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After Apple announced last year that former SVP of iOS Software Scott Forstall would be leaving the company, it revealed that industrial design chief Jony Ive would be put in charge of Apple's human interface iOS software team. According to The Wall Street Journal, this has led to the human interface group getting earlier briefs about new mobile hardware designs, and Ive has begun to sit in on the human interface team's review sessions to look over new software as well.

During his meetings with the human interface software group, it's said that Ive is pushing for a "flat design" to be implemented in the next version of iOS that's described as "starker and simpler" than previous versions. The WSJ's sources also indicate that it's unlikely that we'll see any major shifts in the OS, though, claiming that any alterations made to iOS will be "pretty conservative."

While this report makes it sound as though there won't be any earth-shattering changes made to the next version of iOS, a slight makeover could be in the cards. That obviously isn't going to sit well with anyone that's hoping for a major overhaul of iOS. However, for anyone that's mostly happy with the platform but just feels that it's starting to get a bit stale, the news that Ive is working to bring a flatter, simpler look to iOS could be good. It's not yet known exactly when we'll get our first official peek at the next version of iOS, but Apple has introduced the past couple of versions of iOS during the summer months. What do you all think of today's rumor? Does a flatter, simpler-looking iOS sound appealing to you?

Via WSJ Digits

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"Does a new version of iOS with a "flat design" sound appealing to you?"

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Dino Dimakopoulos You can only milk a cow so much. Apple is pretty much going to narrow down its market to retired citizens and the technophobic. Its so stale and limited at this point.
Noshad Islam NO don't care
?mraan Arabïa I don't wanna pay 100's of dollar's to buy an APPLE.. No... Never...
Jose Calderon Since when does flat design mean design for simpletons, Shane V? These are the arguments of a douche. And grow up Fandroids. Google has flat designs too geesh.
Sheck Welle I've is an industrial designer not an software inventor or engineer, he will put apple to hell.
Chris Northcutt Galaxy S4!
Patrick Pacheco Hahaha... iOS sounds funny.
Ryan G. Bordner Sounds like itll be a horrible attemt at being Windows phone with its flat design, and vibrant colors, eh?
Aries Bautista Dead flat...
Wissam Salah Al-fakiany @Topher Manic Johnson no ofc not !!! its like windows 8
Christopher Manic Johnson Hasn't Google been pushing flat design?
Joshua Feld iOS 7 needs a major overhaul. If its the same lines along iOS 6 with a few new features I'm going to suck it up wait for the Galaxy Note 3 and just keep my iPad, iPod touch, and MacBook Pro as my primary Apple devices.
Shane Valentine I guess the simple design of ios is just far too advanced for the sheep. Gotta love mentally impaired people.
Carl Dale Say hi to arron for me
Facebook user Well, if this is true it just kind of debunked any theory I had that Apple will make a comeback. I don't think a flat and more simplified design is what's going to bring in customers unless it offers some irresistibly useful features. I agree with what others are saying though. iOS is already simple, mostly because the same basic interface has been around since 2007. If it gets any more simple it becomes too close to Windows Phone. You only need one simplified platform because it's just that... simple; and we already have that in Windows Phone. As big as Apple is, if it intends on keeping the customers they have (and gaining more) I think they need to move in a more "free" direction.
Kevin Joel IT DOES coming from a windows phone enthusiast!
Anthony Tat SIMPLER?? so they're restricting users even further. good luck with that. i'll stick to android's "complicated" options and functionality
Felix Tran I don't know how I should interpret "flat". Does that mean lifeless and dull?....
Michael Franzone apple is garbage
Nick Petrizzio And they'll make stale bread even more stale
Lanh Nguyen so like windows phone...
Mark Fisher Jr. I would like to see what it will look like.
Jami Sims Anything Idiotic Operating System, sounds terrible to me.
Paul Tate Just like the windows phone?
Nick Catelli I'm torn with what to do about iOS... Yes, it's boring and stale. We've had the same interface and design since, well, pretty much the first iPhone in 2007. It's no longer fun to use, no longer offers any cool factor, and doesn't impress at all. But here's the issue, it's boring as hell, but utilitarian and intuitive. The OS is still the easiest to use and most intuitive mobile OS on a day to day basis, and part of that simplicity and ease of access to applications and utilities is due to its design. The problem here is that people want change for the sake of change. Hell, I would love a fancier looking iOS or even just one that doesn't even look exactly the same as an OS that launched in 2007, but changing it just because people feel it's stale and potentially ruining usability and ease of utility access just because you thought something was boring isn't exactly a good reason to change an entire OS. If they're going to change it for the better and make things easier, by all means, I'll welcome it. But if they're going to change it just for the sake of making some visual differences, they shouldn't bother. That's what the jailbreaking community is there for.
Mark Belkowski Sean if you want simpler the ios go windows phone lol. Thats a real "flat" design.
Tristan Randomstatement Sergent And next they'll make water more wet.
Mark Belkowski It needs a total redesign.
Waii Hui android has that design
Joe Czo No it doesn't
Angel Manuel Garcia IOS would have to do a complete re design to impress me again
Sean Bolson Making iOS simpler is borderline impossible.
Luis Olivar Can't get any flatter than it already is
Justin White hmmmmm you have my attention
Joel Diaz I think it just needs a new set of designers.
Justin Michael Duncan You mean more boring?
Brandon Vaughn Goodbye apple, hello android!
Aaron Martell Flat design?! This mofo is smokin crack!
Dan Ryan Dismounts Thrice Yes. Yes it does.
CeeGii Borels isnt it already flat?
Jesse Ling Nothing POS appeals to me :)

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