New Google Play 4.0 app reportedly leaks with refreshed Holo look

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| March 20, 2013

Google Play app version 4.0 leak

Google Play has sported a few different looks since it first burst onto the mobile scene as the Android Market in late 2008, and according to a new report, the strorefront will soon be receiving another makeover. Droid-Life claims to have gotten hold of version 4.0 of the Google Play app, and the store sports a look that's fairly different that the Play Store that debuted in July 2011. The new design sports a more Holo-ified look with different tabs for things like "Top Selling" and "New Arrivals" beneath a bar that changes color to indicate which type of content is being accessed. Each app is contained in new white rectangles that are reminiscent of Google Now, and the app icons appear to be a bit larger.

Things have also changed a bit when a user finds an app that he or she would like to install. After hitting the "Install" button on the app's page, a small pop-up window will appear to display the app's permissions as well as a small "Accept" button to hit. After hitting "Accept," the pop-up disappears and the user is returned to the app's Google Play page. That's different than the way Google Play works now, which shows an app's permissions on a separate page and then moves the user to yet another page that shows similar apps that users have installed, as well as a "Keep Shopping" button that leads back to the original app's listing.

This new Google Play app is listed as being version 4.0.16, which is quite a bump up from the current Play app's build number of 3.10.14. While this new Play Store isn't official until Google makes it so, the app certainly looks like a refresh that could be created by the search company, with app listings contained within Google Now-like white rectangles and Holo-styled tabs for navigation. Plus, I wouldn't be surprised to learn that Google is cooking up a new look for its storefront considering how long it's been since the last makeover. The bad news is that it's not yet clear when this new Google Play will be made available to all of us, so for now we'll just have to settle for some screenshots and a video. You can find a clip that demonstrates the new store in action below, and some more screenshots are available at the Droid-Life link beneath it.

Via Droid-Life