First and foremost, I would like to apologize for the terrible "Fight Club" pun title. I couldn't help myself.

T-Mobile and their new breakaway technique to become known as the "uncarrier" has become the hottest news topic as of late in the mobile news industry. Not too long ago we were speculating the fall of T-Mobile as AT&T had plans of swallowing the company whole, but now they're turning around and trying to change the way we see the mobile industry. The company hopes to make the traditional subsidy model that most carriers support a thing of the past, and they may be taking two steps forward again by allowing customers the option to upgrade more than once every two years - twice every year, in fact.

Yesterday, T-Mobile's CEO John Legere had some bold statements to make about just how carriers running the show are basically pulling us around for our money and stating that "Carriers are really nice to you... once every 23 months," and floating around other colorful terms that vividly describe how he feels other mobile carriers are treating their customers with subsidies and being locked into contracts. But aside from everything else T-Mobile is already changing, Legere revealed to CNet that another revolutionary plan is in the works called “anytime upgrade” club.

“Anytime upgrade” club is still just an idea, but Legere mentions that this club would allow members to upgrade twice a year if they paid a "very small" fee. As Alex explains in his news post, it's still in very early stages so when they say "very small" we're uncertain whether that means monthly or yearly fee, but the plan would include phone insurance.

If T-Mobile goes through with this, they’ll certainly be setting the bar at a whole new level for other carriers to follow more than they already are. No contracts, no subsidies, and possibly two upgrades per year? That's taking everything we know about carriers and phones and doing a complete 180. While one could argue that the only thing T-Mobile is lacking right now is proper service areas, over time that can easily be fixed (especially if the MetroPCS merger goes through). If the "uncarrier" plans didn't win people over, the "anytime upgrade" plans might - especially for people like me who think about switching phones every month or so.

I think T-Mobile would have been fine by just offering yearly upgrades, but I’m not one to argue with a good thing. Two upgrades a year would be awesome, especially given just how fast this industry changes. There have been many times where I've considered opening a second line with another company in order to get more than one upgrade a year, but if more companies at least had the option of giving us more than one upgrade a year then it would certainly help. Another part of that issue though was being locked into contracts and early termination fees, something else that T-Mobile has gotten rid of.

However, while upgrading more than once a year sounds good in theory, it's really going to depend on just how small of a "small fee" we're talking, and on what scale. Is it a small fee compared to what you'd be paying for three full-price phones, or is it a small fee compared to what it would cost you to pay an ETF to enable you to get another phone with another carrier, or what? At this point I can't say I'd be all over the plan because I don't know all the details, but I can say that I really like the idea and I think that if the details are worked over nicely enough then it can help play out in T-Mobile's favor immensely.

All in all, I'd have to say that I really like the fortitude that T-Mobile has been displaying recently and I really hope it works out for them in the end. The direction they're going kind of answers a lot of issues I have talked about regarding common practices with mobile carriers, and I would really like to see this "anytime upgrade" club come to fruition.

Readers, what do you think? Would you be interested in an "anytime upgrade" club? Do you think T-Mobile is heading in the right direction with all of these changes they're planning on making? Let me know what you think in the comments!


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"Would you switch to T-Mobile if they offered the option to upgrade twice a year?"

