BlackBerry rebrand CEO Thorsten Heins

BlackBerry this morning reported its financial results for the fourth quarter of its fiscal 2013, which officially wrapped up on March 2. At the end of the three-month period, the company formerly known as RIM reports that it had shipped six million smartphones, including one million BlackBerry 10 devices. That's a bit less than the number reported at the end of its fiscal Q3 2013, which was 6.9 million units shipped. Shipments of the PlayBook tablet finished the quarter at 370,000. BlackBerry wrapped up its fiscal 2013 year with a subscriber base of 76 million users, a drop from the 79 million users it had at the end of Q3 2013.

On the financial side of things, BlackBerry says that it earned $2.7 billion in revenue in Q4 2013 along with a GAAP income of $94 million. The company believes that it'll get close to breaking even with its results in the next quarter because of its lower cost base, more efficient supply chain and improved hardware margins. Also playing a role in that estimate is BlackBerry's estimated marketing spending for the upcoming quarter, which it expects will see a 50 percent sequential increase.

The final tidbit of big news from BlackBerry's announcement this morning relates to former co-CEO Mike Lazaridis. After founding BlackBerry nearly 30 years ago and serving as co-CEO along with Jim Balsillie, Lazaridis left his position as one of the two heads of the company and was replaced by current CEO Thorsten Heins in January 2012. Lazaridis was named vice chairman of the board at that time, but BlackBerry today announced that he will be retiring from that position, with plans to leave the Blackberry board on May 1.

It looks like the final quarter of BlackBerry's fiscal 2013 was a bit of a mixed bag. The company took a bit of a hit in terms of overall smartphone shipments and its subscriber base, but its PlayBook shipments grew from the previous quarter, and it also managed a steady revenue of $2.7 billion and a GAAP income of $94 million. It's worth noting that the BlackBerry Z10 was only available during most of February in select countries like Canada and the U.K., so the shipments figure announced today by the company doesn't include any shipments from places like the U.S. Those stats will be shared at the end of BlackBerry's Q1 2014 report, which I'm sure many folks will be looking forward to since it'll provide us with a better idea of the Z10's performance in the market.

BlackBerry is holding a conference call at 7 a.m. EDT to discuss its fiscal Q4 2013 results. As usual, you can bet that we'll be listening in, and we'll report back with any other juicy tidbits of information that Thorsten and Co. may have to share. Stay tuned.

UPDATE: BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins said during the call that the Z10's U.S. launch is meeting his company's expectations. Looking forward, Heins said that the keyboard-equipped Q10 is currently in testing with 40 carriers in 20 countries, adding that the device is still on track to begin hitting store shelves in April.

UPDATE 2: In response to a question about mid-range BlackBerry 10 hardware, CEO Thorsten Heins says that he expects to launch a mid-range BB10 handset in "various markets" around the middle of the company's fiscal year.

Via BlackBerry (Marketwire)

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"Now that the Z10 is on three major U.S. carriers and the Q10 is coming soon, how do you think that BlackBerry 10 will perform against other mobile platforms?"

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Jason Croyle It's a gorgeous looking device with terrible touch response and a half baked OS that needs to borrow from Android in order to hope to potentially have any significance. BB customers would be better of sticking to BB7 or jumping to WP8 or iOS.
Dave Bourque @Rob get ready to be completely wrong
Hugo Garcia Personally I am looking forward to getting a z10, I will have 30 days to see if it lives up to the hype, if not ill return it
Hugo Garcia I think blackberry is definitely making a good effort with some good products, only time will tell, if they do go down it won't be because of lack of effort
Michael Mathis BlackBerry can't compare to Samsung Galaxy.... Sorry BlackBerry.
Randy Walker Sr. It won't. After the hype and the newness wears off, people probably won't even mention it again.
Jerry Parker I think it will do pretty good for themselves
Dan Daniel BB10 is dying a slow death as we speak Its just not selling
Brady Wassam BB and WP are in a catch 22. They need more developers before they will get a substantial market share. They need a substantial market share before they will get more developers.
Joseph Alan Richardson Plus I've seen rows and rows of the Z10 in CeX in my town centre (phones people have sold to CeX) people quite clearly didn't enjoy it.
Joseph Alan Richardson Doesn't matter who its on. Its still 'not good' the apps in the store are crap and the OS is buggy to hell.
Dave Bourque look at all the fools that don't know a thing about BB10...
William Smith when did they arrive?
Ben Broyles Poorly
Rob Lyons I think the Q10 will be successful. But not 2006 successful. There is a market for portrait qwerty phones that will never go away.
Justcallme Ren I think the new line of blackberries will do great in time. It will take a little bit for them to get going (just like android and wp when they were first brought to market). It will be the perfect device for those wanting something not too simple but not too esoterically speced either.
Anthony Evans Jr doing good for a blackberry crappy compared to the rest
Jeff Seaver Who care Z10
Gabriel Fernandez I think it will do well with a few key apps and aggressive marketing.
Donovan Brock "Shipped in Q42013" Prognisticate much?
Gabriel Fernandez You must not know anything about BlackBerry 10 devices then.
Samantha Brown Blackberry phones are slow & take ages to come on
K.j. Littlejohn It should do pretty good
Jared Dalluhn Not well.
Michael Ducylowycz It's not, unless a miracle happens and Blackberry gets an AppStore that can compete with Apple and Android.
Don Scaflus WizMatic Bennett I think it will perform gud enuff..

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