I've recently stumbled upon CrackBerry's interview with BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins, and I have to admit, I'm pleased with the Waterloo-based company's perspective. Heins was asked a series of questions by Kevin Michaluk ranging from BlackBerry's unique OS experience, to which device Heins pockets. Each question was answered with uncanny optimism, something I admire of the underdog.

What I've taken away from BlackBerry's position in the U.S. market is the company is resuming where it left off in 2008 when it was a viable contender. I believe that the industry ultimately benefits from increased competition and that it is better off with BlackBerry around. While BlackBerry is a clear underdog in the arena, I've found the company at Heins' reign hard to ignore.

To put it simply, it would be unwise to write off any company with as much brand loyalty and recognition as BlackBerry. Any company reentering a market with two new devices, and a unique operating system will not go unnoticed, and has got to be unnerving for the current number three, Microsoft's Windows Phone OS.

I feel that nothing can be taken for granted in this market. I have criticized each mobile operating system in an equal amount, and I've decided to change that pattern by highlighting what BlackBerry can build upon, instead of how its lowly App selection has predisposed BlackBerry to imminent defeat.

Here's what we know: BlackBerry is launching the Q10 and Z10 in the U.S. on three of the four major carriers stateside, with Sprint being the odd one out only receiving the Q10. Carriers have every reason to welcome a device with as much history as the BlackBerry brand as any other new Android handset.

One advantage of BlackBerry in the current state of the mobile market is that there is no clear benchmark in the smartphone arena.

There are operating systems which are more successful than others, but a single device can no longer be referred to as the face of the industry.

This is a debate surely to ruffle some feathers, but that doesn't mean we can't begin to pluck away at the competition. Let's start with what we know. The iPhone was (read: was) the most widely successful touchscreen smartphone. A few years later, the HTC EVO 4G was the penultimate Android device, if only for a brief instant. Then came a few other Android handsets from Samsung's famed Galaxy S series which are turning into the face of Google's Android, and fast. Lastly, you arrive at Nokia's Lumia series which Microsoft considers the best of their Windows Phone operating system.

Thorsten Heins, CEO of BlackBerry, aptly mentions in his interview with CrackBerry that the iPhone is no longer the benchmark. "We have a more than competitive product." He goes on to say that they are no "copycat of Apple," and that they don't want to be compared to Apple. He concludes by saying "we want a user experience that really talks to our audience (and not Apple's)." This is really the epitome of what BlackBerry means and why their argument is valid; they are their own company in a sea of phones with no clear benchmark. With a few software updates and new devices, BB10 OS is more than capable of capitalizing on its advantages: a unique gesture-based UI, Enterprise security, and one of the most loyal fan bases in the industry.

Another pillar BlackBerry can capitalize on is the fad of creating a unified experience across smartphone, tablet, and desktop.

In an interview with ABC News, Heins said "to me, this is not just the next smartphone. This has the power of a laptop. This is not just a smartphone anymore. This is your personal computing power." He also confirmed the company is testing BlackBerry phone-powered tablets and laptops.

No mobile operating system has been able to successfully market this approach. Both Android and iOS have released similar user experiences for smartphones and tablets, but neither with a unified experience which converges and builds upon each other. The closest device to converge the tablet and smartphone experience is Asus' Padfone line. The Padfone merges Asus' customized Android operating system with their tablet to reproduce a full-scale experience.

However, the experience has no kin in the marketplace. BlackBerry is aiming to capitalize on the belief that we carry around too many devices with overlapping uses. By condensing them down to the smartphone itself, users can maximize productivity.

The only operating system to throw a punch at unifying the smartphone, tablet, and desktop computer experience is Ubuntu. Their website refers to Ubuntu as "one platform for all screens" with over 8 years of evolution and maturity gained along the way. The only issue is, Ubuntu is not available yet. 

In summary, BlackBerry is twisting competition into its own ammunition by highlighting that there is no clear benchmark productivity device in the market. And I'm inclined to side with Heins and BlackBerry's bid to regain market share beginning with the number three spot in the U.S. market.

I'm interested to hear what you think of Thorsten Heins' perspective of the market. Is there a clear benchmark in the mobile arena? Does there need to be one? What do you think of an all-in-one productivity device with Enterprise level security?

