Over a miniscule three months, we have seen the launch of high-end Android devices from multiple manufacturers, a rebranded BlackBerry, multiple updates to familiar Android skins, and I'm enthralled by my choices. Google's Android is basking in the spotlight as the number one competitor while iOS demands the unparalleled patience until its launch date later this year. Even BlackBerry has taken the arena by surprise and launched two respectable opponents, and its a valiant effort. In short, Apple’s prefix of familiarity and simplicity have outweighed their welcome against the competition. I feel like one of Deadmau5’s 48-bar introductions in a world of Brostep. 

I recently outlined Android's prowess as the world's most popular mobile operating system, and how their new head, Sundar Pichai, has a daunting task ahead of him to keep the ball rolling. Android has been gaining ground on competing operating systems for quite a while. Whether Google has plateaued or not is surely debatable, but I'm positive when I say Google's Android has never been in a better position to the competition. 

A few days ago, Phil Schiller took Twitter by storm and denounced Android on many fronts. Among the topics were laggy performance and lackluster updates to devices running the Android OS. Since then, Apple has taken a bullish approach by dedicating an entire webpage to why iPhone is the best choice. 

This is an Apple marketing tactic that familiarly pitches iPhone and iOS 6’s advantages against competing devices and softwares. This is not a new tactic for Apple. We’ve seen Apple form a strong defense against critics of their products by fronting with a strong offense before, but what’s new about Apple’s “Why iPhone” webpage is its lack of firepower and relevant arguments.

Apple has long advocated for their ecosystem and simplicity; iOS prides itself on this. There is nothing wrong with the approach, and it’s a strong argument against the open source Android operating system. However, where Apple fails to garner attention as an alternative to the LG Optimus Pro G’s and HTC One’s of 2013 is in its reasoning. They’re firing blanks when the competition is unleashing hollow points.

Apple’s press conference is due in the next few months. Fans of the fruit company are as giddy as ever, but naysayers are justified. There has never been a better time for a press conference to combat Andy, the Android.

Apple’s iOS is a familiar foe. I have a long history with Apple’s iPhone’s and MacBooks. I can comfortably argue iOS as the epitome of an ecosystem. Though Project Butter helped Android, I prefer the fluidity of iOS. The iconic home screen that we love to hate might be boring, but it’s effective. And the synchronization between Apple’s devices running iOS is unparalleled through iCloud. What’s most surprising, however, is Apple’s lack of understanding of this year’s discussions. Apple’s ecosystem may be unparalleled on many fronts, but it’s upsetting to see them loft on such a medieval offense against Android. Attention to detail, the Retina display, and LTE are arguments that are embarrassingly simple defenses. I expect Apple to set the bar high like the original iPhone, not talk down the competitors with uneducated irrationality.


The “Why iPhone?” homepage shows consumers the benefits of iPhone against everything else. It’s safe to say that Apple is pitching iOS against Google’s Android. Here are the 12 reasons listed on Apple's "Why iPhone?" web page, followed by some rationality.

- iPhone has received eight straight J.D. Power and Associates awards for customer satisfaction. 


- Every detail has been considered

You have had the time to consider them.

- Only iPhone has the Retina display. 

That’s tried, tested, and trademarked.

- Great battery life. Without a great big battery. 

Why wouldn’t you want a bigger battery? Look at the Galaxy S 4's 5-inch display and 2,600mAH in a 7.9mm chassis.

- The A6 chip is powerful but not power hungry. 

Could this be due to the smaller 4-inch Retina display? 

- iPhone gives you ultrafast wireless and LTE.

LTE = 2011.

- The world's most popular camera. 

It's not a popularity contest. Apple could have argued their camera's optics instead.

- Millions of ways to be entertained. From one trusted source. 

I believe this to be the strongest argument to purchase an iPhone.

- iOS 6. The world's most advanced mobile operating system. 

There's a reason they mention this towards the bottom.

- Only iPhone has Siri. Your wish is its command. 

Google Now answers before the question.

- iCloud puts your content on all your devices. 


- iPhone comes with something unique: support from real people. 

