Every day I sit down at my desk and brainstorm three topics that I could write an article about for the website for that day. Often times my articles are directed towards the more negative side of things regarding phones or mobile platforms that I have a particular vendetta against for one reason or another at the time; today was no different as I wrote down three different article ideas that, for the most part, circulated around something I didn't like about this platform, that phone, or those features. However, even the most negative of people need a positive light shed upon them every once in a while.

Whether it was because I made a particularly tasty coffee this morning or perhaps it was the extra hour of sleep I got, today I decided to take a spin on my own stance and look at the more positive side of things. I've decided to take the time to point out my favorite parts of each platform, because I believe each one does have a "star" feature that keeps the platform alive.

Since we're already going against the grain of things here, let's start with what's good about BlackBerry. Reflecting upon recent posts I've made, I've been very up-and-down about the changes BlackBerry has made to their platform. First I had hoped that the change would be a good thing - after all, they completely refreshed the platform and turned it into something that could at least be considered competitive. How many companies are willing to do that? Most of the time in this industry if you're done, you're done. Not BlackBerry, though. They saw that the way BlackBerry OS had been operating was no longer relevant to how the rest of the smartphone world was working so they took the time to make some necessary changes. Another good thing about BlackBerry is they didn't lose sight of their values. Their primary market was those looking for something secure and professional, both of which are emphasized in BlackBerry 10. To me, that's an admirable trait.

BlackBerry goes hand-in-hand with another platform, Windows Phone. While the pair would seem unlikely, they actually share a lot of the same struggles while being each other's main competition. Both platforms had to make drastic changes to their platforms in order to stay in the game. Windows Mobile had its hay day around the same time BlackBerry did, so it's interesting to see how they've both changed and managed to stay modern throughout all this time.

Windows Phone is probably one of my favorite made over platforms as it went from being one of the most complicated platforms I've ever experienced to something completely minimalistic - and made it work. At first I thought that Live Tiles were too simple and didn't interest me at all, but in its own right even minimalistic can be seen as beautiful. Also, Windows Phone seems to put its emphasis on the features of the device and not so much the overall design - something that most platforms disperse emphasis on equally. Also, Windows Phone gave Nokia another chance to shine and has so far proven to be a fruitful partnership that has produced strong, solid, attractive hardware with good software and nice cameras - great combination.

Speaking of minimalist (although not nearly as minimalist as Windows Phone) we can take from that and move on to iOS. Not to say that the platform is not complex - but it's certainly not as complex as its top competitor, Android. For many people this is a good thing. There needs to be a middle ground between Windows Phone and Android, and while iOS never intended on being that middle ground they have inevitably become so by keeping almost the exact same interface for almost 6 years now. The good in iOS comes from different angles. While I can spend a long time saying what I hate about the fact that they haven't changed, it's still impressive how long they've stayed at the top without needing much change. Familiarity and reliability are two things that we depend upon in our human nature, and although this industry is one of the most fast-paced industries we have there's still something strangely calming about knowing exactly what to expect from at least one platform. Not only that, but Apple can produce a beautiful piece of hardware - one of my favorite things! And all the while they're the only company that's been able to bank their success in the mobile phone world on one device with the iconic name - iPhone. That's impressive.

And then you have the final platform, Android. The once-mocked competitor that was said to be the iPhone killer, which eventually sort of did (except it was more of throwing sand in its eyes instead of killing it) is the epitome of table-napkin-turned-table-cloth. Android is the most versatile mobile operating system that we have available to us today. An endless app market, room for developers both new and experienced, customization options out the wazoo, and tons of different manufacturers that provide so many different varieties of Android through skins and hardware it’s hard to decide which one is the best. Android is like the Baskin Robbins of mobile platforms. Lots of flavors, but in the end it still boils down to being ice cream. It's still crazy to me to see just far Android has come, and I look forward to seeing where it continues to go from this point on.

So you see, even though I have my reservations about each platform, there's still something nice to say about each one too. It's one of those instances where you feel like if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all. Although I am partial to some platforms over others, I could honestly say I could never hate any of them. While they all have pros and cons, sometimes it's nice just to point out the pros.

With that being said, it's your turn readers. What are your favorite parts of different platforms? Share your favorites with me in the comments!

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David Moreno All have strengths and weaknesses, but android does it for me on a GN2. I can tell not many have tried and held the new BB Z10 yet, it's actually impressive on 1st impressions, more so than WP8 phones so far
Steven Pereira S Pen! I use it all the time.
Vicente Reyes Windows is a solid platform, but the lack of apps does it in. Ios is just garbage and android is the best so far all around, but windows would beat the rest if it had more apps.
Lenn Liggins Windows Phones with its live tiles and blazing speed.
Devin Martinez I love the iOS OSX ecosystem
Nahtanoj Divad Htrab iOS for its stability.
Nathan Parks IOS= simplicity, wp8= fluidity, android= features
Gordon Christie in october the ubuntu os comes out and we will all probably be fanboys of it and android and ios will be long forgotten
Gordon Christie if we had stability and battery life like ios and the look and memory card and removable battery land customisation of android and the build quality of nokia or sony then we be close to a perfect phone
Ian Walker Apples Eco system and androids open platform. Windows phone fresh interface and blackberry ???? Sorry I am not being hard on blackberry but I really cannot think of much to say in favour of it these days.
Thea Koeuth iOS for the OS and Android bc they have different phone choices, memory card, removable battery, Open source...But much prefer iOS bc it just works.. none of that forced close and apps/browser not working crap...coming from an S3 user.
Tim Miyashiro iOS: Ease of use and applications. WP7/8: Live Tiles, and Music Player Android: Customization BlackBerry: Email Clients and Business Oriented Those are the most "main stream" OSes I can think of, and that are still active.
Markus Howard the only thing apple got on android is the App Store
Camar Green iMessage that's all lol
Jenni Massey I love the Android ecosystem, but I love the build quality of an Apple device because it's very solid materials.
Tabib Rehman Iphones are great at what they do but they cant do much lol
Franklin Sussman omg puns for days calling android ice cream
Sandy Bullard Ryczak as i age and my fingers start subtle shaking... i really see the value in the bb keyboard!
Jason Vargas Android=Open Source iOS=Ecosystem Blackberry=Everything except AppWorld Windows=Design
Matt Pankey Yeah what Dave said.
Kevin Joel WP8 WINDOWS PHONE's modern and different UI not to mention clean typography and uniqueness!
Dave Yaeck I agree that both platforms have their strengths. I believe the IOS model has ease as well as their ecosystem. Android has more functionality.
Joseph Alan Richardson I honestly can't think of any for Apple. Practically anything the iPhone does Android does as well. As for Windows Phone i'd have to say live tiles because they're so sweet!
Jim Roberts Android's open source customization. I have a Galaxy Nexus, rooted and bootloader-unlocked, with a growing collection of favorite ROMs.
Robert Salender Is it me, or is WP8 not capable of being jailbroken? Just like the Nintendo 3DS, it is the most secure phone. Just my 2¢.
Enes Nadir Çomoglu I like iOS' smoothness. I like Windows Phone's simplicity, music player app, and minimalisticism (I just conjured up that word). Android... I like pretty much everything about it.
Kyle Cordiano Android= LWP, Widgets, Different Launchers w/p rooting your device. and oh everything else.
Lowell Orlando Richmond so why did elop kill symbian instead of increase it's help give it more traction then :/
Niall Barr Hi. Im here to prevent people from saying first

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