Earlier today, T-Mobile made right all those leaks we’ve been seeing over the last few weeks. The carrier has officially become the “un”carrier, and done away with the legendary two-year contracts that have throttled the wireless carriers here in the United States. There are people out there who wish nothing more than for the wireless carriers to become “dumb pipes,” or just a means to access the network and without having to worry about them getting in the way of every little detail. T-Mobile is looking to move in that direction, by first doing away with our contracts.

Earlier this week, our very own Anna Scantlin wrote about why she’s in favor of T-Mobile’s changes, and why she’s saying “yes” to the new Simple Choice plans. While T-Mobile’s new CEO, John Legere, was on stage announcing these new things, I was watching Twitter and seeing folks’ reactions. Unsurprisingly, the majority of people seemed to be in favor of the alterations, all because the contract itself was getting the boot. There were a few people who seemed to be hesitant in changing things, though.

Truthfully, I’m still on the fence about the new “plans.” I like the idea that T-Mobile is changing things up, making waves if you will. It’s great that we’re looking at some big changes, even if they aren’t coming from the biggest names in the wireless industry. It has to start somewhere, right? That’s the idea, I think.

But, more than anything, I think this is just T-Mobile trying to get a head start on the competition. If you head on over to TmoNews, David Beren wrote up a nice piece on why the new Simple Choice plans are great for “everyone.” He outlines why T-Mobile made the changes, and how it impacts their business plan even more so than it impacts the customer. It’s spot on. There really is no denying that T-Mobile is offering up affordable plans, and there’s still that whole, “We’ve got unlimited data!” thing going for them, too.

But, for me, it doesn’t even get that far. I can sit here and admit that I think it’s great T-Mobile has a new strategy. I think it’s awesome that T-Mobile is going to be a launch carrier for Samsung’s Galaxy S 4, and that they’ve got the BlackBerry Z10 on sale. It’s even awesome that they’ve launched their LTE network in seven different cities across the United States. Oh, and hey, they’re launching the iPhone 5 with their LTE support on April 12. Win-win-win… Well, you get the idea.

But, again, it just doesn’t get that far for me. Why? Simply put, T-Mobile just doesn’t have the network coverage for me to give it any thought. I recently moved down to Phoenix, and T-Mobile just announced that they’ve launched their LTE network here so you’d think I’d be all for it, right? Unfortunately, no, because the majority of my time is spent in another town entirely. My daughters are in an area that T-Mobile just doesn’t cover, and while I may live technically in Phoenix now, I spend an equal amount of time in a 2G-covered area.

And, if you’re curious, 2G isn’t any fun. At all.

Sure, I’d love to save some money every month, and that’s something I could do by switching over to T-Mobile’s new plan, but I won’t sacrifice my coverage for it. Not even a little bit. I’ve had to use 2G coverage in the past, and I very nearly pulled my hair out of my skull. I won’t go back to that, no matter how great the LTE speeds are where coverage permits. I just don’t use LTE that much.

Here’s another thing that I will admit: I hope T-Mobile succeeds in this new effort. Why? Because there’s a chance that Verizon will follow suit, and if Verizon follows suit then there’s a chance that AT&T could, too. Changes to any type of plans would be even more welcomed from either of these two companies, simply because they’ve already got the network coverage to back it up.

All in all, it’s great that something is changing. Something needed to change. Will it make a big enough difference? We’ll have to wait and see – we’re only day one into the “experiment.” But we can sure hope that these new alterations to T-Mobile’s plans have a legitimate effect to the other wireless carriers, and they, too, start to evaluate their own plans.

Are you switching to T-Mobile’s new plans? Let me know if you’re jumping on board the experiment, or if you’re skipping it simply because your neck of the woods doesn’t have the coverage you’d need to make the leap.

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"Are you skipping T-Mobile's new plan due to a lack of network coverage?"

