BlackBerry adds Q10 support to Android app porting process

Alex Wagner
Editorial Director of News and Content from  Omaha, NE
| March 25, 2013

BlackBerry Q10 white

BlackBerry has long been touting Android app support as one of the main features of both the PlayBook OS and BlackBerry 10 (formerly BBX), allowing Android developers to easily port their existing apps to the BlackBerry World app storefront. Today BlackBerry took a step to help ensure that future owners of the BlackBerry Q10 will have some nice-looking Android apps ready for download on launch day by adding support for the keyboard-equipped smartphone to its development tools. The company notes that while its BlackBerry Runtime for Android Apps can automatically scale an app to a device's screen size, devs can help make their apps look better to end users by specifically building the software with a specific device in mind.

The BlackBerry Q10 features a 3.1-inch 720x720 square display, which differs quite a bit from the 4.2-inch 1280x768 screen found on the full-touch Z10. The good news is that developers will easily be able to add in support for the Q10 to any apps that they've already ported to BlackBerry 10. BlackBerry also offers device simulators that devs can use to test and debug their apps before submitting them to BlackBerry World.

BlackBerry smartphones have long been known for their physical keyboards, and because the hardware QWERTY is slowly disappearing from other platforms, BlackBerrys have become the hardware of choice for many cellphone users that can't kick their keyboard habit. Since the BlackBerry Q10 will be the first BB10 device to include a hardware 'board, there are many folks that are eagerly awaiting the device's arrival. That's why it's a good idea for Android developers that've ported apps to BlackBerry 10 to make sure that their software will look nice on the Q10's square display.

There's been no word yet on exactly when the BlackBerry Q10 will begin hitting store shelves. However, it's expected that the phone will begin hitting international markets sometime in April, with a U.S. launch likely to follow in May or June. Will you be checking out the BlackBerry Q10 and its physical keyboard once the device is finally made available?

Via MobileBurn, Inside BlackBerry Developer Blog

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