The Apple vs. Samsung mentality has been huge this past year and a half. From the iPhone 4S competing with the Galaxy S II to the iPhone 5 competing against the Galaxy S III, both sides are clamoring for the title of "The Best", and now that Samsung has announced the Galaxy S 4 Apple truly has some catching up to do. I for one think that this year warrants some changes, and I think they might do it.

The pattern with Apple lately has been creating a "new" model and then improving upon the same model the following year. We've seen this with the iPhone 3G which was followed by the iPhone 3GS and the iPhone 4 followed by the iPhone 4S. If we're assuming that Apple is going to follow the same trend, we would expect to see an iPhone 5S (or something of the sort) later this year - but are they really going to take that route after the outcome of last year's iPhone 5 release? Although the results weren't terrible, they were a far cry from what Apple predicted. Something needs to change and they're going to have to do a little better than an iPhone 5S. I think this year they're going to break from their mold and skip the 5S altogether and release something completely different.

I'm going to take a moment to say here that none of these suspicions have been confirmed or even been hinted at by Apple or any reliable source. This is just a gut feeling that I have that something unexpected is going to show up from Apple given the high success and attention that the Galaxy S III and 4 has been given. Here's what I think will change within the next iPhone release:

Bigger Screen

Some would say that moving from a 3.5-inch display to a 4-inch display was big enough, but they got a lot of slack for only making the display taller instead of taller and wider. I believe with the next iPhone they're going to make the screen significantly larger because that's just what people want. While iPhones are notorious for keeping smaller screens, I think a 4.5-inch (or something similar) is probably going to be where the next iPhone ends up in order to stay relevant to the demand of the average mobile phone consumer.

More Customizations

I don't think it would kill Apple to include the option to download ringtones or have some type of widget function for specific apps. While it will probably never be as "free" as Android, there's a whole new market of open-source competition that's going to be released this year and unless Apple loosens the reigns at least a little then people are going to notice more than ever how restricted they really are on Apple &- unless you jailbreak, which a lot of people don’t bother hassling with.

Newer Features

Siri was a huge hit for the iPhone 4S. People loved that it had witty, intelligent responses and could respond much better than your typical voice command system on any platform. The Galaxy S III introduced Smart Stay, and the Galaxy S 4 continued with the Smart features by adding Smart Scrolling and Smart Pause, not to mention other notable features like S Translator, S Health, and Air Gestures. The Galaxy Series also has a comparable system to Siri, S Voice. Needless to say, Siri by itself isn't going to cut it anymore. I believe that Apple realizes this and (hopefully) will add some new creative features like they did with Siri. Consumers want better, they want more, and they want it now.

Apple has to know that whatever Samsung is doing is "what works" now, and if Apple continues to do what they've been doing they're going to find themselves in a very bad situation sooner or later. I don't believe the company is "lost" without Steve Jobs. The iPhone 5 was the first iPhone that showed any sign of the company being overtaken by anybody else, and now that they've seen what happens I think they're going to change.

Or, you know, I could be completely wrong and we'll see an iPhone 5S that doesn't change much of anything at all. I guess we'll have to wait and see, but I have high hopes that things will change this year.