Not all people are geniuses, Apple. 

In summary, Apple is on the 12 step program. They’ve made steady progress by admitting the problem, but it’s going to take more than faith to get back to where they were in life.

What do you think of Apple's counterattack? Are their arguments valid, or should they be judged harshly?

Image via iMore.

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"Apple just launched a web page titled "Why iPhone?" in hopes of grabbing attention from Android. What do you think is Apple's best defense against Android, if any at all? "Why iPhone?" web page: http://www.apple.com/iphone/why-iphone/"

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Marcus Samual Winchester
Marcus Samual Winchester All Apple do is preach to the technologically inept. "Ooh, we have Retina Display, it is better than any display for the next few years". Since 2010, Retina had rule of the display market in the quality department but 2012/2013 have come to show that Retina is now nothing more than a lower PPI display compared to the S4, Xperia Z, HTC One and co. Apple uses good displays and I personally don't see a need to 1080p displays on mobile devices simply because that creates a need for more powerful internals to display on that screen and that hits our already strained battery technology, but Apple need to stop marketing themselves as the best. They make intuitive software, I'll give them that. But hardware wise, only the iPad 4 can actually be touted as one of the more powerful devices on the market, iMacs for what they are, are just a technological joke to hardware enthusiasts, PC builders and gamers.
Kristen Luce
Kristen Luce HAaHAHAHFahhahahaHA
Timus Maximus
Timus Maximus https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=toe_znSy-bk
Douglas Prevo
Douglas Prevo Apple's best defense against android would be a major overhaul of: ios, their release schedule, handset design, and Apple's perceived attitude by non Apple customers. The thing they can't fix is their vocal customer base that will continue marginalizing other options and opinions...
Waii Hui
Waii Hui bigger screens, more choices, more customization, more openness in the App Store, more availablity in different carriers, lower the prices of the iphones
Dino Dimakopoulos
Dino Dimakopoulos Apple has "Retina" trademarked, so technically, yes, only iPhone has "Retina display". But as stated by Apple, all Retina display means is a pixel density so high that the human eye cannot distinguish pixels. The iPhone 5 has 326ppi, while the HTC One, Sony Xperia Z, and Samsung Galaxy S4 have WELL over 400ppi. So basically, atleast 3 phones have way better "Retina" displays. Again, its brilliant marketing, but an insult to anyone familiar with technology.
Tommy Snyder
Tommy Snyder I like Turtles
Richard Rios
Richard Rios Jose my friend, you're a lump of turd. That is all.
Richard Rios
Richard Rios Idk why some of you people love to whine about fragmentation on Android, as long as you have recent hardware you should be good! I'm on 4.0.4 and everything runs great! What's your problem, got an old phone? Guess what? That's technology for ya! It's a never ending cycle... I'm pretty sure you guys know that since youre tech savvy enough to be on this page in the 1st place. -_-
Jose Calderon
Jose Calderon Shut up PhoneDog, you're obviously biased against the iPhone.There would be no Android without iPhone so zip it. iOS and Android are pretty much identical, anyway, they both do the same things reasonably well. It's a wonder, that Android is FINALLY on par with iOS but how long did it take, 5 years? Pathetic.
Anthony Tat
Anthony Tat iOS is unarguably smooth, but its not enough to choose its lack of customization and features over Android. That's like choosing to live in a country with no rights because its better then giving in a country where some rights have to be fought for
Camar Green
Camar Green Once the note 3 comes I'm gonna be happy to go back to android. Apple is way to boring. I was almost sucked in and blinded by the Apple Genjutsu hahah
Jamie Palmer
Jamie Palmer I've had both ill never go back to an android... Ever
Dre Ill
Dre Ill Point is, IOS is not! Plain and simple. If we were to examine the word "advanced", being beyond others in progress or ideas, Apple lost that race a long time ago...........to Android, in almost every aspect of the word.