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Henry Van Their coverage is great for me so the simple choice is easy. Sorry for those in bad coverage areas.
Samantha Brown They should improve the 3G network & stop wasting money
Nick Cochran Yes tmobile has no coverage wher I live but if they did I would defiantly look in to there new plans
Andre Roberts Coverage at my house is awesome but at my job is horrible ether no service or edge not sure if I'm keeping t-mobile or leaving
Michael Cameron Great coverage here in South FL. I hit speeds of 18-24 mbps all the time. Plus, no other carrier had HD Voice
Gary Bowling Left them for Verizon
Tom Parkison Nope, going to T-Mobile would be a downgrade for me and I already have bad network coverage where I am because of Verizon. To go from bad to something worse than bad? Nope. AT&T here I come. At least they provide decent service according to people I've talked to in my area.
JayR Yambao In Jersey City and NYC my Tmobile coverage is excellent. Hopefully LTE isn't too far away. My Note 2 just got updated and can't wait to take advantage of it.
Deb Casper Great coverage here in Twin Cities too! Switched to new plan today
Joseph W Rodgers Two words...hell yea! In Michigan they have good coverage pretty much everywhere but it's all edge...3G would get me with if the rate is good but page plus and even Verizon pre paid with 2gb of Internet is $70 which is all I personally need.
Anthony Ruiz I have AMAZING COVERAGE in Sacramento.
Phil Ofthefuture T mobile has excellent coverage in my area, but i'm gonna stay with Sprint because my bill is only $40 a month for unlimited everything as a "valued customer"
Fernando Gonzalez No problems here in northeast jersey with T-Mobile 4g
Corey Hockett If you figure the price of the phone into the plan and then take into account that other carriers let you upgrade every 20 months its not that cheap of a plan.
David DiPilla I have Verizon love it awesome service and very dependable I couldn't trust t-mobile even that I like their new plans and you do save money but their service is no where near as good as Verizon Verizon is rated number one for a reason
Matt Pankey I have coverage all up and down the west coast.
Odin Johnson Lack of truly unlimited 4g plan from a few days ago!
Jay Lazz It amazes me when I see people bitch at T-Mobiles network. If you live in the boondocks, then no, t mobile is not right for you. But if you live in a major or big city, then t mobile is faster then ATT and Verizon. I get 20mbs average in NYC. No way in hell would I pay what ATT or Verizon charges. Sprint is just garbage and I feel bad for whoever has it.
Ken Rowe They are supposed to be lighting up LTE in Las Vegas so if I wasn't digging AT&T, I'd be looking them over. This move of there's will be boom town for Tmo. I like it.
Cyrus Taylor They hardly even have 2G where I live in Brewton, AL but I wish they did because I really like the new plans
Chris Sucharda Hell they suck if u data roam on unlimited data u get 50mb that's it. There 2g is so AOL dial up. FYI I'm tethering my tmo nexus4 to my vzw galaxy nexus with lte. The n4 flies using vzw lte
Christy Shaw I just moved to Maricopa, az. T-mobile's coverage is unacceptable here and it is their responsibility to provide me coverage. I WILL be changing companies, and THEY WILL let me out of my contract. Their coverage is totally unacceptable here because their merger did not go through and they do not have towers here to supply customers even average cell service.
Terry Knab I can't believe these idiots are launching iPhones without the network behind it. I will NOT downgrade to sub 2G. Never.
Anthony Bailey That's the biggest reason why T-Mobile will never get my business. Their sucky ass coverage. Left Sprint for AT&T because of that very reason, and Sprint was pretty bad. No way I'd go to "far worse!" for Tmo.
Michael Hercliff That's a primary reason I won't ever go with T-Mobile as a carrier. They're network is much too limited for me.
Nick Chimento That's why I left T-Mobile in the first place! Lol
Bobby Ward Yeah, Matt. The migration fee is stupid!
Alex Robledo I get great coverage in Hawaii, I'm sticking with T-Mo
Jay Lazz Considering I live in a Major city, HELL NO! I get 20mbs average in NYC. If you are on sprint, you should just leave period. Verizon and ATT is 2 much money
Brett A Wise Well I think what T-Mobile has to do is market the iPhone their getting to the metropolitan areas of America where they have great coverage. Also they need to have deals with plans and accessories for people to want to go to them.
Dan Daniel TMO for ME is more reliable than ATT and VZW in SO Cal I am taking a close look at new plans since I have my own LTE TMO device
Crys Tal I am happier with Verizon. Stick to what's good to you.
Chris Giametta sadly, yes. love my coverage on AT&T
Donald Hixson They don't deserve a dime until their coverage is up to par with Verizon's or AT&It's. 2G 90% of the time even if I do have service. Gets old after a while when everybody else you know has Verizon or something and they have 4G LTE and I barely have a bar of 2G.
Spence Southard I think T-Mobile certainly has the highest quality network (for now), but their coverage is dismal. I tried them several months ago and couldn't pass up Sprint's coverage.
David Slawter I really like what they're doing. I'm sticking with Verizon though simply because of better and more reliable coverage.
Camar Green Going AT&T or Verizon once my contract is up with Sprint
Matt Pankey Skipping the plan because of the migration fee from my Classic plan.
Terri Rossi I do live in a concentrated metropolitan area though.
Terri Rossi I've had t-mobile forever and nothing else looks better to me. While my sibs drop calls, have static, break-up etc., I never have these issues. I will be getting a Z10 delivered on Thursday. Then the test. But I've been using my daughter's old iPhone in the meantime between phones, and I don't see a problem….
Abram Wenevermet Dennis Come 2 think of it.. Tmobiles network is faster than sprints here.
Kimberley Broyles We broke our 10+ year TMo contract (and were completely forgiven the charge) because of the bad network coverage. When the power was out after the storms last June, TMo had zero coverage in our town for days while other carriers had it. We loved their customer service, but what good is it when their network is so poor?
Ricky Bonilla I get 12-15 Mbps downloads where I live, almost everywhere except my house, the irony. I'm happy with those speeds, who really needs 20 or 30 mbps anyway? Although I admit, I'm excited to recieve an update on my Note 2 for the LTE
Uriah Counelis I'm happily enjoying verizons 4g LTE myself so no thanks.
Jovon Washington Nope. Coverage in socal is legit!
Kyle Cordiano Coverage is more important than speed. If there is no coverage, how can you get the speed?
Chris Hagood Yerp. When they say "coast-to-coast" nationwide 4G, they mean the coastline around the US and large metropolitan areas, for the most part.
Luisito Mercado Nope, I'm getting the $80 basic family plan and adding the $10 2GB High-Speed data on my line, and getting the HTC One :D
Anthony Evans Jr yup. Here at home great coverage (though no 4g lte yet.) but were the wife works and were my other 2 lines are they are stuck in 2g hell
Jean Parks I'm skipping it because Verizon has me covered.. everywhere
Abram Wenevermet Dennis Yes... That would be like going back 2 sprints super slow network.
Shoby De Vinci I am in miami area, i have no coverage problem at all.
Michael Dussert Yes, no 2G for me, thanks.

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