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Gareth Ridout
Gareth Ridout Same old same old. Gotta get an iphone with S3 or S4 dimensions
Jeff Seaver
Jeff Seaver Apple will have big problem if no make some changes. All these new phones are not about consumers no more is all about them between Apple, Samsung and HTC fighting each other in market. It is getting Bad. Announce HTC One but no idea when out and Galaxy S4 announcement but maybe can get in May. Sony Xperia Z buy and phone keep resetting. All these guys have problem and we are the one paying for it
Muhammad Marsh
Muhammad Marsh anything*
Muhammad Marsh
Muhammad Marsh It's over for Apple. From here in out, they will be playing a perpetual game of catch up. Any they add to the next models of iphone will most likely have already been seen and done on an android or windows phone device. Apple is done.
Mark Schroeder
Mark Schroeder Apple has never been one to change the look of their OS. Look at the desktop for Mac OS now and what it looked like ten years ago. Other then the dock at the bottom it's the same thing. So I doubt they will change the home screen on the iPhone anytime soon.
Jason Roets
Jason Roets Very little will change in the next iPhone. Apple is looking to spend their 138 billion dollars on their stock holders. Every company in the world would love to have more money for research and development. Apple is saying with all the money the have their nothing that needs improvement. With that kind of money there is no excuse for not having a phone that is second to none.
David Brand
David Brand youre crazy !
Tommy Snyder
Tommy Snyder I like turtles
Jose Calderon
Jose Calderon Finally, a pro Apple article from PhoneDog (kinda). But I see it isn't going to well for your Fandroid commenters. Keep it going though. There's always two sides to coin.
Clint Harris
Clint Harris OS changes, it will be same iPhone shell.
Jey Saran
Jey Saran Steve jobs: " no one wants to use a stylus" remember that ?
Camar Green
Camar Green What on earth can be drastic omg I know... It's coming in pink purple orange green and aquamarine ... Can't wait to get one.... NOT
?? I wish.
Brandon Thompson
Brandon Thompson Tim Cook may change it up...Apple has changed a little since he's been at the helm.
Omar F Esquivias
Omar F Esquivias Comeback from what??? This is BS journalism people! Not that I don't like phonedog or anything, but all if this "articles" just try to divide the masses and turn them into fanboys. Just use the phone that meets your needs... Why all the effing hate against other phone manufacturers?
Anthony Bailey
Anthony Bailey Okay, I'll bite... YOU'RE CRAZY!!!
Mathur Well instead of calling you crazy I would like to call you apple fanatic
Dwayne Cook
Dwayne Cook pppfft. Lol he said drastic changes!!! hahaha. ROFL
Paul Najera
Paul Najera Crazy.
Aries Bautista
Aries Bautista I think the next iphone will be longer; then longer; then longer..
Damarcus Harris
Damarcus Harris Not a Apple fan boy but I love my ipad and my note 2 best of both worlds
Krishna Karthik
Krishna Karthik And apple fans will start calling it innovative and cool as usual xD
Krishna Karthik
Krishna Karthik 4.3 inch screen with nfc could save apple's ass for a while.....
David Rathbun
David Rathbun They need to release a 5" 1080P screen iPhone with a quad core processor and 2 gigs of ram to keep interest in their product. That would put them back in the game.
Zainal Abidin
Zainal Abidin iPhone 5s !? Hmmmmmmm! Yolo to that
Myron Black
Myron Black iam going back iam tired of android locking up and doing whatever the hell it wants to
Paul Battle
Paul Battle I read a comment here saying Samsung is running out of ideas. Lol! They promoted lots of software features that would allow users to engage more of their lives into their phone. Keep in mind these are native Samsung branded apps. The iPhone has plenty of third party apps that do just the same if not better but they're developed by other people besides Apple. I just thought Apple is running out of ideas, a minor spec bump here and an extra row of icons there and voila! A brand new phone that is "significantly" enough to warrant such a high price tag. People are buying build quality and the name when buying the iPhone. On the other hand people are buying subpar build quality and software features when buying the S3-S4. Its merely preference. One can't be better than the other in terms of generalization, because there are always exceptions.
