Featured user review HTC One (global) 3-25-13

The PhoneDog
Mascot from  Charleston, SC
| March 25, 2013

In as many weeks, we find another new #1 in the HTC One (global).  Available in only a select few markets did keep fans of the new smartphone from giving it their vote.  It also moved to first position on the expert's side of the charts.

"One of the best phones in 2013"  By JENO MANICKAM on March 20, 2013

HTC has done a great job in both designing and building the software (Sense 5). And i personally think that the features added by HTC are more practical to use. BoomSound is going to be really useful. And Blinkfeed is also a very welcome feature, latest updates on your home screen means, you dont need to browse through your phone often, which is good. And most of the unwanted bloatware in Sense are removed which is also a good thing.

And ultra pixel is the best thing about the One. Different ppl have different views on this and i totally respect that, butt my views are a bit different here. The 4 ultra pixels are doing as good as the competitors (if not better). Now, i save space but dont give up much quality. I am not going to print a 10 ft X 10ft banner with photo of me and hang it in front of my house. All i need is few pics for memory and well, few for Facebook :p . And Zoe does a great job in keeping up memories in the shortest and best formal(based on zoe examples i saw). I would even delete my photos and just have a Zoe for memory which i think is best for most. 

And another thing where i like to focus on is the the screen size, which i feel is more practical and the thickness of the phone too. It would have turned me off if htc had come up with something thinner like the S4. The fact that we wanted thin phone (while we had nokia 6600 and tytn2) was because we wanted it to be easy to hold. But what Companies are doing is making it so slim that , you will feel uncomfortable holding it for a long time. I dont know the exact term, but when you get a gap in your palm while holding your phone, its going to hurt. I am not saying htc one is going to be heavenly in hands(some reviewers say that, but i have no experience) , but it sure will be better than s4 and perfectly cuboid Xperia. So thanks to the curved back with THICK middle area. 

HTC sucks at Battery, everyone knows that. But thye made a good effort with the DNA. But not sure how well they did here, but sure this will be better than DNA. But s4 should be better here with AMOLED and 300 more mah.

wait CPU. 1.7 vs 1.9 Ghz? wait. i know that both are s600. And overclocking is not a big deal for(xda member for the past 6 years). But i would rather not do that because of 2 things, over heating/ reliability / Battery. And above all , 1.9 Ghz is not going to show any difference in realtime. Just for the sake of benchmarks. People should realise that, it will take minutes for htc to bring the clock speed to 1.9 . They didnt do it, because they have reasons. Glad they didnt want to flatter the customers with higher clock speeds. (as they did earlier with some devices)

Verdict? I would say, depends on what you need. But for me, clearly HTC One is the one.

Display 5/5
Battery Life 4/5
Apps & Media Support 5/5
Reception & Call Quality 5/5
Design/Form Factor 5/5

Overall 4.8

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