Dave Bourque
Dave Bourque Android can't claim most advanced either.
Dre Ill
Dre Ill "IOS 6: The worlds most advanced operating system" I never participate in OS vs OS flame wars, but really Apple? Most Advanced?? Stop it!!!!!!!!!!!
?? Lag or Hang still appears even Android Phones are using quad core cpu......Maybe these come from the apps? Love iOS and love App Store because there are high quality apps and great launching speed even though they are using dual core 1.2HGz and 1G RAM......given great battery life and less heat while running 3D graphics games/browsing long time.
Sebastian Gomes
Sebastian Gomes Android has been surpassed Apple. iPhone can only throw these cheap little taunts
Charlie Durie
Charlie Durie Only iPhone has retina display? Um...hello Apple...are you totally retarded or what? The retina display is a pixel per since of 326...there are phones like the DNA...GS4...and the HTC One with 441ppi and 468ppi!!! Apple you are outdated!
Jerry Goldbaum
Jerry Goldbaum There's absolutely nothing Google and especially the cheap feeling products that Samsung puts out that would make me remotely interested in moving away from my iPhone, iPad, and Mac. No thanks Google, when products and services are free you are the product. I'll pass.
Brandon Jiang
Brandon Jiang lol @ only iphone has retina
Robert Smith
Robert Smith i hate fruit
Gabriel Soba
Gabriel Soba I personally think that ios is too restrincting and even if you do jailbreak it it just slows down the phone ive had a rooted nexus s 4g for 2 years and its still as good as the day i got it
Anthony Bailey
Anthony Bailey And weren't all the iSheep always gloating (and bitching) about how CrApple NEVER speaks ill about other products from other companies??? And now this? CrApple chooses not to be innovative, and then when they realize many of the sheep are starting to stray from the flock, their answer is to down other platforms??? PATHETIC and LAME!
Anthony Bailey
Anthony Bailey There's nothing CrApple is currently offering, that could even remotely compel me to switch from my superior Samsung Galaxy Note II. Now, if Apple makes a 5.3"+ device with true HD, a totally revamped UI and one that's not dependent on iTunes, plus they can stop trying to control me every move by locking down everything and not allowing for personal customization... then maybe there's a chance in hell I'd ever consider an Apple phone.
Robert Salender
Robert Salender Not an Apple fanboy myself (using a Windows Phone, btw), but at least both Apple and Microsoft don't make you join a social network, just so you could leave feedback for developers/app reviews. Screw Google in its entirety. This doesn't mean I hate Android: I LOVE Android in terms of customization. I'm just on the end of it with Windows Phone. But once that Ubuntu Phone comes out...
Henrick Rawlins
Henrick Rawlins Vete a la mierda Victor Valdes. Apple is done for!, I don't see a comeback & Steve Jobs will keep to spin in his grave because the Koreans are killing tha American Innovation. I love Android & will continue to purchase Galaxy products.
Charlie Ebner
Charlie Ebner True arguments, but hollow ones. I'm willing to be Apples investors wanted them to do something to get Apple back on top, and this is one of their marketing campaigns. I also think that with Apple reiterating these features, it might mean we shouldn't expect much for the next iPhone. I personally have an iPhone 5. I do enjoy it. Yes, I have owned and used Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry. While they all have their pros and cons, I do prefer iOS to the others with WP a very close second. Android is ridiculously customizable, but unnecessary for most people. I believe people like that feature, but could definitely do without it, I can, and I will. To that end, I do think Apple has hit a low with attacking Android. We all have our opinions on OS's and I have read countless debates on what people think and prefer. If it works for you, then get it and quit worrying about what someone else has. I am by no means an iSheep, but my next phone will probably be the next iPhone, or maybe a WP. We'll have to wait and see what the future holds.
Karoly Varga
Karoly Varga crapple , lol
