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T-Mobile hasn't said much about its plans to offer Apple products ever since it first revealed its agreement with the Cupertino firm back in December 2012, but according to a new report, that'll change tomorrow. A CNET source that the site says is "familiar with the launch plans" claims that the iPhone will play a major role in the T-Mobile event that's taking place tomorrow, March 26.  The 4G LTE-capable iPhone 5 is expected to be a marquee product for T-Mobile and its new LTE network, which is expected to officially go live tomorrow.

T-Mobile is currently the only major U.S. carrier that doesn't officially offer the iPhone. However, the carrier has been tweaking its network to offer the 1900MHz HSPA+ connectivity that the iPhone supports, and earlier this year T-Mobile said that it was serving 1.9 million unlocked iPhones on its network. An official T-Mobile iPhone will still be a big deal for the carrier, though, and it could help convince more customers to sign up for its new UNcarrier Value plan offerings.

It's still not clear exactly when T-Mobile will launch the iPhone or how much it'll ask for the device once it does, but T-Mobile CEO John Legere said back in early January that he expected to begin selling the iOS smartphone in "three to four months." If that timeframe holds true, the mythical T-Mobile iPhone may soon become a reality. Are you planning to pick up an iPhone once T-Mobile officially begins selling it?

UPDATE: AllThingsD has chimed in with a report of its own on this matter, claiming that T-Mobile will soon have "a full lineup of iPhone devices" on offer. There's no word on exactly which models T-Mobile will sell or when they'll launch, though the report does say that the handsets may not be available right after the announcement. Finally, it's said that the iPhone will be the lone iOS device discussed tomorrow, as no mention of a T-Mobile-capable iPad is expected.

Via CNET, AllThingsD

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"Will you be picking up a T-Mobile iPhone once the magenta carrier officially begins selling it?"

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Rhett Mathis I guess the sheep will be able to finally get a cheaper plan for their 2007 era device
Jim Sowell Oh No!! Apple Zombies invade T-Mobile
Patrick OConnor no, iphone forever... with only verizon....
Adrian Salazar If it's free I'll pick one to trade for a s3 or note 2
Dino Dimakopoulos that would be a step backwards from an SII
Luis Flores T-moble sucks =D
Marlon Milligan Htc one only
Waii Hui i might but it depends on how much they'll charge for the iphones. Do i have to pay the full price up front?
Diego Lopez Rodriguez No, iPhone is so simple, android all the way
Ali Raja I am already using one on T-Mobile
Jose Sut Nop im very happy with my Galaxy s3 is the best.
Geoffrey Iams Too late. Iphone was great at first but they have been left in the dust technology-wise. Had a chance to play with a friends iPhone at dinner the other night...kinda felt like a "beginner" smart phone compared to my Galaxy 3
C Bryan Thomas Absolutely not.
Paul De Lozier Jeremy-- because now you can an iPhone that's not stuck on edge on TM.
Randy Padilla No, I won't.
Mark Navarro T-Mobiles line up of android phones has been doing great without the iPhone in the mix. A little to late if you ask me .
Criss Miguel I think it should be free, every T-mobile customer would be happy to have an iPhone that they been waiting for a long time'
Travis Hickey I'd rather just have sprint.
Jason Ramos T-Mo is on a roll! Acquiring spectrum from MetroPCS, new pricing structure, LTE, and now the iPhone. They just need to fill in the coverage gaps and then they could give Sprint a good run for their money
Stephen Victor I just may if the price is right.
Jorge Lopez Only if it was a free iPhone just so I could trade it for a fancy car dock for my t989
George Millhouse Mark..not on 4g brianiac
George Millhouse and theres goes what is left of their network
George Millhouse its not going to be the 6 my god people
Bo Abe Vorachack No, dun like the lil non hd screen.
John C. Cole Nope. Never had an interest in iProducts of any sort.
Anthony Bailey NO! NO! NO! To anything T-Mobile related! NO to their value plans! NO to their crappy ass network! NO!!!
Tony Passalacqua Tmobile Ducks
Luis Robles Figueroa Maybe but leaning more to the HTC One. If the IPhone comes around that time then I gotta think about it.
Dan Garcia No, not even if it was free. Using Android for the last few years has spoiled me. Having an iPhone would be a downgrade.
William Cofield Maybe the 6,if it has a larger screen and great battery life,no contract.
Lona Bremer Just got my new LG Spectrum2, free at VZW store. Very nice phone. Very nice. Classy and super fast!
Marti Ruiz Ill pick the next big thing
Jeremy Patrick Why take an Iphone when everybody has been porting unlocked iphones over to T-mobile for at least 5 years
Alex Robledo No, only unlocked
Alex Le soon, considering their new no contract plans
Samantha Brown Did u know that T-Mobile came out with the first Android phone. Thanks T-Mobile :D
Fonzy Paniagua I'll pick up a HTC One that's for sure
Mark Belkowski Little too late huh? 99.9% of iphones are unlocked for them anyways lmao...
Anthony Evans Jr sure I could use something to shoot at
Sky Baun I wouldnt take a free iPhone
Donna M. Laitres-Bernier Never will deal with T-Mobile again! Nope I won't...
Larry Ayonn I will be, for my wife.
Josh Wolfe Only way I'd take one is if it was free... and that would only be to trade someone for a good phone.

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