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Pierre Williams There is nothing to think about. No contract, a possibility of 2 upgrades a year equals no brainer.
Sarah Trimble I'd certainly consider it, depending on the details, of course.
T Louis Michael We only get T-Mobile 2G voice coverage.
Richard Allen Yarrell Being a Tmobile customer has been a wonderful joy after dumping Verizon.
Oluwaseun Oshodi Asdfghjkl yes!!! I have T-moblie. They so need to do this!
Desiree Johnson I'm already with them & all phone company's have their own set if issues so stfu people...let's be real...this would be right up my alley so I'm for it if it sounds right
Lou Ann Roulette If only their coverage was as good as their ideas I'd switch! I tried them and quickly found out that most areas around me are 2G - no way I could put up with that even for free phones twice a year.
Checktia Sims Anderson I would enjoy that feature contingent on the "small fee". I wish they would do more for their loyal customers who have been with them for more than 5 years.
Bernd Lohner Their coverage in the NE sucks... - in NYC it's ok but going out to where I roam and play they are dead last... So even if I got a new phone a month it wouldn't work... Also the pricing doesn't help a lot of company paid accounts: I get my monthly bill paid - exclusive of equipment charges... so while in the private sector I welcome the move away from subsidies in my professional situation it would disqualify t-mobile...
Eric Magana They use some of at&t towers so im sure they will start kicking it up a gear when rolling out LTE
Jorge Lopez Hell yeah
Brandon Little-spoon Levesque I live in Canada eh! So no
Gregory Holbird Since tmobile makes u pay full retail for phones now how can they charge to buy a new phone? It's not an upgrade if it isn't subsidized. It is just conning customers into paying a fee to buy a new phone for full price.
Peter Blanco If I had coverage and 2 "upgrades" were a feasible price then heck yes!
David DiPilla I actually opened a third line on Verizon so I can get a new phone every year but after doing this its alot of money to just keep that line open so i am closing that line next year but I love Verizon's service if Verizon did this wow would be awesome and to bring back their unlined data long live the king
David DiPilla Omg are you kidding me t-Mobile may do this dam I would def go them but they would need to get alot better service first to I want a new phone every year
Steve Bachman Long after you forgot what you paid, you'll remember the service!
Carl Dale In england, they got decent coverage.
Lauren Ashley Coleman Na their service sucks I only get 2G in my area
Orlando Songwrites Proly not ...It's a good Damn decision tho considering others want to do 1 every 2 yrs smh at least once a year in my opinion is how it should be done.
Ronnae Dominique Yeah, but I'm not willing to pay $600 for a phone, ever. $350 for unlocked Nexus 4, maybe, but never full retail for a phone. I'm already with TMO, and was able to get a S3 for $1, on Black Friday, and renewed my contract. When that's up in 18 months, we'll see what happens.
Anthony Gonzalez That would make more sense seeing as phones are popping out like babies.
Tj Hill I need a dislike button for don't of these comments....yes I sure did read all of them!
Jessica Rodriguez I totally would if they had reception in my area, I love that idea because after seven months I'm ready for a new phone
Anthony Tat and to answer the question, hell yeah i would join that club
Anthony Tat boohoo, i dont get coverage in middle-of-nowhere farm towns. better than paying twice as much for att. i have perfect reception in real cities
Nick Bradford at full discount like the good ole days of 2006
Nick Bradford Hell, just let me upgrade once a year.
Colton Jung I wouldn't switch to T-Mobile if they paid ME to upgrade twice a year.
Christopher Hilliard In a heart beat...yes!!!!
Jeff Jones Depends on the price and what the catch is. There's always a catch.
Magnus Larsson T-mobile? I live in sweden ffs. I've got "Halebop"
Crys Tal Dang , this all Phonedog talking about is TMO? lol
Michael Dussert The problem with Tmobile is their prevalence of 2G coverage still... I mean its 2013, come on now!
Anthony Ruiz Already have them! This gets better and better because I upgrade every 6 or so months!!!
Mark Belkowski no just left them for at&t. the sevice sucked.
Mark Linden Already with Tmo ha ha
Steven Quacoo- Dorby No they suck
Alex Bretado Jr. hell yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its about time one of these carriers is going the right way. Plus with the addition of iPhone, Tmobile will soon be at the top again.
Rachel Hendricks I already have them haha love tmo
Anthony Evans Jr + better coverage
Abram Wenevermet Dennis Only if thier network was as good as Verizon & At&t..
Dietrich Brown Hell yeah
Stephen Wagner that is actually perfect. I honestly think i could go with once a year. tmobile is getting more and more promising as the days go by. hopefully they aggressively release their lte network. I live in new jersey not far from NYC, so hopefully that will happen :)
Steve Hartsock Maybe if they offered some coverage besides ONLY in towns.

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