Karoly Varga
Karoly Varga sheep, bee bee bee
Aries Bautista
Aries Bautista Retina is behind already.
Macoi Ojeda Moralina Jr.
Macoi Ojeda Moralina Jr. i have nothing against apple but they should make up their minds to innovate the iphone. :/
Joernie Berrios
Joernie Berrios I-Phone's are for Girls and Old people...lol
Chris Roberts
Chris Roberts Why dont all of you iwhores just go away!!!!
Jordan Brown
Jordan Brown Kind of like their "Why Mac" page.
Diego Lopez Rodriguez
Diego Lopez Rodriguez None
Cesario Brito Jr.
Cesario Brito Jr. Zzzzzz crapple is such an afterthought these days.
Joe Zazueta
Joe Zazueta they need to run Android on there phones add a bigger screen then ill by one
Daniel Carpenter
Daniel Carpenter Why come out with this campaign now?
Abram Wenevermet Dennis
Abram Wenevermet Dennis Totally redesign the iPhone.
Paul Keefe
Paul Keefe iOS is utter garbage
Mohit Gadre
Mohit Gadre Apples dun 4. They rlly think that this "y iphone" campaign is gonna do jack? they rlly need 2 start rethinking their strategy, and FAST.
Reese Woodson
Reese Woodson iOS is really behind the curb. However it's really simple to use. I have a iPhone 5 and Nexus 4. I like both OSs........
Eduardo Ordaz
Eduardo Ordaz Apple has gone nutz.
Dave Bourque
Dave Bourque This is like soccer fans vs hockey fans vs football fans... saying how the other sports sucks more than the other...
Austin Azevedo
Austin Azevedo I was excited about my iPhone but I am bored of it because its not like android which you can change a lot when with the iPhone you can't do anything. I prefer Android over it.
Jose Morales
Jose Morales This looks like a sad, desperate attempt to grab some sales when the tendency is very clear that people are getting disappointed with Apple.
Charles W. Y. Wong
Charles W. Y. Wong user friendly OS is for old people, maybe the iOS fans are old and lazy
Jody Warrick
Jody Warrick Apple is pretty dumb at this point..Android not only caught up with ios stability and speed but has now passed Apple in ingenuity, customization and phone appeal in general...Apple is a great company BUT...a 4 inch phone length wise is their "next big thing?" Thats when they lost me... They need an overhaul of the whole phone.. bring 5 inches and customizable apps and back grounds to get back in the game Apple..or pick up your ball and go home.
Jeffrey Hanes
Jeffrey Hanes Who cares which is better. Everyone and their dumb opinions, like it matters.
Matt Delima
Matt Delima IOS is a really user friendly os. I mean just look, its home screen is a list of apps...
Bobby OReilly
Bobby OReilly i love how that iphone page is full of opinion not actual fact. for example: "world's favorite camera", or "jd power and associates award", or "ultra fast LTE". my favorite camera is the one on my phone, that's an opinion. JD power award is based on the opinion of people who work there; i can be satisfied with my product more than they with iphone. what qualifies JD powers to give me an opinion? ultra fast LTE? prove it. use a standard benchmark to show it.
Sheila Ellis
Sheila Ellis I would never buy a phone that is decidedly behind the curve. And that is precisely what iPhone is at this point. And contrary to the poor earlier poster's analogy, what the Android buyers and disgruntled previous owners of iPhone translate to is NO SALES and that, my friend translates directly to their bottom line. So, you best believe that they care about buyer's opinions. That is why they are doing damage control...to save a possible remnant. That's what all the stalling tactics aka lawsuits were about. None of it worked. They are going to have to put out a better product. I wouldn't be surprised if they dropped the cellphone and threw all of their muscle behind the tablets and notebooks. Samsung and Android have won and HTC cleans up the rest. The percentage of Windows and Blackberry users also count toward no sales for iPhone in their categories. And lastly, we have the bailers...Those who are selling their iPhones and bailing while the opportunity lasts to get into one of these hot new Android phones. ALL of this means, it's going to be a shaky shareholders meeting next quarter.
Paul Battle
Paul Battle Apple's best weapon is it's reputation for building the most premium devices, yet expensive. That attracts all the iflys to the "light" that will eventually burn them.
