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Just a few days after Google's new Keep note-taking app was made a brief appearance to tease us all, the service has been officially introduced. Google Keep is a new utility that allows users to type out quick notes to be saved in Google Drive and accessed either online or using an Android phone or tablet. Notes can also be transcribed into Keep with a user's voice. When creating a new note, users can include lists or photos, and separate notes can be saved using different colors to make them easier to find. Google Keep also features a search feature to help users find exactly the note that they're looking for.

Google Keep is now accessible online at this link right here, and Google has also launched an official Keep app for Android in the Google Play Store that is available to devices running Android 4.0 or higher. The app allows users to create notes just like they would online, and there's a widget so that Keep notes can be placed directly onto a device's home screen. Google notes that there's also a lock screen Keep widget available to devices running Android 4.2 or higher.

Google Keep looks like a nice little note-taking app so far, and its integration with Google Drive means that it'll like become the go-to utility for Android users that want to jot down (or dictate) some of their thoughts. Unfortunately for users of mobile platforms that don't have a little green robot for a mascot, Google hasn't said anything about a Keep other OSes. Considering how many other apps Google has made for Apple devices, though, I wouldn't be surprised to see a Keep app appear on iOS at some point in the future. Now that it's officially official, what are your first impressions of Google Drive? Does it seem like a utility that you'll be integrating into your life?

Via Official Google Blog, Google Keep, Google Play: Google Keep

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"Today Google officially introduced Keep, its new note-taking tool, along with an accompanying app that works on devices running Android 4.0 and up. Does Google Keep sound like a utility that you'll begin using regularly?"

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Rob Marriage I could see using Keep as a post-it note for my phone, but serious stuff goes in Evernote.
Zuhaib Zakaria What's the point they are going to shut it down after a few years. I am sticking with Evernote.
Cameron Gunter I wish it was given its own URL... something like "keep.google.com" instead of being a subsidiary of Drive. Also, it isn't fully integrated with Drive. If you go to drive.google.com, you won't even find a link to "Keep" anywhere on there. This may just be because of how new it is, but something that definitely needs to be addressed by Google, in my opinion. Other than that, I'm liking it for note-taking and 'reminders' to myself, though I'd like to see that capability actually introduced before to long: to set reminders (like Google Tasks). I never could fully immerse myself in Evernote (just wasn't interested in becoming dependent on another app/service). My life is pretty much fully integrated into Google already so using Keep is not much of an adjustment.
Julian Scott Just downloaded it
Gustavo Sanabria Just test it minutes ago, no match for Evernote; but yet it is simply to use. More for the average Joe I would say.
Brandon Holley Eh I'll stick with evernote. Thanks though.
Kyle Cordiano I downloaded it.
Mike Cooper Way fuckin overdue
Rachael Ruth Anne Goldfarb I just use Snote to jot down notes. And I just downlaoded google keep. The widget feature is pretty nice I will admit, but besides that it doesn't seem like it is anything that anyone will actually need...I will keep test driving it and see if I ever use it though.
Jerry Goldbaum I wonder if Google will 'keep" Keep?
Darryl Budge What do you all use for everyday notes instead?
Mark Belkowski sounds like more gimmicky bloatware to me.
Kenneth Li useless! no spen or pen supports! MUST type in your note! lame!
Luis Robles Figueroa Yes it does have two widget
Luis Robles Figueroa So far so good
Marc OKelly Wow no widget lame
Luke Stoner It has a widget lol
Dave Bourque blackberry remember anyone? lol
Steve Iams played with it a bit, yawn, a widget might have made it a contender
John H. Foote absolutely. modern day notes

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