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AT&T Samsung Focus 2

AT&T's Mobile Share data plans originally launched in August 2012 with data buckets ranging in size from 1GB to 20GB. Today AT&T announced that it's going even larger with its Mobile Share offerings by launching new 30GB, 40GB and 50GB options for business and customers. Pricing for these new plans is set at $300 per month for 30GB, $400 for 40GB or $500 for 50GB, and customers that need a bit more data added each month can do so for $15 per gigabyte. The new plan options will be available starting on March 22.

As with all of AT&T's other Mobile Share plans, customers will need to pony up $30 per month per smartphone that's attached to the data bucket. Basic and quick messaging phones cost $30 each per month, laptops and LaptopConnect cards are $20 and tablets are $10. AT&T adds that while consumers can add a maximum of 10 devices to one Mobile Share plan, businesses can add more devices depending on which plan they're signed up for.

AT&T today also announced new Mobile Share - Data plans. As the name suggests, these new plans drop the unlimited talk and text portions of the regular Mobile Share plans, instead offering just a bucket of data to be shared. Interested customers can choose from Mobile Share - Data offerings that range from 4GB to 50GB in size and cost between $30 and $335 per month. These new plans are only available to tablets, laptops and other connected hardware. Just like the new Mobile Share tiers, the Mobile Share - Data plans will be available beginning March 22.

AT&T's new super-sized Mobile Share plans and its Mobile Share - Data offerings aren't likely to appeal to the regular Joe Mobile that only has a few devices and uses a gig or two of data each month. However, they will get the attention of certain smaller sets of users, like ones with an insatiable appetite for data and folks that have a couple of connected devices (like tablets or gaming hardware) but no actual AT&T phone. Those users will likely be pretty happy with AT&T's new Mobile Share offerings, so it's good to see the big blue operator make these new options official. A full rundown of AT&T's current Mobile Share and Mobile Share - Data plan options is available here (PDF link).

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