Erik Lee Morales
Erik Lee Morales Omg! All these butthurt apple fan boys are hilarious!
William Plotner
William Plotner I say we start a petition to make Apple do 100% of their manufacturing in the U.S.
Neil Leisenheimer
Neil Leisenheimer Wow, LTE? That thing other smartphones had a couple years ago? A 'popular' camera? Sure, the S4 may have a 13mp camera, but Apple's is POPULAR! I wish Apple would just say what the actual PPI is instead of 'Retina'. New phones like the DNA crush the iPhone. There are also plenty of SoCs better than the A6. Finally, XDA devs has been more help to me than any Apple genius ever. The iPhone is a gimmick.
Robert Wellington Clubine III
Robert Wellington Clubine III Apple is shifting their manufacturing back to the USA already. Macs are the first phase.
Phil Ofthefuture
Phil Ofthefuture They don't have one. Apple is garbage.
Robert Wellington Clubine III
Robert Wellington Clubine III To much of a good thing is and always will be a bad thing.
Josetth Gordon
Josetth Gordon Screen projector and keyboard projector on iPhone 6. I love android so is there a phone that does this on android?
John Resch
John Resch Make them in the US..
David Lukens
David Lukens This debate reminds me of Ford vs Chevy. I prefer android personally but iPhone makes a great product also. I think Apple has lost its edge. I love my nexus 4. Great performance for the price, love android 4.2.
Rey Gonzalez
Rey Gonzalez Apple is scared of losing to Samsung hahaha
James B. Kelly
James B. Kelly My iPhone was supposed to come with an Asian lady?
Gary Bowling
Gary Bowling Android Fan Boys seem to be, generally more educated than iOS fan boys. To answer the question, iOS still has a better app store, more optimised and better security. Personally, Android has more going for it.
Jenni Massey
Jenni Massey I agree with the comments about the iPhone build quality. In my opinion that's the only thing that would sway me toward an iPhone.
Cal-Gene Johnson
Cal-Gene Johnson Apple is in a class of it's own. If you don't know then your loss. Android and PC is a cheap Alternative.
Chris Glade
Chris Glade 9 letters: INGENUITY.
Nole Lazaroff
Nole Lazaroff The comments on here show that a new kind of sheep is now predominant-the android sheep! Seriously I like Android, but its far from perfect,and in some areas like overall integrity and stability, iOS has the edge.
Suad Mahmutovic
Suad Mahmutovic Some one is scared HTC=KINGS
Ian Walker
Ian Walker Apple is a fantastic company that makes fantastic products it don't need to do this to stay on tip of its game.
Daniel Valdez
Daniel Valdez Honestly people can buy whatever the f***they wanna buy. I love Apple products Android just sucks big time. People can't fucken admit that everything stupid Samsung is doing was already made by Apple. I LOVE APPLE BECAUSE IS AN AMERICAN INNOVATION and is a great phone!
Charles Barlow
Charles Barlow I jut jailbroken my iPhone and can do alot more then android ever thought about doing and I don't have to but an extended battery
Dave Bourque
Dave Bourque this whole site is ran by android fanboys.
Amer Ahmed
Amer Ahmed I'd probably buy an iPhone if it were running android. They have their hardware correct, it's just the software...
Dave Morgan
Dave Morgan Apple's best, and only, defense against Android is much better build quality. The aluminum and glass Apple uses on their CryPhones looks more appealing than Samsung's bewildering insistence on using shiny plastic. The HTC One has greatly been improved in build quality but I'm not a big fan of Sense. For me personally, the overall Android experience is more than enough to overlook Samsung's cheap materials. And for philosophical reasons, I will never purchase an Apple product.
Jozef Sakac
Jozef Sakac Exactly why iPhone ? When you have the HTC one and the Galaxy s4
John Edward Santos Totah
John Edward Santos Totah Android is crap. Always need a replacement. Bigger battery doesn't mean better battery. My 1440mah battery in my iPhone 5 lasts all day. Full brightness. Wifi. LTE. Always on.
Ilija Jovanovic
Ilija Jovanovic lame, apple has hit rock bottom with this page
Charles Barlow
