AT&T BlackBerry Z10 branding and packaging shown off in the wild days before launch

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| Published: March 18, 2013

AT&T BlackBerry Z10 rear branding photo

AT&T's version of the BlackBerry Z10 isn't set to launch until March 22, aka this Friday, but apparently one lucky customer of the big blue carrier managed to get hold of a unit a few days early. Some images of the device have been posted by TechnoBuffalo, giving an early glimpse at the AT&T Z10 and its carrier in the wild as well as its retail packaging. The branding on the device itself is also fairly similar to other recently-released AT&T hardware. Under the BlackBerry "B" logo is a small AT&T globe logo, just like one found on the backsides of AT&T's HTC Windows Phone 8X and Samsung Galaxy Note II.

The orange box that houses the Z10 looks like any other AT&T packaging, featuring a rectangular shape, a photo of the device on the front and a "BlackBerry Z10" label beneath the image. Even though there's nothing terribly shocking about the AT&T Z10 branding or packaging, it's still kind of exciting to get an early peek at a carrier-specific version of a new smartphone, as it gives us a quick look at how it differs compared to the international model. What do you all think of carrier branding? Are you indifferent when it comes to an operating stamping its logo on your device or would you prefer it to be left as the manufacturer intended?

AT&T BlackBerry Z10 packaging photo

Via TechnoBuffalo

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