Samsung Galaxy S 4

The Samsung Galaxy S 4 U.S. availability details continue to trickle in today, as AT&T has announced when it'll begin accepting pre-orders for the new smartphone and how much it'll be asking for the device. In a post on its official blog, AT&T today revealed that it's planning to kick off Galaxy S 4 pre-sales on Tuesday, April 16. Pricing for the AT&T-flavored Galaxy S 4 will be set at $249.99 with a two-year contract.

There's no word yet on how much storage AT&T's $249.99 Galaxy S 4 will include or when the phone will actually begin arriving on store shelves. Information on the launch of the Galaxy S 4 is still pretty slim at this point, as T-Mobile is the only carrier so far to divulge its S 4 release plans, recently saying that it plans to offer the device around May 1. The good news is that at least AT&T customers now know when they'll be able to reserve a Galaxy S 4 of their very own and how much they'll have to pay for that privilege. 

Via AT&T

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"What do you think of AT&T's Galaxy S 4 price? Would you pay $249.99 on contract for Samsung's new flagship smartphone?"

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Barbara Coppins no more contracts...EVER
Joel Diaz Nah son
Mark J F Makinika nope... will stick with my S3 and will wait for HTC one or the new Iphone if its good :D
Mark Belkowski ill be getting it and selling my note 2 for $500.
Don Ernesto HELL NO!!!
Michael Mathis I would cuz i pay that when I buy a new phone anyways but it's better than paying full price as if you're buying without a contract, but ima wait for that Note 3 to hit if there's a such thing. I have til February 2014 so I have plenty time to wait.
Frank Porter I'm hoping there will be at least a 32 gig version for AT&T if not a 64 as well.
Randy Walker Sr. Nope. Barely paid the $299 for Note II, but it has dramatic differences from other phones. S4 should not cost more than the S3 did when it was first released.
Paul Battle Its not a bad starting point at 32 GB.
Brandon Johnson The note 2 was like 300 bucks... People bought that, I don't see the problem since you're paying for a faster phone with a far better screen.
Nikola Karovic If it is better than note 2...
Alberto Garcia Flores I paid 270 when I pre ordered my S3 32GB on Verizon.
Marina Elizabeth so for a 5 inch display, speed doenst matter to me because most phones nowadays are fast... andfeatures that will probably go over to the S3 and the title of life companion? NO WAY. upgrading to HTC One
Devin Martinez AT&T is garbage I hate them
George Millhouse Edgar you are comparing apples and oranges
Edgar Rodriguez Not for a note 2 mini ........without the stylus. Im just gonna wait for the note 3 I dont buy the "we added more ram to even out the processing power" thats a bunch of garbage I havr an S3 and my friend has a note 2 and the extra ram isnt helping my phone compete with his. His is faster and smoother
Charles W. Y. Wong I will buy plastic for that price. . Just like my note II. WHO cares about outside materials.
Sam Rick For that piece of plastic junk??! Hell no
Amer Ahmed I think that puts the icing on the cake as to why I shouldn't get it
Carlos Rodriguez What!! Hell no, I'll get a htc..
Jason Angeles Thats how tmobile is going to be charging for phones now. At least for the iphone its going to be priced like that
Eskias McDaniels Jason Angeles how did you come up with that price?
Micah Watkins No way when a few months later the price will go down.
Micca Koster All the phone companies make you believe what they say. You don't save any money just ripping you off
Charlie Ebner Hell no!!!
Brian Walden That is the price for the people that have no impulse control. Wait a few months after it is released and the price will go down.
Scott Ritchey Nope.. Att is just trying to start a trend of more higher prices. I hope they fail miserably...
Rob Raphael Nope. Waiting for the Note 3.
Bill Thomas No....u couldn't give me that phone
Jozef Sakac Yeah but already got Experia Z so no :)
Nick Guerrero G That is the reason for phone cases? Your drop any phone the right way it will break... Is this the only thing people have on Samsung? I could buy me a phone made of all metal but if it runs slow lag, poor battery , reboots what's the point?
Tom Nguyen $199 is the sweet spot
Huey Liggins If it really has 32gb extra storage then it's worth it. 50 bucks for more storage. That's apples logic. Except with $100 differences
Max Labuda 250 is way too much
Jason Angeles your not paying less with tmobile.. $99.99 + the $20 x 24 months lol.. how is that any cheep
Joe Black Nooo way!!!!! I would rather get in on installments truh tmobile and pay WAY less for service!!!
Jason Roets Not for $249 on contract. Yet in a couple months someone like Amazon Mobile or Sam's Club will cut the price down to $199. I bought my S3 for 96 cents from Sam's in November. All dealers other then AT&T run specials
Emigdio Pockels Yeah idgaf
Luis Robles Figueroa i see $199 is better.
Anthony Choclate Rain Baker 240?? what?? im on it!!
Jason Angeles this is at a decent price, but assuming note 3 to be at the 299-349.99 range lol
David Lukens No way, nexus 4 and simple mobile work great for me. $45 after tax, talk, text & web. Can't beat it.
Brent Stiner No... I paid $199 for my note 2
Lee Simmons No to high
Lawrence Lepes Yes! That is how much I paid for the Galaxy Note 2.
Brian M McCoy That is a reasonable price.
Stephen Victor For 32GB internal storage, sure
Dustin T. Robles We'll see what sprint does
Tyler Frodl At least it's not $300 like Verizon used to price all of their high end phones!
David King Better off buying an unlocked LG Google Nexus 4
David M Tadros Heck no!!!
Christopher Keeley $249. No thanks!
Jomario Smoothjazz Douglas T mobile all day
Kenneth Li you must be a freaking loser if you care what material phones made of! winners care more about what the phones are capable of instead!
Arnulfo Aviña Torrés No. Ill be having my SGS3 for a while....
Felix Tran That's like the Note 2 when it came out...So I guess the Note 3 will be $349.99 on contract for Att. #ripoff
Louis Agresti With a cheap dim washed out display never
Krishna Karthik I don't know why is everyone running behind the aluminum body.....I does look cool feels great......but once you drop it or a dent is formed.....it's gonna be there for ever.....n every time look at it....you will feel like killing yourself
Binaya Khatri 249.99? Here in the UK its 356.99 with contract I need to order stuff on best buy
Reese Woodson That's $50 too expensive. It shouldn't be anymore then $199 on contract. I'm assuming it's going to be $599 off contract then.........
Steve Hartsock T-Mobile has no network outside of towns, so AT&T always looks better to me.
Wasis Waskito If I am american, I said yes, no doubt.
Dustin Carney Other carries besides Tmo will follow with that same pricing.
Andre Roberts at&t is taking T-Mobile's approach but its not going to work for them
Nick LaSorsa @rani you will probably put a cheap plastic case on your unibody aluminum phone anyways so what's the difference?
Matt Ellis AT&T is making T-Mobile look better every day!!!
Abram Wenevermet Dennis It's only worth $149 GS3S
Gillys Ayres Dantas I think one of the reasons why now you can wave at your Samsung phone is so you don't need to be that close to the cheap plastic... One of the coming features will be some floating thing, so you are 100% away from the cheap feeling. =D
Rani Hinnawi If if was made of unibody aluminium and not cheap plastic, sure
CeeGii Borels that Tmo Uncarrier price of $99 down a and $24x20 sounds sexy now
Joseph Leung im good with my s2 t989

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