note V or s5 is out.
Murtaza Rzv after buying s4
Miguel Romero yep note 3
Mike Dehls No doubt about it, if only for what I'd hope will be even better battery life.
Rafiq Hussain Waiting for s4 damn eagerly. Good bye Apple.
Malcolm Alexander Yeah im gonna wait for the Note 3
Tito Cruz I would. But I'm loving my Note 2 already :) They've made it great enough, I believe it could last longer than my usual year with phones.
Mindy Kuskin Prestigiacomo I love my note 2 and can't wait for the note 3.
Paul Battle My galaxy nexus is getting the job done. But the Note 2 did catch my eye.
Jay Alejos Oh yeah...
Christopher Williams Definitely waiting. Not because the S4 isn't good enough, but because my S3 still is. Note3 it is.
Jp Garmay Note III- 6.3" Note IV- 7.3" Note V- 8.3" Note VI- 9.3" Note VII- 10.3"and so on...... until it becomes a WALL!
Lona Bremer Waiting for the Asus phablet this summer. I'm not willing to increase my plan by 50 dollars per month and loose my unlimited data. So I've chosen Asus if I switch and Ebay LG Intuition if I stay. I'm not rich!
Greg Hurst No. I don't see how I need more core processors or a screen too big for my hand. I doubt I can keep up with all the bells and whistles anyway.
Odin Johnson Samsung's #1 in my book. My note II is still the best device out of everything out there for me. Different people have different preferences.
Nick Leung so in the next couple of years, ppl will be holding tablets to their ears for phone calls, damnnnnn. Let's just go back to Nokia bricks LOL
George Millhouse Abram. You have learned anything you think the iPhone 5s will be a big difference? Lol
Odin Johnson people will wait for the note III then complain when it is not a drastic design change either. personally i think the 6.3" screen is just a rumor. the current size is just right. 6.3" would be getting a bit ridiculous.
Mark J F Makinika 4.7 to 5 is the best screen for smartphone
Steve Bachman 6.3" is just TOO big. Plastic crap for $300. Thinking the HTC One will be the way to go. The only thing HTC is bad at is marketing!
Marc OKelly sticking with the SIII
Marcus Olausson And 5,5 inches is the minimum screensize in my opinion :-)
Syedul Islam Ill be staying with my nexus 4 till the new one comes along.. If samsung follows this trend they will no longer be phones they will be just tablets..
Ivan Villegas Yes I'm waiting for note 3
Curt Popejoy Like we have a choice. A 2 year contract means I will be eligible for a new phone for the note v.
Brent Stiner Just wait for the s5... With the Samsung rolls out phones it should be out by Christmas
Marcus Olausson Love my Note 2! And YES i will buy the Note 3!!
Urwa Umer lol Ub Umer
Razoan Moyen Arnob still waiting for that google x phone
Andrew F Sheehan I'll be waiting for the next Nexus Device. I'm good with my Galaxy Nexus.
Jonas Daoud I will wait until the S V
Ylla Quezon Pansacula yes note 3 im waiting :)
Sky Baun nope. they are both too big
Mark J F Makinika No. Ill Stick with my S3. and maybe will get HTC One or if IPhone 5s or 6 is Good
Luis Reich Yes.. Love my note 2
Yaron Rosen No, I think the note ll need a lot of fragmentation, I'll buy the s4
Abram Wenevermet Dennis I'll wait & see what apple has 2 offer first.. if they pull a stunt like samsung did with the GS3S ill be getting the note3.
Darren Moore I'll stick with the SIII until the S VI
Tyler Tresenrider No cause it's barley a phone now at 5.5 inches any bigger I consider it a full on tablet it looks ridiculous. Ill get the s4
Steven Basso i guess its safe to say the note III will be the same design
Devlin Robear No, unless PhoneDog wants to pay the $300 upgrade price for me.
Stephen Victor Gonna downgrade to the env3 out of spite for the horrid presentation Sammy gave.
Justin Azzarito Nope. 5" is perfect. 6.3" is not a phone.
Ernesto Octavo Of course
Guruprasad Km yes I will !! It'll be "THE" device of the year !!!!

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