Jason Ramos
Jason Ramos No you're
Muhammad ElSrarie
Muhammad ElSrarie they will follow the same formula they've been following !
Randy Kightlinger
Randy Kightlinger I think Apple's next move had better be a fresh look at iOS (redesign), rather than a hardware update.
Eduardo Ordaz
Eduardo Ordaz An iPhone with a bigger screen will look kinda ridiculous IMHO.
Bryan T Miller
Bryan T Miller Funny thing is that recently I was at the minneapolis mn airport and they an ipad mounted in front of every single seat in the restaurants there, and even ipads by seats that are just in the middle of isles But not a single android tablet in the whole airport
Edgar Rodriguez
Edgar Rodriguez They have to
Jordan Brown
Jordan Brown Its the same formula Samsung just used with the Samsung Galaxy S4.
Reese Woodson
Reese Woodson If the iPhone 5S/ 6 doesn't have a bigger screen and revamp of iOS then it will be a fail in my eyes........
Ziggy Torres
Ziggy Torres Crazy
Dave Bourque
Dave Bourque @Richard "I love both platforms"... " I hate using my apple devices!" that makes no sense lol...
Susan Hugus
Susan Hugus What I dislike so much about the Apple products is the control they have over the other competitors when it comes to apps. It took a long time for many companies to finally build apps for the Android phones and tablets. With Android beating out the iPhone in the other parts of the world, companies had to finally start building apps for a different system. There are still major companies or organizations that apps just for Apple products. This control is not what the market place should be seeing.
Tamoor Haider
Tamoor Haider The thing is already in production. Next year maybe. Expecting camera upgrades and ios7 just like they always do.
Richard John Soares
Richard John Soares I own multiple android and apple devices. I love both platforms but I think your wrong. I hate using my apple devices! And as soon a my htc one comes ill be selling my iPhone 5
Eduardo Ordaz
Eduardo Ordaz They need to start a new one. Like the ipda. A design similar to my Old Nintendo DSi.
Steve Bachman
Steve Bachman They are officially irrelevant!
Sam Drake
Sam Drake Well i think they will be at least a year and a half behind the trends
Zach Chapman
Zach Chapman Running out of ideas Randy? Samsung Mobile USA is at the forefront.. Apple Inc. lost its hold on the market A LONG TIME AGO.
Jordan Scarano
Jordan Scarano Apple blows
Noriel Dacer
Noriel Dacer @joseph richardson why'd google decided to port some google apps (important apps) to IOS?? simple analysis,because google knew they can get bunch of customers in IOS.. that's the fact.
Nick Catelli
Nick Catelli A 5S launching as opposed to a new model like the 6 would be disastrous. They could get away with it when the 4S launched, but not anymore. You can't have the same phone for 2 years straight anymore, and competition like the HTC One and the Galaxy S4 prove that.
Randy B Hoopes
Randy B Hoopes Go apple! Samshit is running out of ideas
Dino Dimakopoulos
Dino Dimakopoulos Same old. Incremental upgrades, slap an S or a new number to it, price it like its the first one of its kind. Thanks to Samsung now even the non-tech crowd is realizing Apple adds a lot of fluff and has been selling essentially the same product for years.
Jerod Saunders
Jerod Saunders I love both android and apple but the integration that apple has is a plus in my book.
Jason Vargas
Jason Vargas Did the people over at TiP take over the PhoneDog page?! This week has been more about Apple then Samsung. The Greatest phone in the world was just announced people!
Dalton Davis
Dalton Davis Apple is not gonna make a come back. It's over for them!
Brooklyns Finests
Brooklyns Finests Apple always makes a come back apple is better point blank
Blake Salsgiver
Blake Salsgiver The only thing I like about my iPhone 5 is. The reception. I get better reception than I ever did with my Android phones. After my contract is up. Im going back to Android. Customization and expandable storage!!!
Herwin Torres
Herwin Torres I saw on CNet that there are rumors about NFC and bigger screens for the icrap 6.
