Microsoft demo of improved Windows Phone speech recognition leaks out

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| March 21, 2013

Nokia Lumia 920 high gloss red

How would you Windows Phone users like an upgraded speech recognition experience that's faster and offers a new streaming mode? According to a newly-leaked video, you couldl soon be getting just that. A clip from Microsoft's TechFest event for employees last month has been posted by MSFTKitchen, and in it a Microsoft worker demonstrates a new version of Bing's speech recognition service loaded up on a Nokia Lumia 920, comparing it to another Lumia 920 running on the existing backend. 

First up in the demo, the Microsoft employee shows off the speed of the new speech recognition, with the current version returning results 1.01 seconds after he finishes talking while the new version offers results in 0.56 seconds. This speed also allows Microsoft to offer speech recognition that includes a streaming mode that will recognize words and deliver results while the user is still talking. Finally, the employee shows off how well the new speech recognition performs with background noise. The newer version of the app correctly understands him when he says "Starbucks in Washington," while the old system incorrectly thinks that he says "Sky in washing machine."

The new speech recognition demoed at this meeting looks like quite an improvement over the current version, especially when it comes to accuracy. Voice control is something that's we're seeing more and more of in the mobile space, with Apple offering Siri voice controls and Google updating its voice search capabilities on both Android and iOS, so it's good to see Microsoft improving its own speech recognition experience as well.

Unfortunately for Windows Phoners, there's no word yet on when this upgraded experience will roll out to the general public. We've heard that Microsoft is prepping a Windows Phone Blue update that'll include performance enhancements and improvements to some core apps, so there's a chance that this Bing speech recognition tech could also make the cut. The good news is that we've at least got this six-and-a-half minute clip to keep us entertained until the upgraded speech recognition does roll out to us normies. Check it out below.

Via The Verge, MSFTKitchen