Charles Barlow The good thing about android is also the bad thing about android the phones keep on getting bigger soon there going to make a 20 inch phone and stupid people r still going to be buying them and carting them around looking real dumb plus android has some cool apps but they r all third party app and I've had my card number stolen from those dam app so ill stay with iPhone soon enough android will be so big in screen and that will be there down fall
Robert Wellington Clubine III
Robert Wellington Clubine III Keep it simple and it will appease to a broader market, I do not have to show how techno gadget happy and intelligent I am. I just want a mobile/phone that just simply works.
Enes Nadir Çomoglu
Enes Nadir Çomoglu Hypocrites! Hypocrites everywhere! When Samsung releases a commercial that bashes iPhone users and implies that S3 is better, you view it as a cool gesture. When Apple does no such thing as bashing the opposing brand and just kindly informs people of the benefits of having an iPhone, suddenly it is a pitiful and unacceptable act. Now, I'm not an iPhone owner, I own a Galaxy Nexus and am happy with it, but I really hate it when hypocritical know-it-all bastards like some of you feels no shame in stating their opinions of Apple's iPhone like their opinion is what matters. Well, I've got some bad news, folks, no one freaking cares that you hate the iPhone so much that you'd mercilessly throw an iPhone 5 out the window. We have a freedom of choice. You have no right to belittle iPhone users just because the iPhone is "inferior" to your Android phones. Android and iOS are both well-built operating systems and neither is superior to the other. Your only answer to why there are so many people who buy the iPhone is "they are like zombies! they'd buy whatever Apple release!" That is just a sad excuse. The iPhone sells because there are actually people out there who appreciate what it has to offer. Who are you to judge them?
Dre Desvignes
Dre Desvignes apple's ads captured customers, but those same customers soon realised it was all just talk once they made their purchases and felt the disappointment. samsung and android clearly puts apple in the back of the class. apple was good.......but they had their time, its time to make way for the real top guns!
Camar Green
Camar Green Rofl I have iPhone 5 and apps force close with no warning. It freezes up at times so please save that crap about it being flawless. And to add a Note(no pun intended) my phone is stock and has been since day 1
Jose Villa
Jose Villa Lol
Jaime Espinoza
Jaime Espinoza Brutal Come back Apple, I'm running to an Apple store As I type this on my Samsung Galaxy Note II.. lol
Jon Markle
Jon Markle As much as I love Apple and especially my iPhone4, (I've owned an iPhone since day one), I simply cannot afford to upgrade any more. So, I think the single most important thing Apple MUST do -- and Apple can afford to do this & still maintain quality -- is to both move all manufacturing to USA soil AND at the same time slash the prices of its flagship product.
Jason Angeles
Jason Angeles I have an iphone 5 and a spare android phone. I like both. They both have there advantages. Ios being simple but smooth vs customization but you'd have to deal with a little bit of lag and the scrolling isn't as great as ios
Josh Lazenby
Josh Lazenby That is a pretty sad attempt from Apple. Virtually everything they said is either: Done on other devices, an Apple buzzword, or a flat out lie. Lame
Dalton Davis
Dalton Davis All I can say is " Apple Sucks "
Robert Wellington Clubine III
Robert Wellington Clubine III The android market is getting over flooded with way to much crap and it does matter how android devices keep upping their hardware because all those shiny new android phones will be loaded within minutes and people will continuously want more and more.
Daniel Savedbygrace Marquez
Daniel Savedbygrace Marquez Androids freeze up waay to much..I had the note 2 and I traded it for the iPhone 5 because texting is waay more easier
Eric Quach
Eric Quach Retina display. lol Android already has screens around 100 more ppi than the retina.
Teejay Crooks
Teejay Crooks Icrap
Mirza Blade Kudic
Mirza Blade Kudic Suad Baha
Terence Bright
Terence Bright The iPhone is boring, and mostly for simple-minded people.
Rick Harris