Noriel Dacer
Noriel Dacer ip5's software/specs are fast enough,.changes in iphones are not that important,as long as it stays on IOS platform.. everything will be fine and as smooth as it used to be.. IOS ftw!
Teejay Crooks
Teejay Crooks Even my grandmother knows that apple is crap
Erica Reid
Erica Reid Lmao @Zach
Robert Wellington Clubine III
Robert Wellington Clubine III Apple is already moving back all their manufacturing back to the USA, Mac is the first phase.
Ilija Jovanovic
Ilija Jovanovic i am calling you crazy :P
Stephen Wagner
Stephen Wagner Hahahahahaha same formula
Angel Hernandez
Angel Hernandez If they wanna compete with the HTC one, Xperia z, Or Samsung Gs4 they better change something up lol.. Getting the HTC one whenever its out here in the States.
Eduardo Ordaz
Eduardo Ordaz They need to change IOS. It may be stable but its too boring. It's like you are stuck in a jail cell.
Joseph Alan Richardson
Joseph Alan Richardson Haha, you're crazy :L They couldn't keep up with Android now if they tried, Android develops much faster than iOS and Apple knows this. Google has more companies behind it's mobile OS, Apple = 1 company. Google = Many companies. After all, its the power of the many that makes the future.
Bryan Paddock
Bryan Paddock They can't compete with samsung anymore. Apple, to much of the same old thing. I kicked the iPhone to the curb.
Matt TropicalWinds Troilo
Matt TropicalWinds Troilo Funny thing about the Apple lawsuit on Samsung, is that Apple wouldn't have a phone if it wasnt for Samsung, countless parts, such as the RAM are manufactured by Samsung, it's all a joke...same thing year after year, if BB10 takes off I am switching back to Blackberry
Ediben Yoonan
Ediben Yoonan No!!
Hubert Nguyen
Hubert Nguyen Same old formulas..little tweaks here and there then sell it for 700..lol
Rami Fares
Rami Fares In all honesty, Android is still a broken OS. iOS has always been more stable.
Zach Chapman
Zach Chapman The 5S!!.. now with a 12 megapixel camera and Siri' big brother Stevi!!
Marquell Pendergrass
Marquell Pendergrass The only Attempt Apple makes is Suing Samsung
Logan Hoover
Logan Hoover You don't understand people like Apple because it doesn't really change. They will stay the same and stay popular.
Brandon James
Brandon James Nope Apple mngt is too rigid!
Jonathan Jones
Jonathan Jones I'm about to leave android and give Apple a try
William Plotner
William Plotner What they need to do is move 100% of their manufacturing to the U.S. I say we start a petition.
Jose Angel Santiago
Jose Angel Santiago They would just add a number or an s and market the crap out of the phone and people will fall for it again.
Sheila Ellis
Sheila Ellis The innovator is gone. They have shown us since Steve's absence what they've got going...And it isn't much! The only way they can come back strong is to clean house and look for more innovators. Otherwise, if the retina, 4S and 5 are any indication of what's in store...stick a fork in 'em...they're done!
Brandon Vaughn
Brandon Vaughn I hope they make changes. Kinda sick of the same thing all the time. And Android is coming out with neat products.
Anthony V Cannata
Anthony V Cannata Apple no changes same formula
CeeGii Borels
CeeGii Borels Steve Jobs: "NO ONE wants to buy GIANT PHONES" membah that?
Tabib Rehman
Tabib Rehman I dont like ios but i hope they do well because that will make google work harder to make android better
Ryan Turner
Ryan Turner I sure hope so!
Zach Chapman
Zach Chapman 4in quad-core and claim its the best.. lol.
Eduardo Ordaz
Eduardo Ordaz It will look the same.
Steven Basso
Steven Basso well they have to or there done
Anthony Evans Jr
Anthony Evans Jr they will add an S to the end of the 5 and you guys like other isheep websites will call them innovative
Sky Baun
Sky Baun they need to evolve or die
Jason Wilde
Jason Wilde No
Becky Parker
Becky Parker It will be the iPhone 6 > 4.5 inch screen
Mark Belkowski
Mark Belkowski Rumor has it they may overhaul it now that jobs is gone. They need to do something to compete with the likes of the s4 and htc one. I think apple is a bit scared.
James Gustavo Hidalgo
James Gustavo Hidalgo crazy
Josh Pieters
Josh Pieters Probably the same. Or change the charging port again.

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