FCC Chairman Julius Genachowki rumored to be planning to step down

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| March 21, 2013

FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski

Big news tonight in the world of wireless, as a new report claims that Federal Communications Commission Chairman Julius Genachowski will soon announce plans to step down from his position. The news comes from The Wall Street Journal, which says that it got the tidbit of information from an FCC official. No other details have been revealed. Genachowski was sworn in as chairman of the FCC in June 2009.

In his role as chairman of the FCC, Genachowski has voiced his opinion on several important matters in wireless in recent years, supporting Dish's plans to build a wireless network and Verizon's AWS spectrum swap with a group of cable companies. More recently, Genachowski said that the DMCA change regarding cellphone unlocking "raises concerns," which is something that surely delighted opponents of the alteration.

It's also worth noting that, as The Verge points out, Genachowski's term as chairman of the FCC was slated to end in July, but he may opt to end his term slightly early. It's not clear exactly what Genachowski intends to do after his service at the FCC is through. The good news is that it's rumored that the chairman will be announcing his resignation tomorrow, so it shouldn't be long before we know more about the situation. Stay tuned.

Via The Verge, @WSJ