Samsung DROID Charge SCH-I510 Verizon Wireless

Ready for some more Throwback Tuesday? After learning that AT&T and LG have prepped an update for the LG Thrill 4G that originally launched in September 2011, we now know that Verizon and Samsung are updating the even older DROID Charge, which first launched in May 2011 (after a slight delay). The new update for the Charge weighs in at 20.8MB in size and is software version i510.FP8. As one might expect from the small size, this maintenance update doesn't have a lot packed into it, but there are some improvements that Charge owners will want to be aware of. The full changelog as posted by Verizon:

Device Enhancements:

  • Support has been added for Face Lock & Unlock, Photo Editor, Recording Snap Shot and Vector Font.
  • “Get Video Calling” has been preloaded on the device.
  • Preloaded applications including VOD, BitBop, Rhapsody, Blockbuster, Tunewiki and Mobile Instant Messenger (MIM) have been removed.

Features like Face Lock and Unlock and a Photo Editor sound like nice little additions to the DROID Charge, and the removal of several preinstalled apps ought to help clean out those app drawers a bit. It's good to see the Charge being treated to a new update so long after its launch, and I'm sure that many folks that are still rockin' this handset are excited to be receiving this surprise batch of new software. Any Charge owners that want to check for this FP8 update manually can head on in to Settings > About phone > System updates on their device. How many of you are currently using a DROID Charge or have used one in the past?

Via Android Police, Verizon Wireless

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"Verizon and Samsung have prepped a new update for the DROID Charge, a device that was originally released back in May 2011. What's the oldest mobile device that you still use?"

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Craig Lawrence
Craig Lawrence samsung omnia- winmo 6.1
Cam Miller
Cam Miller Droid Charge. So a phone not even 2 years old is a throwback? Jeez.
Muhammad Shaffad
Muhammad Shaffad unable to login in http://instantwin.phonedog.com/ please help me
Andrew Dawson
Andrew Dawson G2.... Ole faithful
Thomas Boehnlein
Thomas Boehnlein Nexus One
Carl Dale
Carl Dale Sensation xe -_-
Flako Ramirez
Flako Ramirez Bold 9900
Julian Scott
Julian Scott HTC EVO 3d baby
Andrew Thethird Manning
Andrew Thethird Manning The oldest phone that I still own and use every blue moon is the HTC Touch pro 2, even with everything thats out today, I still can't find a better keyboard on a phone.
Tim Miyashiro
Tim Miyashiro Nokia 7xxx SuperNova. Flip phone with EDGE only data.
Lamar Sarracino
Lamar Sarracino Droid 1!
Jaime Espinoza
Jaime Espinoza Nexus S 4G
Carlton Littlejohn
Carlton Littlejohn LG Ally, had this thing for almost 3yrs now.
Ashok Kumar
Ashok Kumar Samsung Captivate , but its Running 4.2.2 competing Galaxy S3 :-P
Jason Harrison
Jason Harrison Samsung Galaxy S Vibrant, many bugs with this device....
Eric Magana
Eric Magana Every phone is old, with all these phones coming out so rapidly
Sebastian Gomes
Sebastian Gomes LG Revolution (June 2011), waiting for the GS4
Lance Johnson
Lance Johnson HTC Thunderbolt (Thunderturd)... just updated to Ice Cream Sand a month ago and phone freezes and shits on itself like an old computer. Waiting for the Sammie S4 :)
Ladale Toliver
Ladale Toliver Galaxy s1
Theresa Matthiesen
Theresa Matthiesen Droid Incredible 2, 3g because I'm on page plus. I miss my galaxy nexus. :)
Matt Hackney
Matt Hackney My pos iPhone 4 haha
Stephen Victor
Stephen Victor Galaxy S III
Michael Anthony Maxey Jr.
Michael Anthony Maxey Jr. BlackBerry Curve 8530
Ryker Percival
Ryker Percival HTC Incredible. top of the line phone from 2010 baby
Paul Stukowski
Paul Stukowski Htc incredible 1
Salim Aliaga
Salim Aliaga atrix 4g
Muayyad Zohair Al Mulla
Muayyad Zohair Al Mulla Htc desire hd(inspire 4g), still a great device. I want to upgrade to htc one to be up to date for sometime!
Abrahim Ladha
Abrahim Ladha You guys are making my iphone 4 feel old. It came out in summer 2010
T Louis Michael
T Louis Michael Samsung Sunburst.
Ken Johnson
Ken Johnson Finally!!! It should get ICS at the very least!! But noooo!! I still have this Phone and just use it a backup!
Juwon Donte
Juwon Donte Epic touch 4G still love that phone even tho I have the s3
Lanh Nguyen
Lanh Nguyen little early to be waiting for a nexus 5
Lisa Noid-Washington
Lisa Noid-Washington I have a droid charge, got the update.
CeeGii Borels
CeeGii Borels LG THRILL 4G already has ICS v30b out csmgdl.lgmobile.com/swdata/WDLSW/LGP925/AATTDB/V30b_00/V30B_00.kdz
Alan Holmes
Alan Holmes My 120gb Zune!
Rafael Guzman
Rafael Guzman Galaxy S II Epic 4g touch
Alan Xenos
Alan Xenos I use my old Google Ion as a mp3 player
Nick Chimento
Nick Chimento myTouch 4G.. The lag... Oh the lag... -_-
Brian Dominguez
Brian Dominguez LG Optimus V (: A good phone from Virgin Mobile:3
Abram Wenevermet Dennis
Abram Wenevermet Dennis Old phones?? I don't I give them away or sell them.
Brandon Vaughn
Brandon Vaughn iPhone 4S. Last month I upgraded from Droid incredible.
Diggy Dibbs
Diggy Dibbs 4s (;
Steve Bachman
Steve Bachman Nothing! I am a freak for the newest "stuff" so constantly replacing!
Chris Mejia
Chris Mejia Motorola Triumph...
Marlon Fuentes
Marlon Fuentes Iphone 4
Angel Manuel Garcia
Angel Manuel Garcia Samsung Galaxy S Epic 4g...
Alex Siuda
Alex Siuda Motorola barrage..sold my galaxy nexus and waiting for nexus 5
Christopher Willford
Christopher Willford Galaxy s2 skyrocket!
Dylan Joslin
Dylan Joslin tmobile samsung blast

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