Image via ABCNews.

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"Why can, or can't BlackBerry succeed in the U.S. with the Q10 and Z10?"

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Dave Bourque @Darrell... wtf are you trying to look stupid... the Z10 does exactly that... they gave so many options for developers to get their apps on BB10, they can code in C/C++ natively, java, html5. or port android apps directly...
Dee Ross If BB was serious about trying to snatch back market share from more than just drooling rabid fans. Make a device that's size allows for the everyday function of business without bifocal reading glasses. Make it fast and powerful and secure. Don't waste time by throwing mid-range specs into their first real entry back into the market.
Jeff Seaver Can not because Is not as advance as Android or as many Application. Not easy to gain back market share
El Stache have you heard the news!? you c?n g?t the new G?la?? S4 for FR??!!! http://y.ahoo.it/ef/vn?JzpH9=27849291760_340457272732983 ---
Albert AL Too many android devices already took its place
Ryan G. Bordner Because Windows Phone has taken the third spot.
Jorge Martínez . http://www.businessinsider.com/weak-demand-for-blackberry-z10-2013-3?nr_email_referer=1&utm_source=Triggermail&utm_medium=email&utm_content=emailshare
Travis Hickey iPhone and android plow that out of the water?
Rich Field Why will it succeed? QNX BB10 OS, best communications device on the market, will have most of the top apps and already has over 100K apps, most secure platform with BES, best UI IMO on the market, best browser/keyboard, supports Android side load apps, will have features familiar to users on all platforms (ios/Android/WP/BBOS7) users
Dallas Henry BB won't succeed because the desire for Android/iOS is too great. Windows Phone is barely in the game. There is no room for Blackberry anymore. Everyone seems to love their hardware, so maybe they should focus on "Blackberry-ing" AOSP and become successful again. They aren't seeing things clearly.
Kou Thao Because so many smartphones out there do basically the same thing... in the end, it's a matter of preference. Android and IOS has been out there long enough to create a massive fan base to be able to create more things. Whereas Blackberry took too long and to come out with, virtually, the same thing is not appealing. Even Android is dealing with the issue of coming out with something terrifically new.
George Kosta Petroff Android rules, let's see now...Oh yes, open source, unrivalled customization, custom ROM's, custom kernels, custom fonts,a development community second to none....bigger screens, more powerful processors, dual core, quad core etc...
Being Mohammed Iqwan Iqbal Samsung is gimmick.. 90% of the users dont use all those over rated features!!!
EL Volanta Martinez Nokia lumia 920..... The best phone and camera......!!!!!
Dave Bourque @Joe coming from a Samsung fanboy that's hilarious...
Joel Diaz Oye pero Que pregunta mas bruta no joda cono! El blackberry eso no vas pa ningun sitio. Ni no espere. Maldita cosa mas viejo que mi jodio carro !
Samantha Brown Blackberry is cheap crap & over priced just like Apple
Dave Bourque Do you guys live under a rock? Blackberry isn't in a bad position... they will gain market share and take a 3rd place spot.
Sean MacNabb if they can get back the government and enterprise contracts they've lost, theyll have a chance. their target market was never people like danny medina who think "specs" actually matter. i like the option to switch between BES and personal profiles. i think they have a fighting chance, but it's a long shot right now. blackberry was, and will always be, for people who use their device primarily for work, but want functionality for their personal lives as well.
Dave Bourque More ignorant comments en mass...
Dave Bourque @Julian rofl
Danny Medina the spec's sucks!!!!!
Julian Scott Because its to late...what there doing now is great and amazing but, its to late Samsung Mobile USA, Apple Inc. And google are just to good now. Blackberry now are gettin the "app" thing down only 70,000 apps its not enough. There's nothing that rim or blackberry has that google users and apple users don't already have. I'm sorry blackberry its over!
Bryan Alvarez I like how they deleted my comment.
CeeGii Borels The 90s ended 2 decades ago
Dave Bourque @Dino Yea its crap thats why all carrier reviews by users who bought it gave a average rating of 5/5 stars..
Jason Vargas Blackberry App World
Dino Džafovic because its crap
Dave Bourque About 2 months late on the article...

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