T-Mobile CEO John Legere

One of the many announcements made by T-Mobile yesterday was related to its new Simple Choice Plan, which is part of the carrier's big move away from the traditional subsidy model that U.S. wireless customers are used to. The new plan isn't the only major change that T-Mobile's got cooking, though, as the company revealed to CNET that it's considering implementing an "anytime upgrade" club as well.

While the idea of an anytime upgrade plan is still one that's in the early stages at T-Mobile, CEO John Legere did explain that such a club would allow for two device upgrades per year. In order to join the club, customers would be expected to pay a fee that was described as "very small," though it's not clear if such a charge would be paid on a monthly or yearly basis. Such a plan would also include phone insurance.

As I noted before, this is just one idea that's being kicked around by T-Mobile, and there's no guarantee that this anytime upgrade club will ever actually be implemented. It's definitely an interesting idea, though, and is an example of how Legere says T-Mobile plans to "innovate in this space." Currently most wireless subscribers upgrade their phone once every two years or so in order to get subsidized pricing on a new model. An anytime upgrade club would allow anyone that feels that they absolutely need the latest and greatest hardware to get it through this plan instead of forking over the full retail price of a unit like some folks do now.

Obviously there are still some details about this anytime upgrade club that would need to be ironed out before it would be put into action, including the exact amount of the admittance fee, but I'm guessing that there are many wireless customers out there that'd be interested in learning more. Would you sign up for an anytime upgrade club with your carrier?


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"Would you sign up for an "anytime upgrade" club that gave you two device upgrades per year for a small fee?"

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Alberto Garcia Flores Yes, I change phones once every year.
Vicente Reyes That's ok for some. But stupid in a way
Grace Moss Not really
Justin Tardogno If its cheap then I would probably go for it. That is if T Mobile ever gets a phone worth having
Christopher Manic Johnson At&t has this, it's called an early upgrade, $250, plus the upgrade price. That would be about $20 extra for a monthly fee. I agree, Tmo probably has something more wallet friendly in mind, but just wanted to put it out there that there are ways to get an two upgrades without waiting your usual two years.
Myron Black hell yes att phones sucks
Kojack Sanders I kinda wouldnt mind doing that.
David DiPilla Dam sounds good but I don't have t-mobile
Oscar Corral Jr Thats what i was wondering wayde.
Max Chesley Yes, on Yes, only if I did not have to use t-mobile
Dounutz Sesar Yes yes trowing my money at my phone screen
Camar Green Yes cause now that they are going 4G they will have all the good phones. Samsung, Apple, HTC, BB will be in their line up.
Wayde Philpot How does this even work? As it stands now with tmos new device purchase options, i can upgrade every month if i want to (as long as im willing to pay my device off or trade it in toward a new one)....Why is a special club needed?
Stephen Wagner As long as I get to keep the phone I upgraded from, I only need a new phone once a year or so
Hommero Williams you all would be a good company if you would get coverage something like verizon thats the reason i cancelled my contract because the coverage
Jared Dalluhn Definitely.
Jason Angeles isnt there a $20 monthly payment for 2yrs lol
Corey Weidman Always wanting more and more of our money
Adrian Gonzalez Think of all the waste we're creating lol
Michael A. Lococo There's no guarantee that @t-mobile will have a phone worth buying. I have been waiting 3 years and now there is nothing but a rumor of a Lumia 921 to hope for.
Marti Ruiz I love u even more tmobile
Dave Bourque 24 months? in canada we need to wait ... 36 months
Michael Katz I'm not on T-Mobile, but I hope they do get this plan. Maybe it force other carriers to do something similar. I use to get yearly upgrades from Sprint until they brought the IPhone aboard. If T-Mobile had better coverage I'd be interested in switching to them.
Joseph Kitchen Hell yeah
John C. Cole It's a gimmick. If you're the customer you are paying for the phone, and you're paying for the service. The carrier may be able to negotiate handset prices with suppliers, but that's about it. The rest resembles the insurance model, where the costs are spread out over the life of the policy.
Dave Morgan Yeah but AT&T will never do that.
Michael Higginbotham This is a nice idea but hope it's worth it I mean phones are getting expensive
Charlie Ebner I would do it if the "small" fee really is a small fee.
Tim Moore Depending on the fee I'd consider it. I mean to get the new Nexus every year. Especially if the next one is LTE capable on T-Mobile.
Jessica Wiseman I would even take one a year. I Think all companies should do that instead of 2 years.
Chad Cookler If it was a nominal fee, I would. I never understood why, if I'm willing to extend my contract, I shouldn't be allowed to upgrade anytime
Ashley Spencer DEFINITELY! I've been waiting for a carrier to start something like this
Geffá Oliveira T-Mobile is the best!
Anthony Tat hell yeah. i could upgrade to every galaxy s and note device every year.
Dan Gallagher Every carrier should do that and make every device available .
Mindy Kuskin Prestigiacomo 24 months is way to long!! On any carrier!
Charles Datdude Knight Um yeah!! It'll help those that buy iPhones every damn year. Lol. Not me in specific. But I wud like that anytime upgrade!!! .
Daniel Rocha I would definitely
Luis Robles Figueroa It sounds like a good idea. That why you don't have to wait.
Brandon Kilpatrick Depends on the terms and conditions but yeah I would.
Ayo Q Sipho What's the catch
Raiyan Hishamuddin Man I wish this was implemented where I am T.T
Donald Hixson They still have god awful coverage.
Mike Cook That guy annoys me.
Charlie Duddy Hell yeah

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