Rick Harris Apple had the advantage 3 years ago when they owned the smart phone and tablet market but the competition has caught and passed them for many of the same reasons Microsoft did with computers in the 90's, guess they didn't learn from history.
Bill Thomas
Bill Thomas I'll keep my windows phone before I go to either apple or android cuz they both suck and are just a name
Georgios Renieris
Georgios Renieris I have an iPhone 5 but if they don't do something to really try and keep me buying them i'm going back to Android I like both though. The only thing I hated about android is whenever the newest version would come out you would still have to wait and see when it comes for your phone.
CeeGii Borels
CeeGii Borels OMFG it Happened...
Camar Green
Camar Green Lol Apple iPhone pic us we got color lmao
Nick Petrizzio
Nick Petrizzio A joke
Hubert Nguyen
Hubert Nguyen Apple starting to to panic? Lol iMoneyHungry company
Allen Qiu
Allen Qiu Apple's best defense is their lawyers ... lol
Garrett Deceuninck
Garrett Deceuninck looks likes someone is very desperate
Anthony Glyadchenko
Anthony Glyadchenko *anecdotal experience*
Oliver Dickins
Oliver Dickins My best Apple experience is when I was waiting at the 'Genius' bar to swap my iPhone, one of the 'Genius' people asked another if he could use a magnet to retrieve a piece of metal from the headphone jack of an iPhone!
Steve Bachman
Steve Bachman iSheep got nothing left!
Sandeep Murali
Sandeep Murali They should've saved the space on the page and wrote "Because it doesn't run Android". More than enough reason to get one. Signed, Windows Phone fan.
Krishna Karthik
Krishna Karthik Apple products look choooolll....n that's it.....they have the same layout rather in terms of android...a launcher.....which has been looking the same since my childhood
Jesus E. Garcia
Jesus E. Garcia lol no one can save apple only they can save themselves....
Fabian Toti
Fabian Toti Yea that is retarded
Randy Walker Sr.
Randy Walker Sr. Retina display is just an Apple name for ppi, which is matched or surpassed by many Android devices.
Carl Dale
Carl Dale Apple boring, just a brand name. Android is better in numbers, whatever the flaws.
Ebubekir Inanç
Ebubekir Inanç iCrap (IOShit) doesn't stand a chance against Android
Kenneth Maneeley
Kenneth Maneeley There doing this because apple may loose the name of IPHONE. IF THERE NOT CAREFULL. MY EYESITES GOING AND IT IS HARDER FOR ME TOO LOOK AT A LITTLE 4 screen. A reason for me to get the galaxy note 2 or 3. In my case bigger is better. Love also a removable battery and a SD card slot. Something apple will never have. Plus android is so custimisiable and apple is still so bland. Android all the way for me!!!
Lazar Veljkovic
Lazar Veljkovic Maemo :D
Michael C Rogala
Michael C Rogala Apple's best defense against Android is to reincarnate Steve Jobs! Android has finally come into it's own!!!
Michael Spotts
Michael Spotts Lawyers
Kristoff Lewandowski
Kristoff Lewandowski That is so lame...
Michael C Rogala
Michael C Rogala Apple's best defense against Android is to reincarnate Steve Jobs!
Jen Zaganas Cooper
Jen Zaganas Cooper I've never owned an iPhone, but my daughter does & hates it after having Android. I played with her phone and told her she could have it. I don't understand the drive to wait all night to get a new one, they suck!
Jason Jung
Jason Jung Poor excuses
Naveen Shan
Naveen Shan ANDROID <3
Ernesto Moreno
Ernesto Moreno My personal preference is Android of course but I think people prefer iOS for it's simplicity.
Matt Rodgers
Matt Rodgers But... But... There's an APPLE on the back of it!! /s
Aaron Goodrich
Aaron Goodrich I love android, but the advantage that apple has is a lack of fragmentation. They can push updates to their devices and they don't have to worry about multiple manufacturers and carriers releasing or burying the updates.
Isaac Castillo
Isaac Castillo Retina display that's it
Dominic Jessup Reid
Dominic Jessup Reid The threat is real apple....
Alex Garcia
Alex Garcia pitifully sad... the only reason y iphone is... so you can fit into the stupid teenage fad.
Ken Reil
Ken Reil LOL that is hilarious.
Ray Kishi
Ray Kishi yes
Aaron Couts
Aaron Couts there's no saving it lol
Zach Chapman
Zach Chapman Raise the white flag Apple.. it's over.
Jason Ramos
Jason Ramos pathetic

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